Written by Dave & Isabelle

15 Sep 2003

Das Willie

My wife and I have been happily married for 17 years. Isabelle is petite, very pretty, and has an hourglass figure with lovely tits and a gorgeous fanny which she keeps smoothly shaved At 36 she is 10 years younger than me, and although sex has always been brilliant between us, like lots of long term couples of late it seemed to lose some sparkle. We discussed this openly and agreed to try to spice it up. We had always used fantasies in our lovemaking so agreed to act some of these out. Isabelle made it clear however that this would not result in me shagging other women. I agreed but made no such pledge for her. Most of the fantasies involved her doing things to show herself to other men which seemed to turn her on immensely. We did the accidental flashing thing leaving the curtain gaping open in the women’s clothes shops whilst she stripped off in the cubicle. This always attracted a man or two and gave us immense pleasure afterwards. We tried dogging a few times and I fucked her naked in the back of the car whilst other men watched at the windows. The highlight of this came one warm evening when in order to suck my cock she knelt on the seat beside me with one leg on the seat and the other in the foot-well and her backside up against the passenger door which had the window open and a guy outside wanking his cock. As she got into it I motioned to the guy to feel her shaven cunt and we all climaxed together, Isabelle with a complete stranger pushing two fingers into her wet cunt from behind. We fucked ourselves silly over that one and agreed to try it again soon.

One fantasy that Isabelle always used was of us in a nudist camp walking about stark naked for all to see. So for her 37th birthday, after some work on the web, I booked her a big surprise, a week in a nudist camp not far from Biarritz in southern France At first she was hesitant to accept but after a few fucks where I told her about walking about starkers with loads of dirty old men leering at her nude body she was soon counting down the days.

We arrived late evening and went straight to bed after our long trip. In the morning I got up to investigate the camp. It was a huge site with luxury vans parked in small groups in wooded areas serviced by little roads that led to the centre where the bars restaurants, pools etc were. I went back to tell Isabelle all about it and she agreed to get up and join me in the morning sun. As I went outside a voice boomed “coffee” and a huge German guy stood next to the neighbouring van with a coffee pot in his hand grinning. He stood there stark naked and as I walked over he introduced himself as Pieter. If the first thing I noticed was his size, he was 6ft 6ins if he was an inch, the second thing was his cock which was at least 8ins hanging with a huge mushroom bell end on it. He was very friendly and spoke good English. As we chatted his wife Helga came out. She was short pretty and plump with lovely round breasts, big nipples and a hairy fanny. As we drank our coffee Isabelle came out looking gorgeous in the sun, slim, petite, and nude. I introduced her to our neighbours and they both fussed over her saying how pretty she was and what a lovely figure she has and so on. Even then I noticed Pieter seemed awestruck by her shaven cunt and would stare at her until Helga poked him. We spent most of the first day with them and they were a really fun couple always joking about I noticed Pieter developing a real soft spot for Isabelle, fussing over her getting her the best seat getting her a cushion etc and Helga seemed to encourage this. . Afterwards Isabelle asked how big I thought Pieter`s cock would get when erect, “I suppose we will find out soon” I said “he really has the hots for you”. Isabelle blushed and I teased her about having a great German sausage up her. She was very wet when we fucked so I put it down to Pieters dick and resolved to get her fucked by him.

The next day was It’s a Knockout in the camp with teams and couples playing ridiculous games to win bottles of wine We entered into the spirit and Pieter and I agreed to use a strategy to win. Where any games involved height or strength he would team up with Isabelle, with his size against her tiny frame we must win. Two games where this paid off was a form of hoopla where we had to fish hoops out of a pool run to a post and throw the hoops over it. Pieter was able to lift Isabelle up high enough to put the rings over the post so they won easily, At the end Pieter sat her on the rings to cheer us on but all the while he was staring at her shaven cunt which was level with his face. The other game was a barrow race, each girl had a barrow wheel with a handle sticking out of each side. The girl held the handles and the man held her ankles barrow fashion to race. I quickly realised the potential to get Pieter in between Isabelle’s open legs so teamed them up (to whispered protests of “Bastard” from Isabelle). They won hands down but Isabelle told me after Pieter held her legs open much wider than he needed to at the start so he could stare at her cunt.

That evening we had a great time over dinner laughing over Helga`s and my attempt at the barrow race. Helga said “holding my legs open like that must have terrified you and we all laughed. Pieter said “I had a lovely view from where I was” and my cock twitched at the thought of him staring at my wife’s cunt. After dinner we went back to our van to enjoy our wine. I first made sure Isabelle had a few brandies after dinner as this always gets her horny as fuck.. As we opened the wine in the galley Pieter and Helga sat in the couch of which there were two facing each other, one each side of a small table. I peeped into the room to see if they were ok and was surprised to see them kissing and Helga wanking Pieters cock.. I guessed this was for Isabelle’s benefit so I teased her that she was about to get fucked by a huge German willie. I slipped my hand between her legs and she was sopping and as I kissed her she admitted she desperately wanted to play with his huge cock. We took the wine in. Pieter`s cock was half hard and lying along his leg as he lay back in the couch and having noticed it Isabelle smiled and winked at me. We sat down and Isabelle lay back against the headrest and put one foot under the other knee. This left her cunt open and gaping in Pieter`s direction and I could see her juices glistening. Pieter stared at her cunt and his cock twitched. Helga broke the silence and said to me “Pieter finds Isabelle’s shaved cunt very erotic” I said “thanks I love it too” Don’t you find it prickly as the hair grows though” she said. “No we shave it every other day so it stays smooth, we did it this afternoon” “let Helga feel it love”. Isabelle got up and went over and stood in front of Helga. Helga used the backs of her fingers to feel Isabelle’s mound. “God its lovely” she said, ”Pieter try it” Pieter needed no encouragement and as Isabelle faced him he raised his hand and rubbed her cunt. His cock was almost fully erect now and looked huge and I watched as Isabelle opened her legs as Pieter rubbed his fingers along her wet slit. “I must kiss it” he said and pulled Isabelle down to the couch. Helga came over and sat next to me and we watched as Pieter opened Isabelle’s legs wide and licked her sopping cunt. She screamed to an orgasm shouting “Fuck me Fuck my cunt with your monster Fuck my cunt in front of my husband Fuck me now”. Helga now laid her head on my belly gently sucking my cock as I reached over her backside and fingered her wet cunt. Peiter sat back in the seat and pulled Isabelle over so her arse was on his chest and she was facing me. He rubbed his huge bell end up and down her slit before pushing her down onto his monster cock. Isabelle took every inch up her and squealed in delight as Pieter fucked his dick up her cunt. As he fucked my tiny wife he squeezed her tits with one huge hand and fingered her clit with the other. As she orgasmed again he pulled out and laid her down on the couch and re-entered her this time driving his big dick up her hard as she screamed obscenities at him. After a few minutes Pieter grunted and emptied his huge balls into her as she again screamed to a huge orgasm. After he recovered he pulled out and left Isabelle lying there cunt stretched wide open and streams of spunk running out of her. Helga pulled me up and we both licked Isabelle’s cunt clean of Pieters spunk. Something I had never done before but enjoyed. Over the next few days all we did was fuck. Helga made a video of Pieter fucking Isabelle and I had my first anal shag with Helga. I also helped Isabelle suck Pieters cock until he shot his huge load over both our faces, something which Isabelle found so erotic she came without being touched. We both shaved Helga`s cunt as a surprise for Pieter and both Isabelle and I licker her to orgasm before sending her to her husband for a fucking Sadly our week ended all to soon but we will never forget it. We now fuck and suck other men and women together and I always enjoy watching Isabelle being fucked by others. Nothing however will ever compare to Pieters monster cock .so we are off to Germany to meet them next year and I will write a follow up then.