Written by peter

10 May 2005

having a nice long walk in the country park in east yorkshire , taking in the scenery , i stopped and lit a cigarette , just sat at the picnic table enjoying the peace ,

saw a couple walking upto the area i was in , thinking she was a little over dressed for a walk in a country park , about 5 foot 3 inches , mid 30s , short skirt, very thin top , clearly she wasnt wearing a bra , her nipples where poking out like chaple hat pegs ,

the guy was just strolling about 2 steps behind her , then she stopped and said hi there , can i have a cigarette please , shaking like a fucking leaf i took out the pack and like a baffoon i dropped the pack on the floor , picking the pack up and accidently taking a view under the table i saw that she was sat at the table with her legs open , in a m,atter of 2-3 seconds i saw she wasnt wearing panties also , i must have got the fastest hard on in the world ,

i offered her a cigarette , which she took , we chatted and the conversation got around to how she was dressed and she asked if i liked her mini dress and top , i immediately told her that she looked very nice but not very practicle for a walk out doors ,

she laughed and said they often walk around this area because they was looking for doggers to share a little fun with ,no sooner had she said those words she stood up came and stood next to me and she touched her breasts and asked if i would like to feel them , my hands shot up to both breasts and started to kneed them , her nipples was hard and cold , whilst her breasts where hot , my breathing was becoming rapid , my cock was rock hard ,

the guy sat at the picnic table and began calling her a dirty slut for allowing a total stranger to touch her , i was feeling her breasts with one hand and running my left hand up her legs , to her thighs , then onto her pussy , total heaven she had a smooth pussy and it was wet , tracing my fingers past her cunt lips and inside her cunt , i began fingering her , whilst her hand was restinmg on my shoulder,

she told that she wanted to sit on the table and i laid my coat on the table and she sat on it ,hitching her short skirt up until it was on her waist , my fingers was buried inside her cunt as i fungered , felt my way around and inside her cunt , she had both hands on her own breasts kneeding them and pulling on the hard nipples ,

the guy by this time had his cock out as i did , both wanking our own cocks , she shuffled her arse to the edge of the table and she wanted fucking , i turned to the guy and he said give the slut what she wants,

i didnt need telling a second time , i got between her legs and pinted my cock end towards her waiting dripping cunt and pushed , gently at first then when i had my hands around her arse cheeks i drew her to my cock and it slid in , we both gasped and kissed each other , i gripped and held her arse whilst i pumped away inside her lovely cunt , she wrapped her legs around my waist and took hold of my t shirt , holding on and rising to my thrusts as i screwed her ,

after about some 10 minutes i could feel myself cumming and began pumping her cunt really hard and fast ,she told me to fill her up , cum inside me ,she wanted my spunk , i gave her all i had , as soon as i had spunked her she looked at the guy and told him she was full and it was his turn to screw his little slut ,

my cock plopped form her cunt and the guy took my place , i sat on the seat and slowly wanked my wet and sticky cock whilst i watched him start fucking her , his cock was really big , about 8-9 inches , thinking my own 6 1/2 wasnt anything to compare , as he fucked his little whore she told him what my cock felt like , telling him how it had banged on her pelvic bone every time i pumped my cock into her ,

all the time he was fucking her she would tell him how she had enjoyed my cock ,they fucked for a good 20 minutes , all the time i was playing with my cock , by this time i was hard again , openlly wanking my cock fully , letting her see me wanking too ,

the guy took his cock out and instrucked her to turnover because he wanted to fuck her doggy style , in the matter of 2-3 seconds she was laid out on the table on herstomach , he was stuck across her , fucking her doggy style , she was moaning , groaning about what a whore she was and how she enjoyed being screwed . without warning she told him that she was about to cum and she wanted to be fucked harder and harder , which he obliged , gripping her thighs he started banging her with great , deep thrusts as she came and came, then it was his turn , with onre allmighty thrust he plunged his cock in deep , held her thighs tightly and held his cock in her cunt , not allowing any movement at all , then with a long slow deep groan he emptied his spunk inside,

they both rested on the table for 2-3 minutes , letting his cock soak in her cunt, he pulled out from her sopping cunt and she sat up on the table , they kissed and then we 3 sat at the table , she sat , having a cigarette , one hand dipping inside her cunt and sucking spunk from her finger into her mouth , hope to bump into the couple again , ive been back 2-3 times this year , but nothing so far ,

anyone else want to arrange an accidental meet , mmmmmmmmmmm