Written by Belinda

7 Dec 2004

There was such chemistry between us

And we were quite breathless from that lingering kiss

I watched his cock twitch with excitment

He was going to have me..and it happened like this

Teasingly I touched the lace on my suspender belt

I watched him as if he was mesmerized..slowly then I begin

Moving my fingers down my sheer black stockings

That made such a contrast to my creamy white skin

Licking my lips my fingers disappeared inside me

As I played with my hard little clit

Then he came towards me rubbing himself

He pushed his throbbing cock into my slit

Laying back I surrendered to him completely

And we both soon gave way to our lust

Crying out he entered my fanny

I screamed at the hardness of his thrust

I felt the heat of his body

As he tensed before he filled me inside

The atmosphere was electric between us

My pulse raced as he pushed my legs wide

He yelled that he wanted to fuck the arse off me

It felt wickedly erotic..I wriggled my bum

Spasms of sheer pleasure washed through me

Then I reached the ultimate and let it all come!!

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