Written by peter and surindar

10 Nov 2003

our local paper changed hands about a month ago and a indian family took it over.well we have never had such good service in the village and they are really nice people.

the wife is called surindar and is about 42/45 very slim and pretty.she is allways friendly and helpful ,and to be honest allthough she has sarees on she does look very sexy and i have often imagined what it would be like to have sex with an indian lady.

last thursday i went to the shop quite lateto get some stamps and surindar was in there and it was pretty obvious that she had been crying,i asked whats up and she replied o nothing ,so i said well you dont normally cry for nothing do you?with that she burst into tears again and told me her husband had gone of with a much younger women earlier in the day and she didnt no what to do.

i said well shut the shop and i will make you a nice cup of tea,so as we went into the flat above the shop i went and made a cuppa for us and we sat talking.

surindar told me that her husband had been playing away for years and she had turned a blind eye to it as he allways came back but this time he had cleared of for good.i said well i think you are better of without him and said you are an attractive women and should get on with your life.am i really attractive to men she asked and i said yes i fancy you.

with that she got up and walked towards where i was sitting she bent down and kissed my cheek and said thanks for being so kind,i put my arms around her and kissed her back she responded and soon we were in a passionate embrace.

i put my hand to feel her tits and she moved my hand away saying no i am not sure any way i havent done anything like that for a long time.i said that doesnt matter i do fancy you and want to make love to you.with that she took my hand and put it back on her tit.

they arent that big bit very firm with big nipples and i soon had them free of her bra and was sucking on them.i put my hand on herleg and moved it up to her panties and she opened her a legs to allow me to finger her up.pretty soon she was getting wet and moaning with pleasure so i got down and put my head up her saree and pulled her panties to one side and sucked her cunt.she went wild and said i have never had that done before and please dont stop ite lovely.i teased her clit with my tongue and she had a tremendous orgasm that made her wet like she was having a wee.

i was as horny as hell and wanted to fuck her so i got up and undid my trosers and oyr sprang my hard cock,surindar took hold of it and wanked it a bit and then put it to her cunt ,one push and i was fully in and was it tight or what,i fucked her and she was really moving onto my cock ,i told her i was going to cum and she said i will grip you .with that she tightened her cunt muscles and squeezed my cock i shot of and she squeezed more,j have never had my cock treated like that before and it was great.

after we both recovered surindar sucked me off and i shot of in her mouth.

we are now making arrangements for me to move in and i want to fuck her bum as well