Written by Tracy

29 May 2004

Last week, I had a day off work, so i decided to go out to Gunn Wharf and do some window shopping and treat my self to a drink in the bar, I was dressed in a cream short skirt, thong, holdup stockings and a light burgandy top, and a skimpy bra, i had a long soak in a hot bathm shaved and ot ready, my husband was away again! and I wanted some fun, i am 36 and have a firm 38c2435 figure and love attention.

As i wondered aroundthe shops i had a lot of admiring looks from guys, and when I went to the bar had a large vodka and tonic and sat on the bar stool, a couple of guys came up to me and chatted, bought me another drink and took me t it on the settee seat. They were both very attractive, one was carl aged 23, black, and athletic, and Lee was the same age, and also black and again athletic. carl lived in one of the flats with his uncle who was at work and Lee was visiting carl from London. Soon the chat became sexual, and they both had a hand on my legs carl pushing his up inside my skirt, as he did that lee kissed me and then suggested we went back to the flat, I said that i was married and they said so what. So i went back to the flat, walking through the quay with two very sexy guys who had their arms around me, and clearly were going to fuck me made me feel really sexy.

In the flat they stripped me and laid me on the bed, Carl got a digital camera out and took some photos, and then switched it onto video, and they took their clothes off and fucking hell what great bodies they both had, six pack firm body great legs and bums and huge hard cocks both about 10" and very thick. carl got between my legs and licked my cunt very deeply and expertly, whisyt lee played with my tits, this bitch has great tits mate, said lee and carl stopped licking to reply that she tatses great too, really wet and gagging for it, aren't you slut? I said yes. Lee then started to fuck my face pushing his cock as far as he could into my mouth, at the carl stopped licking and said that he was going to fuck the slut, and pshed right in completely deep and started a very rough fuck, afte a while I got onto lee's cock and started to ride him, carl asked me if they were bigger than my husband and I said that they wree and better fucks, you going to be our whore then yes please i replied. carl then got behind me and started to finger fuck my arse then spat on my hole and started to push into me his cock and fuck my arse as lee fucked my cunt. i was in heaven I had the best orgasm fo ages, they stopped and I sucked carl as lee fucked my arse and then they swappoed, they both came but remained hard and started again, they fucked me four times in three hours, just as they had fucked my hoels for the fourth time, a voice said so that is what you get up to, who is the bitch. i looked up and saw a lovely looking balkc guy about mid thirties standing at the door, i am carl's uncle who are you? Tracy I said Cal said she is a great fuck Dan, I want a go then he took his clothes off and had a cock like his nephew, and climbed on top and entered me and fucked my cunt and then my asrea nd then my cunt again before he came. I then had all three guys before showereing and ressing, i had love bites on my tits and aorund my cunt and a sore bum where they had slapped me and two very sore holes where they had fucked me, I dressed washed the cu out of my ahir and face and body and kissed them all and exchanged phone numbers promising i would see them again.

I have arranged to have a drink with them on bank holiday monday, dan is bringing a friend along who is balkc and thirty years old and is nicknamed 'donkey', when i asked why dan said why do you think.

I am looking forward to it, my husband is away again, and will not find out.