Written by alan

6 Sep 2003

this is a true story believe it or not and happened only recently.

back in the late 1960,s in the small villege where i live is a small butfriendly social club.i was 18 nd used to go in there for a pint and a game of darts etc,then one night in came diana and her husband,he was 24/25 and she was about 18 ish.she had a small short skirt on and a low cut blouse.blond short hair with nice tits.

she sat on a nar stool and sat with her drink well this must have been an early version of the wonder bra as her tits were pushed under her chin almost.but they looked good.and then she swivelled around on the stool and you could see she had small black panties on.wll in those days black panties were a rare sight and to see these 10 foot away was very cock raising stuff.

i shouldnt think there was a soft cock in the club and i bet there was many a wank that night thiking of diana tits and panties.

over the years diana had several boyfriends after her hubby pissed of with some one else.i used to say hello to her and to be honest she was allways polite and replied.a friend of mine was shagging her for a few months and i used to see them together and in the social club,we used to sit and chat and although she was getting older still looked good.

then i moved away and got married etc and didnt move back to the village till this summer ,well blow me down if within 2 days of moving back i was at the paper shop and who should come in but diana,she was like me in her early fifties now but still looked the same.i said hello and she replied i heard you had moved back and how are you etc etc etc.

i went out the shop and she was standing ther and i asked if she wanted a lift,oh yes please and got in .she told me she now lived at the other end of the village and her carwas of the road.as we drove along i took a glance and could see she still had good tits but she had slacks on so no leg show.

when i got to her cottage she asked if i would like a cup of tea so in i went,as we were talking she told me that my friend brian who was shagging her years ago told her that i had fancied her,so i replied yes i did along with half the village men,she said well why didnt you ever ask me out and i didnt have an answer,with that she came up to me and kissed me on the lips,bloody hell i thiught what should i do but she was thinking for me and was putting her hand on thr front of my trousers and felt my hard on.i think we should go in the other room as people can see in this window so i followed her and as soon as we were in there i held her and kissed her and started to feel her tits ,she was loving it so i pulled her to the sofa and got her on it i started to undo her trosers and she said let me help ,up she stood and undid them and pulled them down to reveal a pair of black panties she sat down again and i was at her cunt like a tiger i pulled the panties to one side and started sucking at her clitty ,after a few miutes of this she started to cum and was telling me to lick harder and suck me suck me she was loving it,i was rock hard and wanted to fuck her so i pulled my trousers of and started to rub my cock on her clitty she was loving it and asked if i would cum on her face with that i felt the cum rising so i quickly got up and put my cock in front of her and she wanked it all over her face,i will tell you next time how we fucked and she didoed me