Written by Degsy and Sue

10 Apr 2004

Last night my wife and I went to the usual place to go on Friday's and Saturday's....a club we know at New Brighton. Its a bit of a dive but has loads of good music and plenty of laughs. We were standing in a corner and as the night wore on the crowd got bigger and pretty soon we were packed in like sardines. There was a group of lads pushed right up against us and you couldnt move in the place.

We were joking and laughing with the lads and one of them mentioned to Sue that he would have asked her to dance but he wouldnt be able to find the dance floor. As we all got a little drunker the lads all got a little braver and Sue whispered to me that they were all accidentally brushing against her tits and arse. I told her it probably wasent accidental and they were doing it on purpose. I also asked her did she want to move somewhere else. She laughed and said it was only fun and we would stay where we were. After a while of watching the lads I was convinced the little brushes against her were no accidents and told Sue. She whispered to me that it was really a horny feeling being surrounded by the guys and should she let them go a little further. (She knows I'd love to see her get groped or layed by another guy and I told her I didnt mind.) She then went to the loo but before she did she told me to tell the guys what she had said and that she was coming back with no knickers on. I told one of them and he told the others quietly. One of the guys asked if I was sure it was ok and I told him that Sue had said it, not me.

When she came back they manouvred her so that she was in the middle of the group and I was on the edge, but I could see everything that was going on. Within about 2 mins their hands were all over her. No-one else could see as they squeezed her tits and played with her arse. She was loving it, her eyes were half closed and I could see her chest rapidly moving up and down with her breathing.

One of the guys who was leaning back against her slipped his hand behind himself and started to play with her cunt.

I Heard him say to one of the others to hold one of her legs up so that he could finger her.A moment later she was stood on one leg whilst supported by the other guys and the lad in front gave her a good fingering. She told me later that the guy behing her had had his finger up her arse at the same time. Sue loved it, and I think the guys had a good time too, It was time to go all too soon and she told me all the details when we got home .....just before we ended up having a great fuck.

So, if you guys are reading this....thanks a lot boys, I havent seen her turned on that much for ages, (maybe Im getting old eh) Oh and by the way, we'll be going there a lot more often over the summer. I'll let everyone know if we go any further.

Let me know if this sort of thing has happened to anyone else as Im starting to feel a little weird lol