Written by KarenTV

9 Mar 2005

It had been a quiet morning. Having decided to go for an afternoon stroll I had spent the early part of the day showering, painting my toe nails, ironing my orange wrap over skirt and white blouse, preparing myself for the afternoon. Having always enjoyed spending time walking in country lanes I was excited at the prospect. The weather was reasonably warm for April but there was a bit of a breeze which I anticipated would add to my pleasure, as I do like the wind to lift my skirt as I walk, especially when walking in the country lane near Cleasby as the lane has a road bridge which has an arterial connection with A1 running under it. Always get a few horny wagon drivers pipping their horns at me.

Having left a couple of Emails for local admirers who had expressed an interest in my Swinging Heaven add I set off at lunch time arriving at about 1 p.m at the lane.

Having parked up about a hundred yards from the flyover bridge I got out of the car and started to walk. I had been correct in anticipating the affect the wind would have because as soon as I was on the high ground approaching the flyover the front of my wrap over skirt blew open. MMM I thought hope that happens as I get onto the bridge.

Made a pass both ways and as usual managed to attract a couple of admiring waves from a two truckers as they passed underneath.

Making my way back to the car I sat and applied some fresh lipstick then walked down a track leading to the edge of the motorway. There is a fence there that I sit on and relax watching the cars go by.

I had gone about a third of the way down the track when I turned to see a car pull in beside mine. So I thought I would walk back just to make sure everything was ok. I reached the gate at the end of the lane and the driver having got out of his car and lit a cigarete said "Hi are you Karen".

"Yes" I replied " did I Email you".

"Thats right" he said "I thought I'd come down to see if you had managed to make it.

! I was just going for a short walk, join me if you like" He didnt need two invitations, disposed of his ciggy and walked over to me, opening the gate and introducing himself as Colin. "Pleased to meet You Colin"

"You look gorgeous Karen, every bit as good as the pics you sent" he said.

"I do try my best" I said

He asked if I minded if he went on ahead so that he could watch me. No problems with that I thought he was sending out all the right messages.

I waited until he stopped and then I started to walk toward him. Again the skirt blew open and I was really thrilled and not a little turned on by now. I had secreted my little thingy out of the way between my legs held in place by a pair of tight black lace panties and I was getting hard now.

Colin had pulled his cock out of his pants when I got up to him and it looked terribly erect and as hard as steel.

"MMMM -- do you need a hand with that thing" I said hopefully.

"you bet Karen" he replied " Ihave been thinking of this for the last two hours and I am bursting for some quick relief"

I took hold of him and placed his weapon between my legs facing him and felt his hot meat slip easily into position as I pressed toward him.

"oooh that thing is hot. It feels tremendous"

he leaned down and kissed me passionately. Wow I thought this boy is up for it alright.

He continued to kiss me exploring my mouth with his tongue as he continued to dry screw me, having turned me round so my back was up against the fence.

"This isnt going to take long Karen. I would love to be able to enter you to finish off"

"MMM and there is nothing that I would love more either honey" I said. " Have you brought the necessary item"

"No - I havn't"was the reply, to my dissapointmnet. I had used the last of my supply the week before and hadn't had time to buy any others.

" That is a big dissapointment" I said " but it isn't the end of the world we can carry on like this Because I am loving what you are doing to me"

He again started to kis me, slipping his hand inside my jacket and opening my blouse to expose my erect nipple. I sighed as he nipped my rose bud and was in heaven when he bent down to take it in his mouth. He sucked greedily, becoming more intent as I groaned in pleasure at the treatment he was giving me.

Standing upright and looking me in the eye he didnt have to say anything I knew he was very near climaxing. I put my arms around his waist and pulled him in so he was deep between my legs as he leaned forward a kissed me hotly. I let me mouth open and savoured has passion as he grunted, his hot breath, panting in spasms to match his ejaculation. I felt the warmth of his cream running down the inside of my thighs, my legs were tightly crossed to ensure he achieved the maximum sensation. He spent himself while continuing to hold me in his embrace and sagged in exhaustion upon completion. Resting his head on my shoulder he said "that was brilliant, I wish I had brought a condom now".

"No worries" I told him as he pulled away and started to clean himself up, "you can use one of them next time"

That is somethng to ell another day.

We walked back to the car and Colin left having given me a parting peck on the lips. And the pleasure of a warm damp patch between my legs.

I stayed in the area for another hour or so before making my way to the TV Dressing Centre, Christinas,in Darlington.

Bi For Now.