Written by longdog

14 Dec 2005

Part 3

Having returned to the scene of our first encounter, we found nothing going on and decided to provide some action ourselves. Watched by three men, I had revealed all L’s charms, caressing and licking till the awkwardness of the position made me pause.

“Here, my turn,” said L, pushing me back onto the drivers seat.

My cock, of course, was rigid and my balls were aching. I leaned back and lifted my shirt above my waist. “Take it off,” said L, so I did. She leaned over and held my cock upright with her left hand and kissed the head. I saw the Flat Cap rush round to this side. Sliding her hand right down to my balls, dragging the foreskin as far back as possible, she ran her tongue down the shaft and back up.

“Come on, suck it!” I heard someone say, but she repeated the action two or three times before rolling the tip of her tongue around the rim and sliding her lips over the head and far down the shaft, her cheeks pulling in sharply as she made deliberate sucking noises.

“Fuck-ing hell!” I heard, then “Go on, suck him off!” from another voice. “That’s it, suck him, go on, all the way, go on, give her a facial!” Somebody was clearly into blowjobs. Personally, I love it as a preliminary but don’t like to finish there unless L asks me to.

“Go on then, shoot it down her throat,” came the voice again, “Come on, do it, make her gag!” I think it was the Flat Cap though I couldn’t see his face, he was so close to the car, all I could see was his hand frantically pounding his meat.

Still sucking noisily at me, L shuffled round to kneel on the passenger seat, her arse practically touching the window. I reached past her and pulled the skirt up over her buttocks.

“Fuck me!” cried Bobble Hat, “Look at her cunt, look at her cunt!” He was staring at her from less than a foot away, the Down Jacket peering through the windscreen beside him.

I pushed my hand between her thighs and she parted them to let my fingers slide between her lips. Bobble Hat stood upright and pressed his cock to the window, rubbing it up and down.

“He’s fucking the glass,” I said to L and she twisted her head round to see. She pushed her arse back till her buttocks pressed hard to the window.

“Oh god! Look at that, look at that cunt, fuck me!” he cried, thrusting against the car so that it rocked, his prick only the thickness of the glass from his desire.

“Let’s do it,” I said, “If I don’t get inside you soon, my prick’s going to burst!”

She sat upright, to both Bobble Hat and Flat Cap’s frustration, and I tried to swing my legs up over the centre console. It was impossible with my trousers round my ankles and there was no way I was going to get out of the car to und. So I leaned down and somehow managed to get my shoes off. I dragged my trousers and pants over my feet and at last I could get into the footwell and turned to face her. L was lying back in her seat by now, feet on the cushion and knees apart, giving our audience an unhindered view of her cunt and tits. She lifted her feet onto the dashboard either side of me and shuffled her hips forward to the edge of the seat.

“Go on, fuck her!” said Bobble Hat.

“Get it up her!” cried Down Jacket.

With the seat at its highest, she was in the ideal position for me, except that my prick was so hard I had to lean forward and force it down to her entrance. Holding it with one hand and leaning on the angled seat back with the other, I rubbed the head between her swollen lips, ensuring that it was well lubricated. To repeated cries from the men to fuck her I slid slowly into her and they cheered. As always on first penetration, I pushed it all the way in till my balls pressed against her arse and held it there, tensing my groin so that my prick swelled rhythmically inside her.

“That’s it, that’s well up her, that is!” said someone.

“Fucking hell, no condom, he’s going to fuck her for real. That’s the way to do it!”

With my right hand free, I massaged her breasts as I began to thrust long and slow.

“That’s it, fuck her!” said Bobble Hat.

“Get it in her!” cried Down Jacket.

“Shove it, shove it!” came from Flat Cap on the other side, in time with my thrusts.

L was already breathing heavily and began to make little sighing sounds as I increased the pace, though I kept the stroke long and my body upright so that they could see the action clearly.

“Look at that,” said Bobble Hat, “you can see his prick going right up her!”

“I can see it,” said Down Jacket, “I can see it! Look at her lips spreading!”

L’s sighs were getting louder, and she was writhing her hips, a sure sign she was on the way. I was getting close too, my balls tightening to the base of my prick. I speeded more, shifting my hands to the top of the seat back. L lifted her own arms to grasp the headrest, raising her breasts high to that classic raindrop shape. I stared at them and thrust harder, making them jiggle with each slap of my hips into hers.

“That’s it, ram it up her, give her a good fucking, fuck her all the way,” cried someone - I was past noticing who - “give it to her, go on, cream her cunt, fill her with spunk!”

With the seat back at that angle, L’s head was behind the door pillar, but she leaned forward to look through the front door window at Bobble Hat’s frantic wanking.

“You do it!” she gasped, “Come on the window!”


“Come on the window. I want to see you come. All of you. Come on!”

Flat Cap came running round to this side, his cock practically pressed to the rear door glass. I was getting faster and faster, the car was bouncing and L’s sighs had become sharp cries.

“Come on,” she panted between them, “Let’s see it, I want to see your spunk!”

“Oh bloody hell!” cried Bobble Hat, “Oh yeeeees!”

I turned my head in time to see a white jet hit the window. L cried out loud as another hit below it, the thick spurts running down to the cill as more fell from the end of his throbbing cock, the head pressed against the glass.

“More! More!” cried L, her hips rising to meet my thrusts. Down Jacket practically pushed Bobble Hat out of the way. With his balls outside his trousers as well, they were bouncing against his hand as he pounded away at his prick. L slumped back and turned to the back door, where Flat Cap was also going at it.

“Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaah!” he started to cry, each shout getting louder.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” called Down Jacket. “Aaaaaaaaw!” With that another stream of spunk arced onto the window swelling the pool that had formed on the cill.

Almost immediately Flat Cap came too. L’s face was only inches from the door when the spurt hit, splattering in a starburst over the glass. I didn’t see any more because L came then, a long shuddering groan and her back arched, her cunt going into spasms that gripped me hard. There was no way I could withstand that, nor had I any desire to. I drove as far up her as I could, holding it there as my own semen exploded into her in great spurts that shook my body and matched her spasms exactly.

“Look at his spunk!” I heard someone say over L’s now diminishing cries.

I opened my eyes and looked down between us. There was, indeed, semen pulsing out between lips and cock, and still I was pumping it up her, I couldn’t remember the last time I had come like that. I glanced through the window, Down Jacket and Bobble Hat were staring down at our still-writhing groins and Flat Cap was still wanking, forcing the last drops from his softening tool.

At last my pulses stopped and we both relaxed, panting heavily. I let go of the seat and sat upright. L turned to the doors, eyes wide at the runnels of spunk down the glass. Bobble hat was zipping up his trousers and pulled out a tissue to wipe the outside of the car.

“Leave it!” shouted L, “Leave it,” she added more softly.

I leaned back a little and my shrinking cock slipped out of her, releasing a flood of semen.

“Fucking hell!” cried Bobble Hat, “Look at that! Look at it running out of her cunt!”

The other two crowded round to see. “Bloody hell! Nice one!” said Flat Cap.

“Fuck me, that’s a hell of a load!” said Down Jacket.

L always said I was a big producer, though I’d taken that as mere flattery, but I could tell that this was exceptional. It had been a while since we last had sex and with such an amazing build up, I would expect a good amount. There was quite a pool forming in the contours of the cushion, probably as much as all three together had left on the windows, and there was still plenty inside her. Thank god for leather seats! I reached down into the driver’s footwell and fished my handkerchief out of my pocket, handing it to L to mop up. But she scooped the thick white fluid into her hand and smeared it across her breasts, trailing loops of it from her nipples to her fingers.

“Fuck-ing hell!” came the cries from outside.

Then came the awkward business of getting back into my seat and dressed again. L only had to wrap her dress round her and do up the buttons.

“That was fucking great,” said Bobble Hat, “see you again.”

“Maybe,” I said and he turned back to his car, the others were already on their way.

I’d like to say that we went home and fucked for hours afterwards, but that was such an intense experience that we were exhausted and though we went to bed immediately we were both asleep in minutes. But we are already thinking about what to do the next time.