Written by longdog

14 Dec 2005

Part 2

We had stumbled across a couple having sex in an off-road layby, watched by three wanking men on the way home from a visit to relatives, but had left before the couple finished, though at least two of the watchers had.

Later in the week we were having sex, L always takes a while to get up to speed and I like to take my time anyway, savouring the sensations, but suddenly she started to cry out – she’s always been vocal. I hadn’t been expecting her to come so soon but some rapid thrusting had me joining her before she had finished. As we lay panting together, still interlocked, I said, “What brought that on?”

“I thought about that chap in the car park coming,” she gasped, “it just sort of set me off.”


“Well, I was thinking what it was like for the girl in the car. Blokes doing that because they were looking at her, it’s something of a compliment. Especially three of them.”

“Four if you count her boyfriend,” I said, grinning, “We could go up there again, if you like.”

She agreed enthusiastically but it was almost a week before we had a free night. We arrived about ten o’clock, there were three other cars near the entrance and we parked just beyond them as before. There was no-one at the far end yet and nobody standing in the open. We sat there for some time but nothing happened. L turned to me and said, “This is a bit of a letdown.”

“Well, we’ve only been here ten minutes, perhaps they come up after closing time.”

“That’s ages yet,” she said, “I’ve got all hot and bothered, I don’t think I can wait that long.”

“There’s others here, maybe there’s something going on in those.” I said, indicating the cars beside us.

“No, they’ve only got single blokes in them,” she answered, “I looked as we came in.”

“Do you want to go home then? Or wait some more?”

“We could always do it ourselves,” she said.

“What, here?”

“Why not?”

“Those blokes would come and watch us.”

“So? Don’t you like the idea of being watched?”

Actually, I did. On the way up I had been recalling the scene and putting myself in the performer’s shoes, it had been quite arousing. The disappointment of finding nothing happening had made me soft, but L’s words had me rising again.

“Come on, then,” I said and leaned across to kiss her, my hand riding up from her waist to cup her breast. She broke off and struggled out of her coat, throwing it over onto the back seat. Underneath she was wearing a cotton summer dress that buttoned from hem to neckline.

“You came prepared then?” I said, staring at her erect nipples, clearly bra-less.

“Well, If we were going to be as eager as last week, there didn’t seem much point in overdressing,” she giggled, undoing the top few buttons.

I took my jacket off and was undoing my belt when a shadow passed the front of the car. A man in an anorak and bobble hat came round to the driver’s door and I looked out anxiously.

“Move down to the far end by the trees and put the light on,” he said and stepped back to the front of the car. I started the engine and backed out of the bay.

“We could just keep going,” I suggested.

“No, now we’ve started, we’ll have to finish,” she replied, “How shall we do it?” she added as I rolled down to the end.

“Put the seat right back and recline it, I can kneel in the footwell,” I said.

The seats are electric so I had to leave the engine running till she had it positioned so I saw the man walking down the car park in the glow of the headlamps. He was already undoing his fly. L had the seat ready, she had reclined the back to about forty-five degrees and lay back, twisting towards me. I cut the engine and switched on the ‘eyeball’ spot in the ceiling console, directing the beam onto her body.

The man came up to her door and said, “Any chance of a go? I’ve got condoms.”

L’s eyes opened wide in horror and I said, “No way!” and hit the central locking button.

“No problem,” he said, spreading his hands, “always worth asking.” He turned away and I saw two others approaching, “Eyes only, lads,” he called and they spread out around the car, the first standing by the passenger door, the next, wearing a black quilted down jacket and a fur hat moved round to my side while the third stood on the kerb in front of the car looking through the windscreen, he was wearing a baggy parka and a flat cap on back-to-front. They were all a yard or so from the car but we still felt very apprehensive.

“Better get on with it,” I said to L, and struggled to get my trousers and pants down below my knees with the steering wheel in the way.

“Let’s give them a show,” she replied, undoing some more buttons then leaning across to cup my balls. I spread my thighs to give her better access, she has always had a passion for fondling them, even more than handling my prick. I twisted towards her and slipped my hand into the dress, caressing her breast. We kissed and I continued to knead the yielding flesh, managing to manoeuvre the open dress to one side exposing the breast fully. I took my hand away to undo more buttons and heard the Bobble Hat exclaim, “Look at the tits on her!” L isn’t particularly large – both hands with the fingers closed will just about hold one breast – but on a skinny frame they are impressive. I unbuttoned the dress down to the waist and opened it right out to reveal both tits, the small dark nipples rock hard. I sat back to give them all a good view before reaching out to stroke the velvet skin, my fingertips lightly brushing the nipples and causing her to take a sharp intake of breath.

She relinquished her hold on my balls and lay back on the seat, giving me equal access to both breasts. I took full advantage, leaning with my left elbow on my seat back and sweeping my right hand across her chest, squeezing lightly, fanning my fingers across the peaks so that her nipples bounced against them. She gave little sighs at each pass. Then I gripped her left breast lightly, thumb and middle finger stretching the aureole to flatten the wrinkles, my index finger poised above the bud. Gently I stroked the tip and she gasped aloud. I dragged the nail up the side and she gasped again, her hips writhing. Still working on her left breast, I dipped my head and took her right nipple into my mouth, gripping with my lips and pulling it outwards till it popped free, the breast bouncing back into shape.

I caught a glimpse of movement outside the car and glanced up, Bobble Hat was standing closer, his right arm working rhythmically, though his groin was below the window cill. I looked up at L and nodded towards him. She turned her head and gasped. I sat upright and looked past her. His coat was open, flies unzipped and his tool poking straight at us, his hand stroking it slowly. I turned to the windscreen where the Flat Cap also had his parka open and his cock out of his baggy jeans. He was working it rather faster. I couldn’t see the Down Jacket as I had my back to the window on the driver’s side. “What’s the other one doing?” I asked quietly.

“Wanking,” said L, breathlessly, “He’s got his bollocks out as well.”

I bent down to suck her right nipple again, and continued opening her buttons with my right hand so that they could see her left breast. I got down to her groin and found that the rest were already undone and she had no knickers on – she had come prepared. I flicked the skirt aside, revealing her long thighs and ran my hand up and down them, still licking her nipple. L spread her thighs and I slid my hand along the inside of the right one till my fingers just touched her mound.

“There’s her cunt!” cried Bobble Hat and I saw him step even closer. “Fucking hell! She’s shaved!” he exclaimed and I saw Flat Cap dash round from the front to peer through the edge of the windscreen. In fact, L only shaves her lips, or rather I do – I hate having hair in my mouth. For the same reason I keep my cock and balls scrupulously smooth for her benefit.

She now opened her legs as wide as was possible in the confined space, pushing her hips upwards to reveal herself totally. I placed my hand, fingers pointing downwards, on the triangle of hair above her and massaged gently, working slowly towards her lips.

“Fucking hell!” cried Bobble Hat again, “Go on, finger her!”

The Down Jacket had joined them now on that side of the car and there were three faces staring eagerly through the windows. I slid my hand down onto the velvet warmth of her quim, holding it and flexing my fingers against her. Then I moved it to one side, sweeping back and forth from thigh to thigh, dragging her lips open as I did so.

“Bugger me, she’s wet!” said one of the other men, and sure enough, my hand was soon slipping easily across her. I spread her lips with index and ring fingers to cries of approval from outside, then dipped my middle finger into the hot wetness, curling the end inside and pushing right up to the knuckle.

“Go on, work it, work it!” I heard, and I rolled my hand around, pressing my other fingers against her smooth lips. I lifted my head and sucked her nipple once more, noting that all three of them were wanking faster now. A glance at L’s face showed that she was riveted on their actions.

I ran my tongue across from one nipple to the other then back into the valley between, tracing a wandering line down her belly, skirting the patch of short hair to replace my hand with my mouth. She was really wet by now and I probed as deeply as I could with my tongue but the position was far from ideal, and besides, I knew the spectators wouldn’t have much to see with my head in the way. It wasn’t doing my back any good either. I came up for breath, my face hot and sticky.