Written by andybiglad1

17 Nov 2006

I me Di in 1997 she was then 37 and i was 29 she wasnt a stunner but had a Dirty sexy and horny way with her.

I went home with her on the first nite and got just a taste of what was to cum.

After th intitial foreplay she took my Cock to the back of her throat forcing herself to gag on it her eyes were watering but she said she loved it.

she then squated over me and plunged onto my hard Cock riding me hard, i reached over to tickle her bumhole expecting a slap when imagine my surprise when she stopped moving pulled my cock out of her Cunt ant simply shoved it up her arse what a fuckin turn on only the second time id had arse and it was on our first date.

Our relationship progressed and she showed me her exhibitionist side we fucked many times in Public view.

one time in a B&B in Worthing she was in full Stockings

Sussies and High Heels and Iwas fucking her arse while she was bet over in the Bay window .

I fucked her against the side of my Car at Lunchtime at a local Gay Dogging spot with 4 Guys sat at picnic tables wanking each others Cocks furiously.

yes she was fucking horny she wanted to swing but only with other guys and did not want me to fuck other Girls

so it never went any further this was my only regret

we stopped seeing each other when she got a bit freaky with me but ive still got the videos we took she even made a film for me at my place whil i was at work

with a wine bottle up her cunte and a dildo up her arse.

wot a woman Di if you read this id love to blow water

up ure Cunt again.