Written by James

15 Mar 2006

A True cuckold story, but quite mild - Part Two

The next day we woke up at breakfast time and Carol rolled over and kissed me slowly. “Darling, I had such an exciting time last night – thank you. Can I keep my anklet on please, I love being a slut for you and having you as my cuckold husband.” “Yes, of course, I replied, I’m glad you had such a nice time, it really turned me on when you disappeared into that room and I didn’t know what was happening, but I was sure he was making out with you.”

After breakfast, we went down to the beach. The sun was hot and the sea cool. After about an hour her phone beeped as she received a message. She smiled as she read it and told me it was Robin. He says he had a really great time and especially enjoyed playing with my tits. I was surprised at first that she had given him her number but then I realised how turned on I was as I could feel my cock growing hard.

“Shall I text him back? Darling she teased me, I won’t do if you don’t want me too.” Of course being a good cuckold husband I couldn’t resist and her teasing turned me on even more. “Text him back I replied”. The texting went backwards and forwards all day and it was clear that my wife was flirting. She was receiving texts from George as well and it seemed like the boys were having a friendly competition for her attention.

About three o’ clock she looked me in the eye and said that the boys were going out that night and that they would call her when they got back. It might be fun she said and she smiled at me. “You remember our conversation at the beginning of the week about me wearing my anklet, well I’m feeling like a real slut and I’m going to go over to their room tonight. Robin had such a beautiful cock and I want to get to know it some more. So cuckold husband I have a job for you, I want you to go up to the store and buy me some condoms, and lubrication, because I might just like them to fuck me up the ass tonight”. “How would you feel if I came back from their room and told you they had fucked me?” “I would be so proud of you darling”, I replied. “”Proud that you had used your body to satisfy them and proud that they had cum deep inside you”. “I know that you will love it and that makes me really happy.”

I walked off to the store to buy some condoms, it was such a strong experience. Choosing and buying condoms that my wife might be slipping on a hard cock which would be fucking her up the ass. I came back to her and she said “thanks darling, you’ve been a good cuck, and whether I use them or not you’ll get to hear every detail”.

That evening carol began to prepare for her date in the room. “Now then cuckold, I need to get ready for my time with George and Robin. While I get my bath I want you to strip naked and prepare some sexy clothes for me. I want you to choose a really slutty outfit for me, one that the boys will enjoy taking off me. Now I’m going to shave my pussy as I soak in the bath. I know that they will like the feel of my bald cunt lips as they lick between my legs.

As carol was bathing I stripped off my clothes and began to choose an outfit for her. Of course I was rock hard as I selected her clothes. The clothes that I knew would be a real turn on for George and Robin. Finally Carol came out of the bathroom. She looked beautiful with her large fulsome tits and her shaven pussy. “Now then cuckold” she said “you need to help me get ready, but first I want you to lay on the bed.

As I lay down she could see my hard cock sticking up. “Is it turning you on” she teased, the thought of me with those two strange men.” “Yes darling, I’m so excited for you”. Then she began to play with her tits. “I wonder who will be playing with these first. Can you imagine George squeezing my tits just like this” “Yes, yes” I replied “Come over here and suck my tits” she said. As I gently kissed and licked her breasts she teased me by saying “Oh darling, I can’t wait for tonight, to feel those two men exploring my body, now lick my pussy, you know I will be spreading my legs later and fingers will be pushed deep inside me.” She groaned as she felt my tongue enter her pussy lips. My cock hardened further as I thought of her opening her legs to George and Robin.

“Now then, you can watch me dress, and as I dress I want to watch you slowly stroking yourself, but make sure you don’t cum” As she dressed I was gently stroking my cock as my eyes feasted on carol’s body. She slowly put on her black silk stockings and lacy garter belt. Then she eased ona matching pair of see through black bra and knickers. Finally she slipped on a short black dress that just covered her stocking tops. “How do I look darling” she said. “Fantastic”, I replied and with that she said “you can get dressed now”. We didn’t know when or even if the boys would text her to come over to her room so we went downstairs to the bar. I could tell that Carol was very excited and she had several drinks. Finally at 11.15 or so her phone beeped and she had a message. “We’re home, do you still want to come and see us?” Quietly, she replied and we made our way up to the room. “Now then cuckld” she said, “when we meet the boys I want you wait back in our room, and don’t you dare cum until I get back, I want to see your hard cock waiting for me”. “I promise” I replied. At that we reached the door and Carol boldly knocked. George opened the door and Carol stepped up to him and kissed him deeply on the lips. Robin came over and Carol reached for him too. “Now then James” she said to me, “what have you got to say?” 2I hope you enjoy my wife” I quietly replied, “She’s yours tonight”. Carol laughed and hugged Robin, “he’s a good husband and he will be waiting for me back in our room, I’ll see you later James”. I left and walked back to our room. When I was back I slowly stripped of my clothes and lay on the bed. I was rock hard and thinking of my beautiful wife and what she was doing with Robin and George. I imagined them stripping of her dress so she was standing their in her stockings, knickers and bra. The thought of their hands exploring her body made me feel so horny. I imagined her pulling down their shorts and sucking on their hard cocks and finally I imagined her on all fours as Robins cock slowly pushed into her arse.

After some time, I drifted of into a light sleep. The sound of my phone ringing jerked me awake, it was 2 0’ clock. “Hi James” said Carol, “I just wanted you to call you and tell you that I’m having a great time. George and Robin are so horny, it’s unbelievable. I’m laying here in bed with both of them.” “Ohhh”, she groaned, and giggled. “Robin” she said, “you’re insatiable. Listen darling I have to go, I’ll be back in the morning, oh Robin wants to talk to you.” As Robin came on the phone I could here Carol moaning in the background, “Oh yes, that feels so good”. Robin said, “ Hi James, I just wanted to say that you’re wife is fantastic. In fact she’s the hottest women I’ve ever known.” “I’m glad you like her” I replied. Enjoy her all night”, and with that the phone line went dead. I lay awake for hours until I fell asleep again. Eventually at 6.a.m the door opened and carol stepped through. I was instantly awake. “Oh darling” she said “I’ve had such a good time, those boys have been fantastic.”

I could see that her dress, face and hair were covered in cum. “let me see your hard cock” she ordered as she sat down on the bed next to me. She slowly stroked my chest and stomach. She cupped my balls. All the time she was talking. “You’re such a good cuckold husband, would you like to hear what you’re slut wife has been up to?” “Oh yes, please” I gasped. “Well first you must perform you’re clean up duties”. She slowly pulled off her dress and I could see she had no knickers on. “First I want you to lick the cum of my tits”. I could feel and taste the dried cum on her and wondered if it was Robin’s or George’s. After a while she said, “now I want you to lick my sore pussy and then I’ll tell you everything”. “I’ve had my legs spread so much tonight”. Finally she said, “go and fetch my bag by the door”. I went and gave it to her. She opened it and said “Cuckold, your dream has come true. I have been well and truly fucked, 4 times in my ass in one night” and she showed me four condoms filled with cum. With that she said “I’m not going to make you drink them, but I want to see how much they have cum inside your wife’s body tonight”. As I lay down on the bed she untied them and poured out the cum onto my chest and body. There was so much, it was unbelievable. “They really fucked your wife hard sweetheart” said my Carol, and you can see how much lovely cum they had for me. “You can lie there feeling it harden as I tell you what happened”.