Written by plash

7 Mar 2010

This happend to me when I was only 19. I'd never looked at another guy in a sexual way before.

My Dad had a new alotment that I used go and help him on. An old guy called Brian hsd the patch next to us. We used to have a laugh with him. He was a funny guy and easy to get on with.

One day after my Dad and I had finished, Brian asked if I could stay and help him move some stuff into a skip. I only to pleased to help, and my Dad went home. Whilst we were working I noticed that Brian kept touching me and getting very close every chance he had. I just thought he was a touching type person, so it didn't bother me.

When we had finished he asked me if I wanted a cuppa in his shed. Yes please I said, so thirsty after all that work. Brian put the kettle on and I stood and looked out of the window. It had begun to rain! Brian came up behind me and said never mind, nice and dry in here. Brian didn't move away, and started to tell me all his plans for the alotment. As he was talking, he was rubbing himself against my bum. I started to blush. I couldn't believe I was enjoying what he was doing. He stopped talking, but still stood behind me pushing gently back and forth. Then under his breath, he said do you like me doing this? I just made an Mmmm noise because I couldn't talk. Shall I pull your pants down young man? he said. I still couldn't speak. He started to unzip me and in no time my bottom half was naked. I could hear him fiddling about with his clothes but couldn't bring myself to look. He then came up behind me again and I nearly fainted as i felt his warm hard cock press between my bum cheeks. There you go he said that not to bad is it? He started to pump his cock up and down my crease. He lasted about 10 mins, then he groaned loudly and I felt his come spurt all over my bum. It was the start of lots of dirty things he made me do, and I love it. I'll write more if anyone wants to hear!