Written by bopotter

16 Jun 2005

Denise was 19 and from Alabama we meet at work in a factory in LaGrange Georgia in 1990. She was about 5”4 light olive coloured skin and with brown almond shaped eyes, her mouth was sexy not great tits but a cute ass. She was from a poor family in Alabama right on the border of Georgia. I asked her out on a dinner date and took her o the best restaurant in LaGrange she seems uncomfortable and hardly ate a thing, I wasn’t that hungry either but we definitely had chemistry.

As we left the restaurant she held my hand and when we got in the car we kissed, I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere more private she nodded and we drove to my hotel. We went straight up to my room and once inside we kissed and fondled standing at first, I felt her ass up and she responded by rubbing my cock through my trousers. I had a hard on like a milk bottle which she remarked upon. She was wearing brown velvet trousers, which hugged her curves beautifully, and a cream top, her ass felt great under the velvet and she kept rubbing my ass and cock, I wanted her bad.

We made out some more on the sofa and things got hot we ad our tops off by now and our skin was sticky with sweat as it was mid summer and about 90C outside and the air-con in the room wasn’t up to the job. After lots of kissing and licking and some mock fucking with her legs wrapped around my back we were very slippery. I got behind her pulled her into the doggy position and had ground my groin into her velvet covered ass, she loved it and I knew I was going to have her from behind later I asked her if she liked it from behind, she replied “depends on how good you are” I began to hold her hips tighter and bang her ass hard she liked it.

After a while she got of the sofa and pulled my legs apart, undid my belt unzipped me pulled my cock out and stroked it gently. Then she asked how many girls I had, I replied 6 she was surprised and asked me when was the last time I had sex, I said 3 months (it had been ages in fact) she began to lick the end and slowly take me in her mouth.

Now began the best blowjob I have ever had she played with m balls and sucked and licked better than any woman before or since. His wen on for a while occasionally she looked up at me with her almond eyes when she let out a very loud and stinky fart. We both laughed and he blowjob ended, she said, “told you dinner was awful”. I stood up with my cock sticking out like a flag poll and stood her up and kissed her lips and hugged her. Then I undid her trousers she wriggled her hips to help me roll then down, she had on green draws and as she stepped out of her trousers I could see a damp patch, I stood up again and felt her ass up releasing her bra as I went she walked to the bed and looked over her shoulder at me and slowly bent over resting her elbows on the mattress.

I got behind on my knees and she wiggled her behind as I slowly rolled her knickers down. Her pussy lips were fully engorged and wet; I began to tongue her cunt with my nose between her cheeks in line with her asshole. It smelt a bit like the fart, and I commented “hope your not going to fart again” she laughed and bent over further so I could reach the front of her clit. I told her to reach back and hold her cheeks apart which se dutifully did. At this point I noticed she had a huge anus like anal porn star, I was really turned on, she obviously had had lots of anal sex. The last time I had anal was with an old girlfriend and she only managed about 2 inches before she begged me to pull it out, and she claimed she couldn’t sit down comfortably the next day.

I continued to tongue her slipping back and forth going further back each time until my tongue touched her anus she let out a little squeak when my tongue touched her pucker and she tightened her ring piece each time, letting it dilate again in between licks. I began to wonder how many cocks she had taken up that sweat little ass of hers, hopping I was next.

After a while I stood her up and lay her on the bed with her legs apart and hanging over the edge, I got on top and kissed her from the pussy to the mouth gently flicking her clit which was getting her hot I kept my cock out of her lips and carried on kissing and wanking her and then she came quite suddenly I kept on rubbing and she writhed and convulsed eventually begging me to stop which I did, then I pulled her legs up and began to penetrate her vagina she was so wet I slid all the way in like she was lined with velvet. She was gritting her teeth after a few strokes she asked me to stop, as she was too sensitive which as I know now often happens after women come.

I was happy to wait and do other things when she pushed mo of and rolled over and lay face down on the bed, I began to rub her ass running my fingers between her cheeks and found her asshole and began to rub it, she seemed receptive and relaxed so I slipped a finger in her ass she took in a sharp breath and said “Jesus Christ!” something of an odd reaction I thought, as she was no anal virgin.

I rolled her over again and go on top penetrating her vagina she wrapped her legs round my back like she had before and we fucked nice for a few minutes like this. I wanted to change positions so I rolled underneath and she rode me, this is one of my favourite positions and the girls, pelvic floor muscles are activated and they feel tighter. Next I slid down between her legs and told her to stay in position, I got behind her and penetrated her pussy again doggy style I held her hips and fucked her slowly in and out watching her brown pucker wink, she told me to do it harder a couple of times I obliged and pounded her cunt holding tight onto her hips. Soon I was bored she was panting as my groin slapped into her rear, but I wanted that asshole. I told her to come to the edge of the bed she shuffled over to the edge of he bed on her side and pointed her but at me, I said “no bend over the bed” she was an obedient little thing and did as she was told without a word.

Kneeling behind her I parted her ass cheeks and tongued her anus she was not complaining, shortly I got up to go get sum lube and more rubber from the bathroom, I told her to stay in position. When I got back there she was still bending over the submissive little thing, she looked round at me and asked what lube I had, I told her it was moisturising cream.

Once I was behind her I began to grease her crack and asshole slipping an oily finger or two into her rectum she made no sound, I asked her if she was ok she said “aha!” then I squirted some of the cream directly into her anus directly from the tube which slipped an inch up her rectum without any noticeable resistance, she shivered as I withdrew the tube. This was it I slid my cock into her rectum slowly about 2 inches when I encountered some resistance from her second sphincter, you never rush he opening of the second sphincter as it caused the girl a lot of pain if you do. I remained up her ass until I felt her relax allowing me to slide in further, her asshole was well used I have never been up a girls ass that was this lose before or since.

Now I was all the way in and she felt like she could take a fucking, I began to stroke in and out slowly she was whimpering as I pushed all the way in I loved watching her ring around my cock? Holding her hips I began to fuck her harder she let out an occasional grunt but no requests or complaints she took it like a big girl. I began to work her clit which was awkward so I told her to do it herself she did as I asked and after a while of long gentle strokes she began to come again squirming and panting, I had to hold on to her hips tight to keep up her ass. By now I had been fucking her ass for a few minutes normally anal is so tight and I’m so turned on I don’t last this long. My wife’s ass is so tight I usually shoot my load in a few seconds, which I know she is quite pleased about. At this point Denise was coming hard and I pounded her asshole like I had her cunt earlier and then finally I came as she was finishing off.

We stood us and I pinned her against the wall and we kissed we needed to clean up so went to the bathroom and had a shower together, I washed her all over and her asshole was gapping like a porn stars.

She didn’t say anything about me fucking her ass until I was driving her home, I knew she had been married at 17 and divorced as few months ago, as she got into the car she grimaced as she sat down, I asked her if her ass was ok she replied “I’ve not done that for a while” then she wen on to tell me how her husband had demanded anal on their wedding night and he like to fuck her in the ass when ever they had sex, so she got her well used anus from him, I asked her if she enjoyed anal and she said it was ok and most guys round there want it so the girls just get used to it, she did it the first time at 15 to avoid loosing her virginity.

We arrived at her house and she kissed me and she got out and went inside we did it a few more times but I never pounded her ass like that again.