Written by boyd

15 Mar 2005

after we met dave we couldn't believe our luck. we had to go to party in a pub in the next town. we were so turned on by our success that we couldn't stop shagging! the party was in a pub and we had choice go by car and see if we could find dave or come home and flash to the taxi driver. well it wasn't a choice in the end we had to go by taxi. never mind i thought the seed was set. we had a few drinks and i had thought we were not going to get some fun when my wife asked had i booked the cab. i hadn't so i did and told her we would be picked up in ten minutes. right she said i'd better go to the ladies you get me one last drink. when she came back i could see she had taken off her bra and when she sat down to her drink she showed me the bra in her bag. i suggested she open one or more buttons on her blouse and she said it would all depend on the driver they sent! (she'd also taken her panties off as i later discovered!)well the cab came and we got in. i was electric! as i got in i saw my wife open the top of her blouse! we sat there in the back and kissed ...and i opened her blouse. now the thing was which way would he go one way was lights all the way the other it had dark areas i could hardly ask him. and what if he didn't want to look. would he want to join in? well i opened the blouse all the way and let her display her breasts while the lights still gave us a chance. my wife then opened her legs for me to feel her moistening fanny. cripes no panties i thought so we kissed and spread her legs. well the choice was made it was foggy and he took the lighted route. we kissed and felt and i caught his eye looking but that was all. then we were home. we got out as though nothing had happenned and paid our fare. we rushed home to relive the journey and make mad passionate love all night. my wife so enjoyed the ride as she made eye contact with the driver too and it really thrilled her to think of his hard cock needing relief before he got home. the next night was a week to the day we had met dave so we went back to see if he would be there....if you want i'll write again