Written by OneWarmGuy

13 Nov 2003

She drove into the car park, and pulled up beside my car. I looked across at the beaten up sports car, and smiled to the lady inside. We’d chatted on the internet the night before and I had promised her a ‘diet-coke’. She was wearing a cowboy hat, boots and hotpants with a skimpy little top. She was married, but needed extras as hubby couldn’t perform. I beckoned her to sit beside me in the passenger seat so we could chat a little while. It was still only 10.10am. It was the first time something like this had happened, not sex, but instant internet sex. The stuff you only dream of when you first get a computer. I wasn’t quite sure how this sort of thing flowed, so I thought I would give her a signal. My rod was stiffening, so I tugged at my shorts to free my lance. She glared strongly at me in a disapproving way.

After redeeming myself, with a little small talk, I suggested we take the (very) short drive back to my house. I was a bit worried about her parking on my drive – her car really was in bad shape, plus, I was a little worried about what the neighbours might think (and say).

We went in, the air conditioning was a welcome relief after the warm heat, and I showed her through to the day room. I ushered her to sit down, and offered her a glass of cool water. She was upset that I didn’t have any diet coke like I’d said. Things were not going as well as I’d hoped. I wasn’t sure if I was still going to get some pussy, but I had nothing to loose. We talked and disagreed about many things for about 2 hours. I was getting pretty pissed off so I thought I’d close her down. She followed me into the kitchen when I was getting a glass of water. Suddenly she embraced me, begging me to kiss her. I was taken aback, but I didn’t need asking twice. I kissed her hard and long, squeezing her arse cheek – so she knew what I was interested in.

No words were spoken as I took her hand and led her towards the master bedroom. This woman was going to be punished for jerking me around for 2 hours plus. I was going to show her no mercy as I intended to use her body for my pleasure. I adjusted the blinds and led her to the edge of the bed. She took out her purse and told me the only requirement was that I wore a condom. I readily agreed, knowing that her pussy was about to be drilled hard and unrelentingly. I took her hat off, allowing her long blond hair to flow freely. Her hot pants and panties dropped easily with the minimum of encouragement exposing a bushy light coloured mound of hair semi-concealing a prominent clit and engorged lips. I released my pants, letting them drop around my ankles. Grabbing her head, I pulled her towards my shaft, pushing her mouth around the meat. ‘Suck till I tell you to stop’

I could tell she was enjoying me being in control, and the fun was just beginning with me fucking her mouth. She had a tight technique, and I was really getting off on the feeling of her wet mouth sucking on my tool. I reached down between her legs, pawing at her pussy. Wanting to feel, and get 2-3 finger inside, she spread her knees allowing me access. She was so wet, dripping with womanly juices. I thought about giving her a tongue fucking, but I thought that today she is my whore and I am the one to get pleasure. We swapped positions, now she sat on the bed with me kneeling in front of her. I decided that 2-3 fingers weren’t enough, and I wouldn’t be satisfied until she’d taken my fist. I started with my middle finger, jabbing her pussy, alternating with stroking her clit. But I had to stop myself from giving her too much pleasure.

‘Slut’, I barked, ‘You are going to take my fist.’

I could tell she loved this rough treatment. I regretted that I didn’t have a camera, or cam-corder to record her facial expressions. I was getting hornier and hornier as I forcefully jammed two fingers deep into her slit. I couldn’t wait, so after a few strokes, I decided she had to take four fingers. Easily her pussy expanded to take my digits, and soon, with my thumb tucked in, she was taking my whole hand up to my wrist. You could tell she was uncomfortable, but wet. And today she was my slut after all.

After about three minutes of taking my hand, I was getting bored, as she was getting comfortable, even horny with the physical sensation of it all. I didn’t want her to cum, not yet anyway. I decided that I would take her in the pussy hole.

‘Slut!’, I commanded, ‘I am going to fuck your cunt now’.

‘Yes sir’, she replied

I took her ankles holding them upright, to expose a bulging pussy staring at me. I knew she must be wet, so I plunged in. She shuddered as my tool ripped into her. Even though she had just taken a whole hand, it was sudden shock as her sex was violated by a bursting cock. I jammed it in, up to the hilt, filling her as I did so. She panted, as I withdrew slightly to allow me to get another hard shot in her hole. Using the whole weight of my body, I slammed into her, my balls bouncing off her ass as I did so. Ten strokes or so like this to warm her up I thought, then I’m going to tease her. Withdrawing, just leaving the tip inside, I rotated my hips, gyrating, pushing in and out just the first 1-2 inches. She was commanded not to come, or else. I could feel her cunt muscles gripping me, urging me deeper inside. Today I was the master, I was in control. And now was payback time, for wasting time earlier. She panted and sighed with each stroke of my masterful schlong. Her womanhood was very wet, and I reminded her not to come, until I gave her permission. Taking it deeply now, pushing with all my might inside her I was ready to explode.

I knew she was ready for the ultimate punishment, so I whipped my cock out and the condom off. With a flipping motion she was on all fours ready with that little rosebud pointing towards me. Instinctively it felt right to ream her little butt hole with my throbbing pole. She offered no resistance as I dived into her. A few hard, long thrusts and pulling back on her shoulders I filled her ass with my spunk juice. What a heavy cum, I took my cock and offered it to her to lick clean. For she will learn not to waste my time again.

She called me many times after that. We never had sex again, but she had full respect for her master.