Written by Shane

17 Jan 2007

Hi my name is Shane and it as been a while since I have had any raunchy stories about my wife(Dawn)and I to post not since ‘Double gangbang – posted 3rd October 05’.

Things had been rather quiet on the sex front, too quiet,I decided it was time for some more group fun and fancied my chances of getting Dawn and her best friend Jan in a threesome because the idea had been playfully mentioned on more than one occasion, I was just waiting for the right moment. Unfortunately for me my sexy redheaded minx had other ideas and was more forthcoming, one evening during a lusty after sex pillow talk she just came out and said “ we have been a bit boring lately why don’t we arrange some fun”, my cock began to twitch in anticipation has I replied “what have you got in mind”, she had a little sly look in her eye and put on her little girl voice as she said “why don’t you invite Matt around for some fun so I can enjoy two cocks”. Matt was our neighbor from my previous posts he’d screwed Dawn a few times before, in fact his wife Kate would probably have made a foursome but Dawn wanted two cocks for herself. After some discussion it was agreed that I would arrange for Matt to come round if in return Dawn would arrange a FFM threesome for me with the big breasted Jan.

I eventually contacted Matt who readily agreed to the idea his wife was going on a hen party that weekend (a fact Dawn knew by the way), so the opportunity was there and the date was made.

The evening of our trio party approached Matt knocked on our door and I invited him in to the living room. I fixed the two of us a couple of stiff drinks to calm us down, Dawn was already enjoying a wine upstairs preparing herself for her night. I put on some music and Matt and I chatted, mostly reassuring each other that we where ok with the situation after all we where fun loving adults.

After a short while Dawn breezed into the room, when I said she was upstairs preparing herself I don’t know what she was doing she was certainly not getting dressed because all she was wearing was black stockings,suspenders and matching black bra in fact Matt and I where over dressed for the occasion. Dawn stood in front of the fireplace glass in one hand and the other hand on her hip in a brazenly husky voice she said “well boys who’s up for a fuck?” Matt advanced towards her hesitantly almost in unison with myself, Dawn giggled has we both arrived at our quarry, I stood to her right and began to kiss her passionately after our greeting she turned to Matt and kissed him I watched their tongues wrestle. I cupped her bra-encased breast and caressed it gently with my other hand I awkwardly attempted to undo my own jeans, whilst Dawn was locked in embrace with Matt I took the opportunity to get undressed rapidly, Matt had unhooked her bra and her pert tits where on display he was eagerly sucking and caressing them. Dawn glanced in my direction and smiled at my erect and painfully hard cock she instructed Matt to get undressed I resumed my position by her side and I eagerly began to feed upon her tit. A now naked Matt stood at her other flank and began to squeeze and tease her free tit, Dawn’s breathing was slightly labored has my free hand began to explore her naked peach of a bottom, my fingers eager to reach the promise of warm wetness has they searched for her pussy, imagine my digits disappointment upon reaching there target to find Matt’s fingers already resident in Dawn’s love hole, at least the reason for her heavy breathing was clear.

Dawn dropped to her knees between us both, our cocks stood to attention at her head height as if ready for inspection she grasped both gingerly and smiled as she began to wank them, her mouth collided with my offering and she began to suck gently then she turned to Matt’s pole and offered the same treatment. She pushed both our cocks together and like a true slut attempted to suck both ends, her tongue savoring the taste of two men, I was eager for matters to move on and instructed my wife to sit on the sofa she parted her legs expectantly and I dropped to my knees. My fingers parted her cunt lips and my tongue began to lick and search her sticky wet hole paying attention to her sensitive clit, Matt stood on the sofa next to her and has I lapped at her cunt I watched excitedly has she sucked his cock.

Dawn broke from our oral threesome and lay herself on the living room floor, she parted her legs to display her pussy “fuck me someone” she pleaded, as Matt was our guest I indicated that he should carry out her requested, I watched as he knelt between her thighs and rubbed his weapon on her cunt lips with one movement of his hips he entered Dawn fully, assisted by her ample lubrication. I watched transfixed as my wife fucked our neighbor, she was groaning loudly as he gave her what she desired and her tits quivered to each thrust. After some time they changed position and Dawn got on her hands and knees doggie style, Matt mounted her from behind and her arse shuddered with the impact, I decided to get back into the action and offered my cock to Dawn’s mouth, I held her red hair as she took her roasting.

Matt withdrew from her and I swiftly moved to take his position Dawn looked back at me with lusty expectation as my cock entered her hole for the first time, to say her juices where flowing would be an understatement it was a tidal wave her body began to jerk and pulse in orgasm (she later told me the thought of having two men inside her within seconds contributed to her come). Matt watched has I fucked her from behind, her brown arse hole was on display a target to good to miss I wet my finger and gently worked it into her anus “Ohhh yes Shane finger my arse” she cried. I began to spurt small amounts of come into her but stopped my self from full orgasm (a technique Matt also carried out on her to prolong full orgasm he later told me), which added to her wetness.

I withdrew from her cunt, Matt was sat on the sofa his cock throbbing proudly, he did not protest has Dawn uninvited sat astride him and impaled herself on his cock, she began to ease herself up and down in sleek rhythm. I had a brilliant view of this intercourse and a wicked idea came to mind, I lifted Dawn’s bottom so Matt’s cock was positioned at her entrance. Dawn held this position knowing I was up to something, I squeezed my cock next to Matt’s from behind her “what are you trying to do” she giggled “get two cocks in your cunt” I replied breathlessly, she giggled again but this time with a hint of uncontrolled lust “what kind of girl do you think I am” she said playfully, “a slut” replied Matt.

We managed to get both our bell ends into her pussy before she wanted to stop because it was uncomfortable, but because of our efforts she did consent to double penetration the conventional way for want of a better word.

Matt lay on the floor and Dawn sat astride him his cock fully penetrated her, she lent forward allowing me to lick and finger her anus eagerly lubricating it. I knelt behind he and pushed my cock against her wet anus after lot of gentle probing and great patience I gained entrance into her tight hole, I slowly pushed my dick in fully then we all halted to take stock of the situation, I could feel our neighbors cock in my wife’s cunt. Dawn panted “I cant believe we are fucking doing this” and Matt giggled in reply “its fucking greeeaat oooh yesss” squealed Dawn, she began to gently rock creating friction between our cocks and her holes. After a while Matt and I took over the movement both slowly moving our cocks in and out of there respective homes, the three of us where emitting moans of pleasure with the odd pant of ohh yessss as if to confirm the ecstasy. We gained gentle urgency and with out being aware of it our bodies entered into a rhythm of mutual pleasure, Dawns pants began to become more urgent and soon her sandwiched body began to shake in orgasmic delight her cunt juice flowing over Matt’s balls “Ohh fuck boys” she cried, this was all to much for me I withdrew form her anus I think Matt had the same idea because he politely eased Dawn off his cock. She lay between us and we knelt beside her face and wanked our cocks urgently, true porn star style Dawn uttered words of encouragement and opened her mouth and licked her lips in anticipation. “Oh yes you slut” I groaned as my seed splashed with much force on her face, Matt let out a large groan as he shot all over her face in harmony with my orgasm. Dawn lay there with a spunky smile on her face, spent aching but content. I just had thoughts of the future and Jan’s big tits on my mind