Written by Geoff

14 Jan 2004

I wonder how many Fathers in law get to wallop

the backsides of their sons wives?

My own daughter in law a canadian born red head

of 38 years old frequently enjoys (yes enjoys)

my attention to her ample buttocks.

I'm a retired old reprobate of 67 years old

with a keen interest in matters cp.

It all came about because Mary (my daughter in law)

often made comments to her kids about how 'when

she was young she'd have got a sore bottom for

that' this type of thing.

It struck me that she had a bit of an interest

in such matters.

I had to behave myself but the thought of spanking

her big bum myself was a very arousing one.

Perhaps sharing a common interest with ones sons

wife could not be considered a betrayal? (after all

there was no question of infidelity)

I eventually brought up the subject to gauge Mary's

attitude towards spanking between adults or more

specifically the spanking of wifey bottoms by

Father in laws.

'You're still not too old for a whacking now young

lady' i ventured.

Mary flushed red ,i knew i'd found her secret little


And so it was that Mary gingerly went accross my

knees that first day in her home.

'Our secret' i said as i cupped her trousered rump.

Next i was swatting the big delightful target with my palm.

Since then we have enjoyed several little sessions

when we have had the opportunity. sometimes i'd

just casually drop by while the kids where at

school or hubby at work.

Occasionaly Mary would pop in whilst out shopping.

(i live alone since my wife sadly passed on).

Our sessions are harmless fun really (apart from

Mary's sore bottom) but we both enjoy the thrill.

For my part i adore spanking the naughty housewife.

And Mary likes to be dominated in this way.

Mary has a wonderful biger pink wn on hdoishing it arse that i have seen

bending before me many times in her tight knickers.

It was certainly a thrill when i first introduced

her to the cane.

Swishing it down on her pink pantied hind quarters.

as she touched her toes in her living room.

Mary allows me to take down her knickers too!

What a big beautiful bum!

And that little ginger bush, just wonderful.

Yes the strap makes a lovely sound as it cracks down on that


My daughter in law knows that her bum is no longer safe with

old Geoff to take care of it.