Written by Gerry

22 May 2004

I'll keep it short for now for now but I'm 45 and Heather (H) is 34. She has 2 kids, Jonathan aged 13 from her first marriage and 6 year old Amy from a brief relationship she had with an American bloke. I first met H when we worked in the same civil service department in London some 12 years ago. She'd just returned from maternity leave and I was instantly attracted to the tall and outgoing Essex blonde who was extrovert and a little loud unlike myself. H is a natural flirt and although she's not a natural beauty she does send out signals to men that kind of say 'chat me up, who knows what might happen?'.

At that time H was (apparently) happily married and my feeble efforts to get to her know her better were ignored by her. I was ten years older than her and relatively junior in the office hierarchy; H does find men in positions of power and responsibility a huge turn on particularly if they splash the cash on her. I was then single having never married at he time so I concentrated on my career and hot promoted a couple of times end ended up working outside of London and lost contact with H though I often wanked over her thinking about her long legs and small but perfectly formed tits.

I transferred back to London about five years later and found that H had got divorced and was seeing a number of blokes on a regular basis. As I now had the status and decent income to interest H, my efforts to get a date from her were not rebuffed this time and, to my great delight, we began seeing each other after work about twice a week. Originally, I ws happy to be one of her boyfriends but I became more and more jealous when she'd tell me about places she'd been with these guys and the more raunchy sexual exploits they had got up to.

I have always had a problem with premature ejaculation and though this wasn't to much of a problem when in my teens and twenties-I could get hard again in a short time-I couldn't recover so quickly by the time I was in my thirties and this shortcoming (as H calls it) prevented me from having long term relationships with women. H was understanding of this at first but this soon turned to frustration on her part and I was dumped by her. She got annoyed by my efforts to try and get her back-I'd send her flowers and small gifts- and she told most of her female friends at work that I had a small and useless cock and that I was a hopeless wimp in the sack. Oddly enough, I found this to be a turn on although it affected my status at work and I had to transfer out though not before H had a showdown with me and I still wanted her back. The upshot of this row was that H told me she was pregnant although the baby could not have been mine) and that I was to get out of her life. However, she was taken aback when I said that I'd be a father to the child and to her five year old son if she were to marry me. The fact that an aunt of mine had recently died and left me 20 thousand pounds may have affected Heather's decision to think over my offer seriously. As I said, money has always been a major factor for H in her relationships.

Anyway, Heather (H) and I got married in 1999 and made it quite clear that

she'd be in charge of our relationship. At that time H and her 2 kids then

aged 8 and one) was living with her parents and this was cramping her

style. I think she would have married just about any guy who asked her at

that time but as I had a cosy 3 bedroom house and the 20 grand to spend

she jumped at the chance.

However, H also spelled it out that she would continue seeing other guys

but wouldn't 'rub my face in it-unless that's what you want.' Even then

she knew my weakness that I got a strange pleasure at her adulterous

behaviour. A brief honeymoon in Cyprus followed (including her get fucked

by a tour rep aged 22 to her 29) and she set about spending my, sorry.

'our' inheritance. She had 'our' house redecorated from top to bottom,

bought herself a new car with personalised plates (S9 HEV) and had her

boobs augmented from 36b to 36d and that was the money gone.

In the five years we have been married I doubt I've had penetrative sex

with her any more than a dozen times and she's never once given me a

blow job though I know she loved to suck cocks as much as she likes

being licked out by me. My 'little problem' as she calls it means that I

cum very quickly and easily and my five inch cock now takes at least a

day before I can maintain another hard-on and the vicious circle starts

again. I do wonder if the problem is because of H's sexual wanderings or

whether I'd be the same if I was married to a more sympathetic and less

vindictive woman.

That said, I'm besotted by H and I do everything I can to make her happy

no matter what the cost be it financial or emotional. She's a good mother to

her kids although, perhaps, she could be there for them more often at

weekends when she's out having adventures as H calls it and she made it

clear from day one that I'm not to be called 'daddy' by the children as I

am not their father.

The men in H's life? I know she still John sees the father of her eldest

child and he's a big,rough,tough looking bastard with an 8 inch cock. he

laughs at me as not only is he still dicking his ex-wife he doesn't pay any

maintenance for his son and I look after young Jonathan (and Amy) when

their mum is having her 'adventures'. H is currently 'in lust' with a guy from work called Brian who is highly paid architect. Brian is a very young

looking 54 and H contemptuously tells me that a man 10 years my senior

has a rock hard cock and can get it up 3 or 4 times a session? Brian is

happily married (!) but I think-I know-that H would leave me for him if the

chance occurred.

She sees Brian at least once a week and John every other week. John -

who re-married-is supposed to take his son out every Saturday afternoon

but he and H usually spend a few hours in bed (our bed) and I have to

take the kids out to MacDonalds, the library etc. whilst the pair screw

away like bunnies. H takes one holiday a year on her own and I have to

pay for it; last year she went to South Carolina for 10 days to see Amy's

father and I had an inkling that she may come back pregnant (Amy will be

a stunner when she's older and is a very bright kid. I think H would like

another kid before she's 40 and I know I'll never be a father.) However,

she didn't get knocked up on that occasion though she does tease me

about having a baby by a black or Indian guy. Her parents know of their

daughter's wild ways and whilst they don't say anything to me the ydo

think I am weak willed.

Most of H's extracurricular activities happen outside of the house (other

than John's regular visits) so I usually only get second hand details of her

antics. One time springs to mind though; she met a guy at a family

wedding reception we were attending and H was determined to be fucked

by this guy. They went in the disabled loo and I had to stand outside and

keep guard in case anyone tried to use it. I was there for 25 minutes and

got strange looks from friends and relatives some of whom must have

wondered where my wife was. Eventually H came out with a huge and

guilty smile on her face and laddered stockings so she had to go back

and take them off and this time she and this guy (looked a bit like the

actor Sean Bean who is one of H's favourite turn-on's) apparently fucked her again in the further 20 minutes they spent in there.

As soon as we got home that night a very pissed H made me lick her

shaven and swollen cunt which certainly looked like it had seen some

action. I tossed myself off and came, quickly and messily, over the

carpet. H made me lick that up too.