Written by Savannah

13 Oct 2012

last night i went to the club by myself just for some alone time. there was this guy at the end of the bar looking at me. He was very handsome with very big hands. the bartender came over to me with another drink and told me it was from the gentleman at the end of the bar. i looked at him and gave him the signal to come over and talk. His name was Skylar and he was an investment banker. He was very tall and well dressed. I told him my name is Savannah and i am a mechanical engineer. we had a very good conversation and he asked if i would like to go to his place for a late night dinner. for some reason i felt comfortable with this man so i said yes i would love to. his home is very nice and well decorated for a man. he prepared steaks with asparagus and truffle mash potatoes. his cooking was so good that i think i was instantly in love with this man. while we were eating, he asked if he could feed me and of course i said yes. while he was feeding me, i was saying to myself, what is this man trying to do to me??? once we were done with our late night dinner, he asked if i mind staying for a little while longer because he would like to dance with me because we didn't have a chance to in the club. while we were dancing, he was holding me so tight and caressing me that it started to turn me on and i think he noticed that and began to kiss my neck. his kisses sent fire down my spine and made my pussy so wet that i didn't know that i could get so wet so fast. we were by the couch and he laid me down and started to unbutton my shirt, once my shirt was off, he unhooked my bra and kissed and licked my titties which made me close my eyes and enjoy my dessert. then he pulled down my skirt and took off my thong panties with his mouth. when he stood up to undress, his dick was so hard and big that i looked at him with amazement and he told me that he would not hurt me and he will be gentle with me. i was a little nervous at first because of the size of this man's dick, but i couldn't wait to try it too!!! he told me to turn around and bend over because he wants to enter me from behind, and when he did all i could do was gasp for air because this man's big dick made me feel like a virgin all over again which made my pussy wetter with every stroke. at first he took his time with me so i could get use to the size of his dick, but as he was stroking me, he whispered in my ear that my pussy was so wet and tight that he cant control himself and my pussy is like a tight glove on his dick, and that's when his strokes became hard thrusts that made me holler out with pain and enjoyment all at the same time, even though his dick was huge i didn't want this man to stop. then he grabbed me by one leg and pulled me down and turned me over and got on top of me and fucked the shit out of my pussy, all i could do was hold on and enjoy the ride we was giving me. his back was so strong and that made his strokes more powerful. he whispered in my ear that he couldn't hold it any longer because my pussy was so tight and my pussy was grabbing and stroking his dick every time he came out that it's making him cum to quick. before i could say let me suck your big dick, he held me tight and starting stroking me deep and hard, then he came, it felt like he was cuming for at least five minutes before he stopped. we looked at each other and smiled and he told me that no woman has ever made him cum like that in his life and could he please have my number so we can stay in touch. I told him no but i really enjoyed his sex and that we will run into each other again and when we do, that way it can be like the first time.