Written by Corana

13 Feb 2013

I walked across the room and stared at the folded note next to the digital camcorder , my eyes inspected the room and realised that this was not my room in the hotel , my jeans were at the foot of the sofa , my white shirt by the window, and I could only see one shoe in the opposite corner of the room, my head was trying to recall last nights events , the time on the tv clock read 9.54am and I noticed I was in room 241.

I picked up the folded note and went over to sit on the bed pulled up my dry cum stained boxer shorts which were still around my thighs, before open the note I racked my brains to try and think of how my evening started yesterday, I remembered having room service to my room .... Room 544 my memory was beginning to recall what happened, a roast beef sandwich and a small bottle of red wine delivered by a attractive young female with dark brown hair ,and thought at the time to myself that some lucky young man must be fucking her, my cock twitched and began to harden thinking about her at the time and I imagined her been done doggy style by her boyfriend.

My eyes returned to the note in my hand , my mouth felt dry and my tongue still tasted Of what i assume was cum in my mouth, the taste that I hadn't had for about seven years, that thought alone made my cock become semi hard remembering all my bi expierences the ones I gave up just before I got married, although I had a couple of gay and bi fuck buddy's I gave them up about 6 months before the wedding , but after a normal lads stag do with stippers and english /irish birds away in some lively spanish island all having a bit of fun and having a quick drunken shag when available, I returned to England with a nice tan but knew I wanted to go and suck cock of a random fella who did nt know me and have one big night to enjoy cock in what ever way it came.

That night memories now filled my thoughts, happy excited thoughts that filled me with pleasure (and cum as it turned out). The night started by me going to a high class bar in London where I knew there was a chance of being picked up by a high flyer of sorts, if that didn't work then I would of gone to a local joint where I would be able to pull someone, but on this night I wanted to get pulled by a certain sort of person, as luck would have it that occurred and I enjoyed one of the best nights of my life,

Sitting on the bed still with the note in my hand my cock was rock hard thinking of the delightful wierd and wonderful things that I watched and indulged in that night, sitting at the bar that night I got chatting to a rather attractive 23 old lad named Ben(7 years younger than meat the time) as the evening went on and a few drinks were had to loosen up he put up the courage to touch my thigh and gentle rub his hand over my crouch, my cock stiffened I returned the favour so we both knew what are intentions were to each other, Ben suggested we move to another bar adjoined to the hotel he was staying in, a very exclusive hotel in Park lane , which was a mile away, we jumped in a cab and as we sat next to each other we could both see our excitement , the cabbie was waffling on like black cabs do and I was gently feeling Bens cock in the cab feeling it grow thru his trousers, we arrived at the hotel went straight to the bar and ordered two gin and tonics and I told Ben to go to the toilet and wait for me in one of the cubicles, Ben did as instructed I paid for for the drinks left them on the bar and followed him, I found Ben in number 3 cubicle were I shut the door pushed him back against the door and dropped to my knees unzipped his trousers and slid down his girlie lacy knickers which was a pleasant surprise to me , as his cock became free from them I looked up and he smiled and said I bet you did nt expect that , no I said as I put my lips around the head of increasing size cock , my mouth licked and sucked his cock concentrating on his beautiful head of his cock , for about ten mins I concentrated on slowly wanking and sucking him, his groans of pleasure were getting louder , the toilet had been used by 3/4 people whist we had been in the cubicle this turned me on no end as I loved the thought of being watched and caught, i put his cock back in his knickers and said that's for starters, and I wanted to play with his cock a lot more before I make him cum I thought, as we both left the cubicle a man in the bathroom watch us both come out of the cubicle, he glared at us but did nt say a word , ben and I returned to our drinks , we took them off the bar ,got a rather strange look from the barman and went to sit at a table , no one else seemed to have noticed us apart from a table of five gentlemen in the corner of the room.

After ordering another two drinks and Ben congratulating me on my cock sucking skill, we noticed the man who had seen us in the toilet talking to the table of five gentleman in the corner, he was nodding and it seemed listening to instructions , he then slowly began to walk towards us... "Hello gentlemen " he said we know what you were doing in the toilets, and if I was not working I would of liked to have joined in but unfortunately I am on duty and I can t mix business with pleasure but my clients in the corner are interested in you and want you to perform for them, my advice to you is to say yes and you will get as much pleasure from it as they will, they want to watch you with each other..

I looked at Ben and seen he was slightly nervous about this, me I was instantly turned on by it as it had always been a fantasy of mine, but not wanting to sound to eager , I asked Who are your clients, the man replied they are two 28 old lads from the Middle East they are extremely rich but you will never be told who they are due to security reasons. But rest assured they are of no danger to you. I will leave this key card on the table this will take you to he private lift in the lobby which takes you directly up to the penthouse,you have five minutes to discuss it between yourselves,if you decide yes as you entry the penthouse you will be given two tablets to take, please take them as these will enhance your performance together,then you can do as you wish in the penthouse but your every move will be watched. If you decide not to go you must leave this hotel within the five mins ,I shall let you decide now. The man walked away but left the key card on the table.

Three minutes later Ben and I were in the private lift , both of us eagerly excited and with huge hard Ons , the lift door open at there stood a beautiful semi naked woman perfectly formed in every way , I m sure my cock got a bit bigger after seeing her, she handed us the two tablets to take which we both did, the flat is yours now for an hour no matter where you are we will be watching you she smiled winked and left thru the door,

We walked into the living room where the view was fantastic over London Hyde park and the view of Bens cock was great too he had already taken his shoes trousers and shirt off and was standing there in his girlie knickers with a lovely cock just waiting to be released ,bens cock was similar to mine slightly thicker but not quiet as long, I would of said we were both slightly bigger than the average person . Ben then wandered over to me and started to undress me ,I happily let him do so, he took off all my clothed and returned the favour that I done to him in the cubicle, with the added bonus of him inserting his finger and fingers into my already excited and wet arsehole, . Ben sucked wanked and finger fucked my arse for ten mins and then the strangest thing happen, I was sure I was about to shoot my load into Bens mouth , the feeling was there the sensation was there but I did nt cum , my cock pulsated in bens mouth like I was cuming but no load came if anything I felt slightly harder after this all happened ,Ben looked at me in surprise as if to say when's you cum ,where's my trophy for sucking you off I want your cum. I explained to Ben what just happened and we swapped positions I now went to work on his cock and arse,me rimming his arse with my tongue while wanking him and then going back to sucking his cock, me now sucking him harder in order to make him cum ,Ben squealed with pleasure his cock enlarging my mouth slightly , his cock twitching in my mouth but no sign of his cum,,, we both looked at each other with delight ,as both of our cocks were still rock hard and we both had the physical pleasure of cuming but without actually producing the goods,

We heard the door click open and the semi naked girl walked over to us smiling , without further a do she dropped to her knees and sucked both our cocks in turn , she then said you've now discovered the secret of the tablet , she winked at us again and said when you do cum it will be the most fantastic feeling and your cum will be 5 times as much as it is normally, the feeling will be ecstasy , now she said my bosses want you to fuck each other, one on the kitchen table and the other over the sofa but you must be bareback and here is some lube if required but I doubt you need it, the tablet has lots of pluses she laughed, and when you've finished fucking there the boses want you to fuck each other in the shower but then you must also clean each other. See you later then she said

I wanted to be fucked on the kitchen table so I took Ben ,bent him over the sofa and easily inserted my cock into his well lubricated arse and pounded him until I felt like I had cum again, he in turn put me on the table with my legs in the air and stuck his cock right up my arse slowly at first and then long hard strokes , Bens body was young and fit with a lovely torso, one that you could eat , me watching his attractive face , his cock banging me was heaven and then when he was nearing to cuming his cock in my arse was perfect, we then proceeded to the shower which was huge and I think perfectly design for sex as I loved been put against the wall and got another good pounding from Ben, both of us amazed at the feeling we were getting and still our cocks as hard if not harder than they were when we started,we showered cleaned each other down and toweled each other dry and went to the bedroom to sit on the bed , both still with stiff cocks.

A couple of minutes had passed when the bedroom door opened and in come a six people 3 fully clothed including the man who gave us the key card

Two naked middle Easter young men who appeared to be twins and the semi naked lady , who was wanking them off as they entered the room , she had two good hands, fair play to the girl,

My clients would like to join the fun our friend in the suit said , they have enjoyed watching you but now they want to play as well , I looked at Ben and got up and walked over to one of the twins Ben was one step behind me and went to the other , we dropped to our knees took away the pretty girls hand and both went to work on there cocks, everyone else stood and watched us , both boys cocks were large and shaven they both had an extra inch on them and there girth was bigger to than our cocks , I wondered how my arse would take them .

Ten mins later I knew one of the twins the one I had nt already sucked was fucking my mouth whist the one was fucking my arse and then and boy could I feel him his cock,it was the biggest I had had. I was in heaven occasionally my mouth would be left for me to shout how good I felt ,ben was sucking my cock and then I got the feeling I was going to cum something took over my body I felt the one of the twins explode his cum into my arse he filled me like a kettle his cum oozing out my arse as he was still pounding me running down my thighs, and Ben was going to get his trophy of cum after all as my cock exploded in his mouth swallowing half and the rest overflowing down his cheeks, it was then ben s turned to be fucked by the other twin who had nt cum yet , Ben had the same expierence as me and I sucked Ben until he shoot his load in my mouth and all over my face, we both rolled over completely knackered now, both of us had been well and truly fucked, we then watched as the two twins sucked each others cock clean, after they had finished with each other they said their first words to us, thank you for pleasure but you must go now your clothes are in the hallway there is something for you both in the hallway, two cars are downstairs ready to take you to wherever you need to go but you must leave separately and without cleaning yourself up, the security man took Ben and told him he was leaving first I followed within 15 mins putting on my clothes I managed to wipe some of bens cum off my face , as I was leaving the penthouse I was given a bag by the security man, open this when you get home he said, now you have to go, over his shoulder in the lounge I could see the pretty girl she was now been fucked by the twins and was been DP, she appeared to be loving it, the lift door pinged open and I was ordered to leave,

The walk across the hotel lobby floor was different , was it the walk of shame ,,cum still rolling out of my arse cum probably still in my hair and the salty taste of cum in my mouth,

My mind returned to the note in my hand , which was still folded up , I began to unfold it and a Big Bang at the door interrupting me opening it........!