Written by Brian

1 Oct 2004

You may remember that I wrote about my second wife Diane a week or two ago and the first time I allowed her to take a lover. That ended in disaster for her when she disobeyed my request not to be seen around town and was seen by a friend. Diane is fourteen years younger than me and was thirty-five when we married and we had a great sex-life, it was rare inded when we did not make love at least once a day. However I knew before I married her that she was the sort never to be content with one lover. That didn't worry me, I didn't own her and married her well aware that at some time she would take lovers. So I decided that it would be with men sanctioned by me. Soem months after the incident I have just described Diane was able to take another lover and it happened like this.

Without going into details, before I met Diane I had lost everything, or virtually so, being left with just nine hundred pounds to find a house for myself and my three young teenagers. I don't suppose it will come as any surprise that we were constantly in a state financial difficulty. Unfortunately we also had a very unpleasant and unhelpful bank manager. Then one day, on receiving yet another summons to a meeting at the bank, we found that there was a new manager. Now as I might have said, Diane was a pretty and very sexy looking woman and it was obvious that, right from the start, she had a new admirer.

Our meeting went well but it was a bit of a surprise when we received another summons to meet the bank manager a week later. This time I was unable to go and, purely off her own bat, Diane dressed extremely sexily for the meeting.

When I got home that evening I asked her what had happened. "Oh it was as I thought," Diane told me, "I was sure he had fallen for me and I thought that I'd encourage him a little bit!" That's when she told me how she had dressed, it was an era of short skirts, and she'd worn her shortest, with an almost see-through blouse and sexy pants and bra. Apparently when he saw her his eyes almost popped out of his head and he'd immediately ordered coffee, when the girl brought it he told her that he was not to be disturbed. The meeting was obviously a completely unnecessary one as he simply went over ground that had already been discussed.

Diane wasn't fazed at all by his eyes constantly focussing on the triangle formed by her thighs and skirt as she sat in front of him, indeed she encouraged it by parting her legs slightly. Even so she knew that he would have been able to see her tightly stretched lacy knickers. When eventually he couldn't eke out the talking any longer he got up and Diane could immediately see that he had an erection. He came round the desk and took her hand, he said, "You must forgive me, I rarely have such a beautiful, sexy woman in my office, I'm sure we are destined to become friends!" Then he kissed her, Diane returned it and he hugged her tight and she felt his eraction hard against her stomach. He then escorted her out.

"Sounds like you've got him hooked," I commented.

"Oh, I'm sure I have," she replied, "he told me that we were not to worry about our finanacial situation and that as were were becoming friends he'd see that the bank put no pressure on us!"

A week later he phoned again asking Diane to go and see him. This time he went further, after instructing his secretary that he was not to be disturbed he locked the door, took Diane in his arms, and started kissing her. He soon had her breasts bared and kissed them while he felt up her skirt. Diane said, "I said to him that I shouldn't be letting him do it but that I couldn't resist him!"

"That was a good touch," I said.

"Yes, I let him feel my fanny through my knickers after I'd got his cock out and was playing with it. He got very excited and came, fortunately into my hand, there wasn't much of it anyway."

A few days later Larry, our friendly bank manager, phoned. He knew that I was frequently away from home and asked Diane if she would like to see the flat he'd just bought, of course she said yes and arranged to call the following evening. When I phoned that evening I asked if she was going to sleep with him. "I'm not sure yet, he's very nice and it certainly wouldn't do us any harm, would it?" I agreed and said the decision was hers.

When I arrived home that evening Diane had already left and when I went upstairs to wash and change she had left a note for me. She wrote that Larry must be very, very, keen as he had phoned again that day to make sure that she was going to come. She thought that as he was that keen she might fulfil his fantasies!

I made myself a meal and settled down to watch television before going to bed and reading. I wondered how things were going. To my surprise Diane came in just before eleven. "So early?" I queried.

"Oh he's dead keen not to upset the apple cart!" Diane replied, "Now he's got a lover he is very keen that you don't suspect anything!"

"You had him then?"

"Oh yes, I had him alright! he said he's never known a woman like me!"

"I bet!" I said. Larry was much the same age as me and like most more mature bank managers pretty well off, he believed in doing things properly and had apparently bought the flat just so that he could seduce Diane (as he thought). He actually lived nearly sixty miles away and had told his wife that, as he had been appointed to our branch, business dictated that it would be very difficult to get home each night.

Diane undressed, I could see that her knickers were stained, she left them on as she joined me in bed and began to describe what she and her new lover had got up to. In fact she found Larry very inexperienced and it was she that took the lead. When she arrived they had a drink, her usual vodka and tonic for Diane, and scotch for Larry. He proudly showed her round the flat with it's beautiful sea vista. He was touching her all the time and, as she admired the view, he kissed her very passionately. Diane allowed herself to respond, pressing hard against him. Larry had a nice hard erection and was soon taking things further by caressing Diane's breasts through her thin blouse and lightweight bra. When he felt her nipples rise he unbuttoned her blouse, slipped the bra sraps and started caressing and kissing her breasts. Diane told me that she wasn't really aroused but, obviously wanting to make him think she was, she reacted strongly sighing and telling him how nice it was.

She put her hand down and felt his cock through his clothes, after that she was soon taken to a bedroom and laid on the bed in just her knickers while Larry undressed. Big disappointment! Larry's cock was only about five inches long, nevertheless, Diane kissed him enthusiastically and played with it while he went on kissing and sucking her nipples. A few minutes later Larry was eagerly pulling down Diane's knickers, his eyes glued to her fanny. To encourage him Diane sighed, "Oh Larry!" and opened her legs a little.

Larry groaned, "Oh Diane, you're so beautiful, I never thought I'd be lucky enough to make love to you! Your fanny's so lovely it makes me want to kiss it!"

"I love having it kissed," Diane replied, amd he went down on her and began kissing her mound, the inside of her thighs, either side of her cleft and finally the swelling lips of her cunt. "That's when I stared getting aroused," Diane told me, "I could feel myself getting wet too, I told him that I wanted to kiss his cock and we did each other. I really enjoyed it!"

After a few minutes of this Larry gasped, "I shall come in a minute if you keep sucking my dick!"

"Come and do me then, darling," Diane had said, her legs were quite well spread and, as Larry mounted her, he stared at her now open cunt. Diane spread her legs further and he got between them and she felt his cock in the mouth of her cunt. She put her hand down to enter him a bit apprehensive that he was too small to get it in, but she needn't have worried and she felt it slide in. "I think," she told me, "that he doesn't get much sex at all. As soon as he got it in and felt how hot and wet I was, I was afraid that he'd come then and there! I made him stay still until he got used to the feel then let him get on with it. He was so excited! It felt more like a finger up there to me, but I kept telling him how great it felt and not to come too soon! And I kept pretending to come!"

He'd managed only a couple of minutes and Diane could hardly feel any spunk when he came, but she told him how good it was and how he'd satisfied her. She'd wanted to continue but found that whatever she tried, right up to taking his slippery cock in her mouth again, she couldn't arouse him. He'd apologised and said that he's always been the same but, in any case, he didn't want her late home so that I wouldn't suspect anything. As she was now feeling very sexy she agreed and after going to the bathroom and pretending to wash she dressed and came home.

There was no doubt in my mind that if anything she was very unsatisfied and wanting a good seeing to so, after a pretty perfunctory kiss or two, I removed her sticky knickers and went down on her. I could taste Larry's spunk, but only just, whatever he had put up her had long since soaked into her knickers. Nevertheless, I kissed, tongued and sucked as enthusiastically as I ever had and Diane came time and again. When my tongue ached so much that I could bear it no longer I slid up Diane's body and pushed my cock into her very expectant cunt. I kissed her as I drove into her and she licked her lips, she always liked to taste her own juice, this time with a little flavour of Larry's spunk.

I was well worked up and so was Diane, "Harder, harder!" she pleaded and I rammed my cock in as hard as I could. She rose to meet each thrust and tightened her internal muscles as I withdrew. This would normally bring most men off very quickly but I was very experienced and managed to keep going. Diane came several times, once flopping back unconscious for a second, I couldn't keep that pace up for long and after a couple of minutes I rested and then recommenced at a more sedate rhythm. "Oh God!" Diane panted, "What a wonderful fuck! I want to feel you come right up inside!"

"In a minute," I replied and speeded up again, then I felt the sap rising and groaned as I lost my rhythm and began spurting, I couldn't stop and was still thrusting long after I'd finished ejaculating.

Diane was kissing me passionately, "God, Brian, what a lovely fuck!"

"Better than Larry?" I queried, tongue in cheek.

"All he did was prepare me for you.... and you know it!" she replied.

"In that case," I replied, "you'd better fuck him every week!" And she did, at least more or less every week, for several years and succeeded in training him to be a better lover, although in all conscience he was never very good, but he did a good job preparing Diane for me! We are now something like twenty-two years on and he is still a friend, but a friend only these days. Of course the other aspect was that he successfully kept our bank account out of trouble!