Written by Pete

24 Apr 2004

Some time ago before we met my girlfriend Sarah got herself into debt on the credit cards to the tune of around £4,000 but as a nurse she couldn't pay it off and only made the minimum payment each month. Sarah was worried about the money and when she told her friend Colin about her concerns he came up with a surprising idea. Colin is a Director of a medium sized manufacturing company and he told Sarah that they were trying to do a deal with a Company from the Asia and they were entertaining a delegation from the potential client in an hotel at the weekend. Colin explained that the entertainment for the evening would be a night on the town for them, and as the Country which they came from has quite restrictive laws it had been recommended to him that it would be profitable if he lay on some "female company" for them back at the hotel. "You're a good looking girl Sarah, you could earn yourself £1,000 for the night as that's what I'm paying the Professionals and you'd never have to see the men again." Sarah was quite shocked but the money was too good to turn down so she agreed.

The weekend arrived and Colin took Sarah and the three professional girls to the hotel suite where he told them what was expected and that there had been a change of plan as the delegation didn't want to go on the town knowing there was female company available for them. Colin left the four girls alone whilst he went to get his guests and the three experienced ones sensed that this was not Sarah's normal occupation and were kind to her and told her to just pretend it was a one night stand and to put it behind her tomorrow. "God gave you something beautiful between your legs girl which men love and if they'll pay you for it don't give it away" one of the girls said gently to her. Sarah liked the women who were with her who were all about the same age as her in their late twenties and very pretty. The door opened and Colin lead in the delagation of four portly Asian businessmen. "There you go gentlemen your entertainment for the night" said Colin "I'll see you in the morning" as he went to leave but was stopped by the leader of the delegation who insisted that he stay and join them. Sarah had hoped that Colin would have left as they had been good friends since school and there had been nothing sexual between them. The four women stood in line ready for selection and Colin was invited to choose a woman and although Colin secretly fancied Sarah he pointed to one of the others called Chloe as he didn't want to upset Sarah. The leader and oldest of the delegation pointed at Sarah and said "I want this one and yours Colin, come on lets share them Colin" as he gestured that the four of them go to the kingsize bed and leave the other junior men to squabble over the two remaining women. Sarah had a worried look on her face and Colin raised his eyebrows to indicate to her that it wasn't his idea. The man had obviously done this before and indicated that Colin should sit on the bed next to him and that the girls should undress. Chloe stood in front of Colin and Sarah stood in front of the man and undressed whilst feeling self conscious as she got naked in the presence of Colin who was one of her best friends. The old man got the girls to get on the bed and told them that he wanted to make a "circle" with Sarah sucking his cock, Chloe sucking Colin's, whilst the old man licked out Chloe and Colin licked out Sarah. The old man released his cock from his fly and lowered his head between Chloe's legs. Sarah started to pull on the small penis in front of her before putting it in her mouth and perform oral sex on him. Colin was now also receiving oral sex from Chloe but didn't make a move on Sarah as he didn't want to offend her but the old man stopped licking Chloe for a moment and gestured towards Colin and Sarah's groin area. Colin moved himself nearer to Sarah who was lying on her side and gently opened her legs so that one of them was in the air and Sarah could feel herself blushing as she knew that Colin was looking at her fanny. Colin's head went to her fanny and his tongue dipped in between her lips and deep into her hole whilst his nose pressed between her cheeks and against her bumhole which was right in front of his eyes. Colin's hands moved up Sarah's body and fondled her lovely soft breasts which Sarah thought was odd as he had been "pretending" to be reluctant. Colin was now enjoying himself as he was thinking that he'd best make the most of it as he would probably never get this intimate with Sarah again. Colin's tongue left Sarah's vagina and he inhaled her womanly scent and licked the small area of skin between her cunt and anus and he then softly licked his friend's bumhole which over excited him and caused him to come in Chloe's mouth. Moments later the old man spunked into Sarah's mouth and they all sat on the bed together. Sarah gave Colin a "daggers" look as she felt embarrassed at how intimate he had been with her toilet parts.

Sarah was amazed at how quickly the old man got erect again as he played with her tits and indicated that he wanted to have sex with her. Sarah lay on her back and let her legs fall open whilst the chubby man undressed and climbed between them. In broken English he told her "put in your cunt" as she reached between her legs and put his cock between her lips and let the man stretch her open and push inside her. There was no talking or kissing as the man just stared into her eyes whilst he fucked her which made Sarah feel like she was just being wanked into by this man who was also squeezing her left tit. Sarah looked to the side to see Colin watching her being fucked and the man ejaculated inside her and flopped on top of her.

The next day Colin paid Sarah her money which she used to pay off some of her credit card debt and Sarah wondered how to pay off the rest!