Written by Marko

11 Mar 2005

As a growing lad I would take some toilet paper to bed with me to wank in . I wanked most nights at least once . I was about 17 the first time I used a cubicle in a public toilet , I would get a hard on from the smell .I didnt know why but I occasionally wanked in a piece of toilet paper. When I first used a toilet that had a glory hole in the wall I covered it with a piece of paper not realising why it was there, as I sat there playing with myself I noticed the paper was moving and then a finger appeared, I wasnt sure what to do but I stopped wanking and left. As I walked about I kept thinking obout this and somehow found myself back in the toilet , the piece of paper was off the hole , I sat on the toilet fully dressed . After a few minutes curiosity got the better of me , I looked through the hole I could see a hand slowly wanking a fully erect cock , I could hardly believe my eyes, I just didnt know this kind of thing happened. I just kept watching . The chap sat down and then his eye was looking through the hole at me, at first I just sat there, my brain was racing . I stood up and nervously undid my trousers and put my hand in my undies , I could hear his heavy breathing , I sat down and looked back through the hole , he stood up again and I watched as he removed his trousers and shirt , he was standing naked except for his undies with his cock standing straight up , he started to wank vigourously I could see the end of his cock getting shineier as it lubricated. By now I had my cock out of my undies and I was wanking myself , I had to ease off I wanted to make this last. I watched him as he slowly removed his undies over his erect cock , he stood wanking naked and then sat down , his eye was back at the hole. I stood and removed my trousers and shirt and wanked with my cock and balls out the leg of my undies. Then I removed my undies and wanked naked . I was suddenly aware of two knees spread wide apart in the gap between the bottom of the cubicles it took me a couple of seconds to work it out, then a hand appeared making a wanking motion, nervously I was on my knees offering my hand, it was drawn in and for the first time I was holding another mans cock, it felt huge in my shaking hand, I was feeling along the shaft and the lubricated bellend , then my hand was guided to explore his balls which I gently fondled . He slowly pulled away and his hand was in my cubicle , I now spread my legs and offered myself to him ,as his hand closed around my cock I felt a sensation I will never forget , my whole body was trembling , he expertly massaged my balls , I knew I couldnt stop myself cumming I moved his hand to my cock and started to wank myself off with his hand ,I was uncontrolably shooting my spunk through his tight grip , I thought I would never stop a pool of cream was on the floor he was milking me dry, then he was back in the kneeling position ,even though I felt limp I had his cock in my hand wanking him, then I could feel his spunk shooting through his shaft I felt the heat as it covered my wrist and forearm I milked his spunk until his erection faded. For the first time I was wiping another mans spunk from my hand. I can still wank on the memory of this first gay encounter, which is something I have been doing as Ive written it. Once Ive posted I will wank myself off.