Written by lolly

29 Apr 2004

Let me describe myself...shoulder length sunkissed blonde hair, slim gym fit body, five foot five, curvy hips, rounded firm bum, tiny waist, pointy nipples, cat like eyes and a very dirty mind.

And no – I am not the product of a man's vivid imagination.

I adore sexy, fun clothes – nothing too cheap and tacky however! One of my favorite items are my Agent Provocateur black, transparent knickers. They have a cute pink ribbon which laces from my blonde manicured fanny across my shaven lips and finishes at my bottom with a little pink bow. How I love wearing them with a short flirty skirt that swings in rhythm with my hips as I walk. The anticipation makes me pulse with excitement.

Now to progress with my story...being a strictly straight girl I had always fancied a naughty lesbian encounter. The other week one of my best friends and I were having a girly night in front of the telly gossiping and drinking cocktails. One too many cocktails as it happens! We were discussing men, naughty underwear and some of the more explicit aspects of our sex lives. A typically drunken girlie chat.

I was wearing my favorite knickers and a short flirty skirt as I expected to catch up with my boyfriend later for some fun. We were both laying on the sofa relaxed from the alcohol and giggling away, my skirt had risen up my thighs. The pink ribbon had come undone and was sticking out from under my skirt. My girlfriend spotted it and curiously pulled it, I laughed, lifted up my skirt and showed her my laced knickers. She smiled broadly and her cheeks flushed. "Have you ever experienced a woman?" she asked. Then suddenly she lent forward and kissed me, her full lips pressed firmly against mine as we touched tongues. It felt amazing...slowly she stroked my face and then moved her hands across my neck to my breasts. Her fingers grasped my nipples. Abruptly she released her touch and stood up. She untied her halterneck dress revealing her rounded large breasts and then slid the material past her hips. I couldn't believe what was happening. There she stood in front of me wearing just a pink g-string. I could see her pussy through the fine gauzy material, her wetness had saturated through. Slowly she bent over and removed them revealing her beautiful dark trimmed hair with her full aroused pussy lips.

Now it was my turn...she unzipped my top exposing my rock hard pointy nipples. Her tongue flicked across them, I could feel her mouth passionately suck and then quickly bite my nipples, flicking from one to the other. Her hands wandered over my stomach and then onto my thighs. She stood up and unbuttoned my skirt, discarding it on the floor. I lay there exposed, naked except for my knickers and totally arosed. She pulled at the pink ribbon and unlaced my knickers. My swollen pussy wanted to be touched. Her fingers pulled apart my lips and her tongue probed inside me then travelled to my clit. As she sucked and licked my aching clit her fingers pushed inside me, searching for my g-spot. As she pressed against it I groaned and trust my hips into her face. My orgasm pulsed across my thighs and pussy. Her fingers followed my wetness as it flowed across my bum. She traced my hole and then pushed inside. My bum grasped her fingers as I orgasmed loudly and violently.

Then it was her turn...is anyone else out there interested in playing with me? They have to be willing to travel to London and not mind if my boyfriend watches. Please let me know!