Written by tommy

4 Apr 2006

After years enjoying the sharing of sexual fantasies with my gorgeous girlfriend (Sue) - mainly about her having sex with another man - it all seems to have back-fired on me. When we had ‘Sexy Sex’ (as we called it), we would whisper/talk each other through different scenarios. I would set the scene and then she would continue to tell me what happened as I questioned her for more details. We were generally quite drunk when we would be doing this, so the extra tension and excitement it caused helped me achieve a decent erection. (You know what drink can do to your performance.) Our ‘Sexy Sex’ talk would always do the trick. I must state that, I was always the instigator but she was always a very willing participant. And it made our sex life very enjoyable.

I would get a much exaggerated sensation and she would undoubtably get a lot wetter than normal and would often even climax ‘big-time’ as I touched her pussy talking with her and then removing her tiny panties.

Our fantasies could involve her being with another guy on a beach with sunsets and palm trees, or her getting taken by a very young, fit guy in the sauna at her gym. Or her telling me in an ‘all honesty’ kind of way, that she wanted to have sex with a man she had met - and would I mind? It would be so real at the time that I wasn’t sure if she actually meant it. She would always say afterwards that it was only a fantasy and was intended to get me really going. It did!

Being a typical man, I wanted to go a bit further. It started a scenario where she was at a party and had to choose between two guys who were hitting on her. I said that she told them, “I can’t choose between you, I fancy both of you” So they replied by saying, “Well... we’re both up for it if you are?” With this she went into the most erotic and detailed whispered speech about how they all went back to a large modern house and she was slowly seduced with chill-out music, chilled champagne and two hot hunks in front of a roaring log-fire. They slowly stripped completely naked in front of her and then started to gently caress and slowly remove her clothes as she knelt for them on a bear-skin rug. Eventually they had her lying down and gently kissed and licked her body all over. When I posed the question, “All over?” She sighed and said “Absolutely everywhere! One of them had his tongue inside my pussy while the other one was licking my nipples” By this stage she was so wet and gently writhing with sexual excitement. She was on Cloud 10!

When I said, “Did one of them attempt to enter you?” She wimpered and said “Yesss... the one with the huge penis!”

At this point I very gently inserted the huge rubber sex-toy I had secretly purchased for her. (We had experimented with vibrators before, but this one was 10” long and very thick - and I’d been warming it up over the last 30 minutes under my body.)

I had trapped it between my thighs so it took the place of my meagre six inches. When I was positioned over the top of her I asked her, “Did it feel anything like this?” As I slowly penetrated her with this monster inch by inch.

To my amazement she went into a frenzy. She squealed, “God yes! God YES! Oh yes! Keep going... don’t stop... GOD YESSS!!”

And then she had the most intense and almighty orgasm I had ever known her to have. It went on for several minutes as she kept saying, “Don’t stop, don’t stop!”

I couldn’t believe it. She didn’t ever react that way when it was me inside her? And she certainly didn’t reach climax within 20 SECONDS! Then she said, “Keep going, but I want to be on all fours so kneel up!” With that she took me in her mouth and sucked on me like a wanton woman possessed! I managed to keep the action going at both ends using two of my fingers, but it wasn’t easy. She climaxed again and this time she fell over on her side and just cooed in ecstacy for about five minutes.

Over the next few days I managed to get out of her that her major fantasy had always been to end up in bed with two well endowed men and be pleasured and fucked by both of them. ‘Wow!’ I thought. ‘This is a massive turn on for me. We can have real fun with this!’ She also asked me, “How come I seemed so much bigger that night?” I confessed to her that it wasn’t actually me inside her, but before I could tell her about my new present for her she said, “I imagined it was someone else”

GREAT! So she has the most amazing orgasm ever when she’s imagining it’s someone else?

“Who were you thinking about then?” I asked. “Oh... somebody. Nobody you know.” she said. “Who?” I repeated. She sexily whispered in my ear as she passed me, “It could be one of many men who keep asking me out. It changes every night”

This was four months ago. And this was when things started to go into turmoil.

Two weeks after this event she suddenly told me that she wanted to be free to date other men. And if I didn’t like it then we should finish our relationship. To fill you in, she had been with me for six years now, and straight after her previous eight year relationship broke up. She is a very slim and sexy 32 year old, whereas, I am a slightly over-weight 39 year old. She seems to get sexier every year. It’s her cool Natasha Henstridge eyes, her high cheekbones, crafted lips... and her perfect ski-jump breasts that drive me and men wild. In a pair of tight Levis and a cropped T-shirt she could a 23 year old. And could pull a guy even younger!

I was gob-smacked by her request (or call it an ultimatum!) “But why?” I asked. She just said, “I want to now experience the fantasies we’ve had for real - like go to bed with a much younger guy - And be had by a man who’s got a really big penis - And who knows, end up in bed with two willing guys?” She really couldn’t be specific, but seemed up for anything.

I asked her what had changed her so readily. She told me that two of her friends, who have both split from their regular partners, had been having great, really exciting sex recently with some of the guys from the gym and the local rugby club. And apparently they had all asked asked them whether Sue was happy with me as they all wanted to ‘get in her knickers’! She had in turn put the message back, “Not happy... and... I don’t wear knickers, I wear little thongs!”

She told me that since she’d made that comment, the men at the gym had been inundating her with offers. And that some of them were just too gorgeous to turn down. So I’m going out with one of them on Friday night.

“That’s a bit sudden...” I said “Not for me it’s not - I’ve been aching to do it for ages.” She smirked back.

I swallowed hard, “Do it? What do you mean, do it?” I enquired. “What d’you think I mean... go to bed with him of course. He’s got what I want and don’t want to have to wait any longer.”

“And so, what has he got that you want so much?” I asked “He’s very fit and very well-hung - enough said!” She whispered.

“How the hell do you know what he’s got down below?” “Easy”, she said, “A friend of Kelly’s went out with him for a bit and said he was amazing in the sack! - And I’m going to find out just how amazing... okay?” I couldn’t believe how brazen and matter of fact she was being. I suppose I had to like it or lump it. What could I do?

On the Friday night as she about to go out she looked stunning. She wore a short wrap-around black linen skirt, long boots, a cropped top and old denim jacket. Her make-up was so superbly applied her eyes and face looked model-like. (She hadn’t taken that much care for years, I thought).

I had to know what knickers she was wearing, so I asked her straight out. She lent back on the kitchen block and announced, “They’re new and they’re very sexy... and if you want to see them you’d better get the magnifying glass out of the desk.” I was getting seriously aroused at the thought of some other man being the first to see her in these new panties. So I walked up to her and put my arms round her and as I kissed her on the forehead I also ran my hand up her thigh and lifted her skirt to have a glimpse. As she pulled away I got what I wanted. They were absolutely miniscule; essentially a small black cotton triangle with shoe-lace thin tie-sides and that was it. She pulled her skirt down abruptly and said, “Stop it! That’s not your property any more!” By using the word ‘that’, I assumed she meant her pussy.

With that, she pecked me on the cheek and flounced out the door saying, “Don’t bother waiting up because I shouldn’t think I’ll be back till tomorrow.”

I was in a very aroused state then and for the rest of the night. At 2am I realised she was probably getting what she wanted right now. And at 3am... and at 4am. It was 10.30am the next morning when she finally returned. “Was it a good night?” I hesitantly asked. “Wild, amazing, incredible! And now I’ve got to sleep.” she purred back to me.

Later that day, once she had surfaced, I asked her whether she’d got what she wanted. “Every bit of it.” She said. “He was mind-blowing and Kelly’s friend wasn’t exaggerating - he’s hung like a horse!”

I took a big gulp and said, “I’m cooking your favourite tonight, spinach souffle.” She looked puzzled and stated, “I’m going out... I’m going to a party.” “What... with ‘Donkey Dick’?” I joked “No... he has to see his Ex tonight - she’s a bit screwed up with something”

She started the ‘getting ready’ process early evening and again descended the stairs looking absolutely awesome. This time it was her short leather mini-skirt, the long boots and an off-the-shoulder (well, one shoulder at any one time anyway) cheese-clothy white top. The insightful thing was that she was braless. Very out of character for her. There would be two simple ways to see her nipples; either through the very thin material or if she leant slightly forward - like about 25 degrees (accepting a light for her cigarette would do the trick).

I had to say, “You look fabulous”. She just said cockily, “I know...”

“Where’s the party?” I asked. “Oh... not far away”, she said, “It’s just round the corner and then a bit”.

Nervously I enquired, “You coming back tonight then?” She wobbled her hands and said, “Maybe? I don’t know”.

I presumed that comment was based on whether she pulled a gorgeous stud or not. Yet, wearing that outfit, she could’ve pulled a whole rugby team. Let’s say, I didn’t expect to see her again until the morning.

And then she took the bottle Champagne which had been in the fridge for months and left. (No peck on the cheek this time.)

My heart was sinking but my penis was rising. This was weird - surreal even - and yet, strangely exciting! Jealousy and humiliation can be the most powerful emotion (and aphrodisiac) I realised. After all, people have been known to kill due to this mighty emotion, I thought.

I didn’t make the souffle. I got a pizza delivered. And after two bottles of wine I nodded off watching ‘The Wrong Man’ (I must add, after the scene where Rosanna Arquette gets up on the table and dances in her red panties).

The phone rang at 12.45am. It was her. She said that, “I’m coming back to house pretty soon and I’m bringing some people with me.” She sounded completely pissed. I said, “Well... what d’you want me to do - Put some coffee on?”

“No... urmm... best you disappear. Go and stay at John’s or something”. It was a quarter to one in the morning. She then explained that John had only just left the party and if I called him on his mobile I would catch him. So, John was at the party was he? Anyway, I called him. He answered amazingly. “Sue has been out at a party and has asked me to make myself scarce as she’s bringing some people back here. Can I stay at yours tonight?” John chuckled and said, “She told me you guys were experimenting, but does ‘some people coming back’ mean the three blokes who were all over her all night?” My pathetic answer was, “Umm... could be I suppose? How ‘all over her’ were they?”.

John splurted, “For Christ’s sake, she was half naked when she arrived! Then, once they’d made her drink a pint of water straight down because she was so pissed... And for starters, I know the water was 30% vodka... but more than that, most of it went down her front and completely soaked her top. I must say... She’s got great tits! ....Sorry mate”.

“Okay... okay.” I said. “But can I come over to your place?” John just said, “NO! Stay there and sort it out like a man”. And then he hung up.

I decided to not ‘be a man’ and und to John’s place because I couldn’t deal with the situation. It’s a 10 minute walk. When I got there, all the lights were out, he wasn’t answering his mobile (even though I could hear it ringing). He was either comatosed or ignoring me.

I was shaking with trepidation and extreme sexual excitement.

I decided to return to the house. I could see over the brow of the hill that the bedroom light wasn’t on. ‘Phew’ I thought. then I realised that the living room light was on. I had purposely turned all the lights off when I left. So Sue was home. ‘Was she home alone?’, I mused.

I crept up to the front window and peeked through the only available crack in the curtains. The answer was ‘No...’

There were at least two/three men with her. I couldn’t see everybody in the room, and apart from her, could only hear male voices. They seemed to be playing ‘Spin the bottle’. And drinking a lot of OUR wine - by the hi-ball it appeared!

They WERE good-looking young guys. And very over-excited. Two of them proceeded to remove their shirts and jeans at the same time. Sue still seemed to be fully clothed. But my good feeling was short-lived. Suddenly, a third guy came into view wearing nothing at all. As they were all on their knees I could see his impressive penis swinging between his legs as he approached my girlfriend. He lifted her up to a standing position and started to kiss her very passionately on the lips. He was talking to her in the breaks, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. At this point the other two guys removed their boxer shorts and started to touch my beautiful baby. Within the next five minutes they had slowly removed her skirt - kissing her tummy and her exquisite bum as it slid down... And un-buttoned her sexy top whilst stroking and then licking her nipples. Sue had her hands in her hair. (A clear indication that she was all theirs!)

‘There was my girlfriend surrounded by three very fit, naked young men. She was only wearing a small black thong. And she had just lowered her arms and was now touching their manhoods in turn.’

Two of the guys were normal size. One was the same length as me, but a bit thicker. The other about the same. But the first guy to get naked was absolutely huge. He was big when he was flaccid, but ‘boy’ he was massive when he’d got erect.

And it was him who she seemed to be connected at the lips for most of time. She whispered something in his ear and suddenly pushed him down on his knees. He immediately peeled her panties down her thighs and they were helped off by the other two men.

His penis was absolutely huge. Yet, she slowly sank herself down on top of him with her head arched backwards and then started sliding up and down... up and down... and up and down. I wanted to stop it, but I had no right. And it was turning me on no time. After a few minutes, I could see that she was coming. He came at the same time it seemed. Bugger! That has only happened twice with me!

She then laid down on her back and allowed one of the other guys to enter her. He fucked her like crazy and came within 3 minutes. When I saw the third guy take over where he’d left off, I had to leave.

This sort of behaviour has now been going on for months. She does allow me to fuck her still (occasionally), because ‘I’ve been so understanding’ she says.

It’s now thankfully for me a turn-on again. It was a turn on for us both - then turmoil - what’s next