Written by longdog

14 Dec 2005

We were on our way back from visiting relatives one evening in late autumn and the roads had been salted. It wasn’t actually raining though the road was wet which meant the windscreen was constantly sprayed with dirt by other vehicles, so I was using the washers every few minutes. Eventually the water ran out and though we were not far from home I could hardly see a thing. I always carry a can of water in case this happens so I just needed to stop the refill the washer tank. I struggled on to the next lay-by and pulled off. In fact it turned out to be a section of old road retained when the main road had been straightened. It ran down beside the new carriageway, turned slightly to one side and opened out into long, narrow car park with views across the valley. I was surprised to see a number of cars already there, mostly spaced out at the near end. I drove slowly past these and turned in just beyond them. As my headlights swept round I could just make out a lone car at the far end through my almost opaque windscreen.

I told L that I wouldn’t be long and opened the bonnet and boot. As I went round to fetch the water can from the boot I looked down to the lone car and realised there were two or three men standing beside it, in spite of the cold. I took the can to the front and lifted the bonnet to fill the washer tank. I heard the men talking and glanced across, they were about 30 yards away and I realised they were staring into the parked car, which I now saw had its interior light on. I also thought the men were rubbing their hands together to keep warm. Then I realised they were only using one hand each. I heard one of them say distinctly, “Go on, give it to her,” and one of the others cheer. I stared hard at the car, it was rocking and I thought I could see movement inside it.

I was so intent on trying to make out what was going on that the water overflowed the tank. I screwed the lid back on and put the can back in the boot. Getting into the driver’s seat, I said to L, “See those blokes around that car? I think they’re watching somebody having it off inside.”

She didn’t believe me at first, but I said, “Look, they’re all wanking.” Once I’d pointed it out the actions were quite explicit. “Do you want to go?”

“Not yet,” she replied, surprisingly, “Let’s see what happens.”

I turned the ignition on and washed the windscreen then got out to wipe down the side window so we could see more clearly. They were getting pretty excited down there and the car was rocking even faster. I could hear a girl crying “aaaah…aaaah…aaaah” and the spectators yelling encouragement and wanking furiously. There were two on the near side of the car and one on the far side.

I got back in my car and leaned back so that L could see. The only light was from the streetlamps on the main road filtering through the trees that cloaked the embankment, but the figures were clearly defined. Suddenly one of them gave a groan that we could hear inside the car and stood still.

“Oops, there goes one of them,” I said, and L grinned at me, “Pity we aren’t any closer,” she said, surprising me even more.

“I could drive past slowly,” I suggested and she agreed.

I started the engine and reversed out into the roadway, the headlamps clearly illuminating the tableau. The guy who had just come was doing up his trousers and as we rolled down towards them the one on the far side called out, “Oh shit, shit, shit!”

I sat up as tall as I could as we passed the back of the car and looked inside. I could see this guy on the passenger side, facing the rear with his arms outstretched, holding his body up by leaning on the sides of the seat, which was obviously fully reclined. All I could see of the girl was her knees either side of him as he pounded away at her.

Once we were moving, it didn’t seem right to stop so I kept going up the slip road back onto the main highway.

“Well, there’s something you don’t see every day,” I said as the car reached cruising speed.

“I think I saw that guy coming,” gasped L, and I realised she was breathing heavily.

“What, the first one?”

“No, he had his back to us. The one on the far side, I saw it shooting, I’m sure I did.”

I looked across and her face was flushed in the headlights of the oncoming traffic.

“I didn’t know you liked that sort of thing,” I said.

“Neither did I, and if you’d asked me, I would have said it was disgusting, but coming across it like that, so to speak, it was actually quite exciting.”

“Well, I’m sure I could oblige when we get home,” I answered.

“Oh no, if you are going to come, I want it inside me,” she said, emphatically, and that was even more arousing than the scene we had just witnessed.

Luckily we were not far from the house and we didn’t even get as far as the bed. Nor did we last long – she was very wet and came after only a dozen strokes or so and that always triggers me.