Written by Brian

5 Sep 2004

Carrying on from my post last Sunday I now have the time to tell you what happened. Diane, well into the third year of our marriage, had met a man she wanted to go out with. Diane wasn't a fool with men, I knew that she wouldn't proceed any further with a man she didn't think she could trust and this was subsequently borne out in practice. This first time was with a man named George, who I had seen and approved of, he looked well set up and pleasant looking.

On the evening she was to go out, Diane had a shower then dressed in a light bra, sexy pants, a short skirt and a low cut blouse. She did indeed look very sexy. It was in the spring where it became dark fairly early in the evening. She went out to meet her date at about eight o'clock. At home I tried to envisage what was going on, feeling increasingly aroused. I went to bed and read until Diane came in. I knew instantly, as soon as she entered the room, that she'd had sex and felt very excited.

"Did you?" I asked.

She smiled, "Of course!"

"Come to bed and tell me all about it then."

"Wait till I've washed...."

"No!" I interrupted, "I want you just the way you are!"

"Alright." She undressed, my eyes were glued to her knickers, even in the soft bedroom light I could see that they were saturated, My heart missed a beat... or two! She slipped into bed and we looked at each other, her eyes were dull with lust, I knew that she wanted sex as much as I did.

"Tell me what happened."

"Well, I met George as arranged and we drove out to the 'Pheasant'. We went in and had a drink then, leaving my car there, George drove out into the Levels and found a quiet spot. I was already all worked up and I stroked his thigh while we were driving, of course as soon as he stopped we were all over each other, kissing. Then he started feeling my breasts through my clothes, so I took my blouse and bra off and he was kissing them and sucking my nipples. You know what that does to me! Goes straight down to my fanny!"

As she was talking I was caressing her breasts and she had hold of my cock. "What happened then?"

"Well, I got his cock out, nice one it was. I couldn't see well but it was somewhere between seven and eight inches, but best of all it was thick, my fingers wouldn't go round it! Anyway I worked my hand up and down and he was feeling me through my knickers, of course I was already wet! So he said, 'Come on let's get these off Di', and I lifted my bum while he pulled them down and eased them off over my feet. Then he took his trousers and pants off. I spread my legs so he could see what I'd got, you know me Brian, nothing turns me on like a man looking at my cunt! It turned him on too, he was telling me what a lovely cunt I'd got and he spread the lips and played with me until I was begging for it. He said, 'D'you want fucking then?' I said, 'What are you waiting for?'" She paused as I slid my hand between those self same lips and felt her sloppy cunt. "Oooh! That's nice!"

"Go on."

"Well I spread my legs wider and he said, 'Back seat's best for this!' and we struggled through the seats. I lay back and opened my legs and he got on top. I felt his cock against the lips of my cunt and put my hand down to enter him. Then he was all overtaken by lust and started fucking like a madman! I said, 'Hold on a minute,' although I was enjoying it! 'What's all this about?' He said, 'I haven't had a fuck in over a year!' And with that he came!"

I turned Di on her back and mounted her, pushing my cock in her wide open cunt I stared fucking her.

"Oh yes, you always did know exactly what I wanted and when, Brian." She was silent for a few minutes as we fucked, God she was wet! As I'd pushed my cock in, the contents of her cunt had squirted out over our thighs and stomachs, it was incredibly erotic.

"Go on," I panted.

"Well, he had lots of spunk, really filled me up. Then he flopped on me and I hugged him and said I didn't mind him coming so quick. Anyway, Although his cock went soft I could still feel the bulk of it in my cucnt so I held himm in. After a minute or two I started squeezing it with my cunt muscles, like I do you sometimes. He soon got hard and started fucking again. This time he took his time, it was lovely, I was all sloppy inside and his cock really massaged me, specially my clit and he made me come several times. All the time he was fucking me I was thinking what it would be like when I came home and whether you'd fuck me too! I thought you would though!"

I have always been able to control myself, an ability that lots of women, including both my wives have appreciated, and I just carried on fucking my lovely Diane as she came and came. Once or twice she completely lost it and seemd to lose consciousness, each time 'coming-to'to find herself still being fucked. Finally she relaxed beneath me, flopping and feeling completely 'boneless', so I allowed myself to come. She came to life as she felt the fierce spurting of my orgasm deep in her cunt and moaned her pleasure.

We agreed afterwards it was the best fucking we had ever experienced. Diane said, "If that's anything to go by, I'd better go out more often!" Well, she did and we had several months of fantastic sex.

However it all came to an abrupt end. What happened was that I was in town one day when I met a friend of ours, who happened to be a policeman, "I hope I'm not speasking out of turn, Brian," he said, "but I saw Diane in a car last Friday night, with another bloke." I asked when and where it had been and he told me. I told him that he must have made a mistake as she'd been at home with me at the time, he just shrugged.

Back home I said to Diane, "You've seen the last of George."

"What d'you mean," she replied, looking alarmed.

I said, "If you remember, we had an agreement. You were not to be home after half one and you weren't to be seen around town. You were seen last Friday night when you were out with George." And I went on to tell her where and by whom.

She cried and said, "It was because George was late and if we wanted to do it and get me home in time, we didn't have time to drive anywhere."

I said, "That was your problem, you should have told him that you'd see him the following week, instead of that you now won't see him again!" She pleaded with me, but I was adamant and she wouldn't defy me, so she lost her lover. I took her to bed straight away and fucked her, I id, "What's more important, George or this?"

"This, of course," she replied, "but I did like having another cock once a week."

"I know," I told her, "but I'm not saying that you can't have one, but you have to abide by the rules." And ever since, she has.