Written by Tina

17 Mar 2006

I saw a stroy which reminded me of something that happened a few years back.

My then partner and I were travelling to India and had landed at the airport in the early hours. As we exited the plane we were told that random searches would be carried out as the government was very twitchy about a growing drugs problem.

Anticipating the heat, I was dressed in a loose fitting blouse, long skirt and sandals. Due to the long flight and the alcohol on board, Dave and I were very merry and kind of stood out. It was no surprise then when Dave was approached and told that he would be searched. I sat to wait for him and being slightly pissed, dropped my coffee all over myself. The customs officer who was waiting with me, clearly took this as me being nervous and I was escorted to a side room and told to wait. A couple of minutes later, a man and a woman came in and sat opposite me. They asked me what I was doing in India and when I mentioned that we were simply travelling, they chatted between themselves, before the man asked me if Dave was my husband. I replied that he was my boyfriend and that we had been together for a couple of months. They then chatted again, before lifting my suitcase onto the table and going through it item by item. The woman officer, who was about 5.8' and of quite large build, took particular interest in my smalls, which were actually very small (I am 5.7', blonde, size 10 and have 34dd's with a nice arse- even if i do say so myself). The two of them chatted again, before the man said the he needed to check more details and that I was to be searched personally. I started to protest but he said that the quicker it was done the quicker I could leave, if all was well.

He left the room and the woman asked me to take off my clothes. I took off my top, feeling a bit self conscieous because I never wear a bra and was suddenly half naked. "You need to take off your skirt too" the woman said and I slowly stood and undid my skirt, placing it on the table. So, there I was in this small cell, with only a tiny thing and my sandals on. "Remove your underwear please" the woman said and I looked at her. She did not flinch and so I took off my undies. She said that she had to carry out a thorough search and asked me to stand up straight. She stood in front of me, her face almost touching my and lifted my arms straight up in the air. She ran her hands down my arms and down my side. Strangely this sent a tingle down my spine and I felt embarrassed that I was starting to get wet between the legs at her touch. Her hands followed down the outside of my legs and then she removed my sandals, checking them before touching the soles of my feet. She then put her hand between my thighs and edged my legs apart, before running her fingers along the inside of my thigh, but stopping just short of my now wet pussy. It suddenyl dawned on me that she wasn't wearing any gloves which reassured me that maybe the search was almost over, despite the fact that I was actually, in a strange way really enjoying the attention.

Suddenly she straightened up and moved behind me. She leaned her hands onto my shoulder, forcing me to bend forward and spread my legs wide. Without warning, I felt a finger start to probe my arse, gently at first, then suddenly with force her two fingers were probing my rectum. She seemed to be paying it a lot of attention and instinctively I leaned onto her fingers, forcing them in further. I thought I would cum there and then, but again without warning, the fingers were removed and she washed them in the sink before coming back to me and asking me to sit on the edge of the table facing her. I did this and she put one leg on each of the two chairs, forcing my now very wet pussy lips apart. She then got onto her knees and with her face very close, pulled my lips apart. I was leaning back on my elbows, but felt myself leaning back further, my back now flat on the table. She asked me I was hiding anything in my vagina, as I was very wet and it seemed lubricated? I told her I was not, but must have reddened as I saw her smile slightly at me. She then gently touched my outer lips, before inserting a single finger, then two, then three, probing around and simultaneously sending me into ecstasy. I now lost all inhibitions and she had moved onto one knee and was gently working my pussy as I forced back onto her fingers. I started to cum and could feel that I was exploding onto her fingers.

Suddenly there was a crackle on her radio and she stood up, answering the call. I "woke" and sat up. Her tone was once again sharp as she told me that she had finished and I could get dressed. i sheepishly did this, not wanting to look her in the eye before she left the room. When she returned a few minutes later she was with the other officer again and they told me I could meet my partner shortly and to take a seat. Ten minutes later we were boarding a taxi driving away from the airport. I told Dave that I had been questioned but nothing else and never told him what had actually happened.