Written by Old Perv

17 Mar 2004

Julia considered herself very lucky in one regard, having

a neighbour like Henry Higgins, you see the lovely dark

haired young mum was completely useless at anything in

the remotest bit practical in the home or garden, but that

was not really a problem with the lovely paternal widower

Mr Higgins as a next door neighbour, at 66 the pleasant

natured and kindly old boy almost seemed like the father

figure she had never had (her own father being a drunk and

a general waste of space). Julia had divorced her husband

2 years earlier after 10 years of marriage during which time

they had produced a son was now 9, other than that her

husband had proved himself to be a complete flop and a wimp

in almost all regards.

The pleasant mild mannered retired gent with his white hair

was such a contrast Julia thought, not that she was into

older men as such, but his kindly unaggressive manner and

boundless enthusiasm for life along with his public spiritedness

made him such a contrast to the other men in her life.

At 35 Julia remained an attractive girl with pretty features

and a figure that always drew admiring glances from men and

even the odd wolf whistle it was true to say she did

have a big pair of boobs (which she was quite embarrassed

of) and a very shapely rear that in either a skirt or trousers

looked like a bum mans dream come true.

Mr Higgins was forever at Julia's house fixing something

or another or doing the garden (it's fair to say that the

public spirited oap would have done this for any neighbour

in need no matter how attractive or otherwise, the fact that

Julia was such a delight to behold was just a fortunate


Julia would ask for help always with the offer to pay which

Mr Higgins steadfastly refused to accept stating that he

enjoyed the exercise and fresh air and that it was always

a pleasure to help a damsel in distress.

Sometimes Mr Higgins would take her shopping in his car

as Julia did not drive and on these occasions he would sometimes

joke about 'wonder what all these people think seeing such

a pretty young lady with an old codger like me'?

Julia was always secretly flattered as she replied 'oh i

expect they think i'm your daughter or something'.

The truth was that on these expeditions if one had been

a casual onlooker one could catch Henry Higgins sneaking

an admiring peek at Julia's bottom as she reached down

to an item on the lower shelf and he would feel his penis

stir as he enjoyed the tightly trosered buttocks.

Henry Higgins was a respectable and gentlemanly chap who

certainly meant no harm to the lovely housewife but it was

true to say that he had often whilst alone in bed at night

stroked his large penis whilst thinking of subjecting Julia's

bottom to some 'good old fashioned discipline' he was certainly

experienced in this field and many a young lady had experienced

the exitement of having 'old Henry' taking down their knickers

in the full knowledge that their bottoms would soon be smarting

through his expert use of his leather strap or his cane.

Henry Higgins seemed to have an instinctive insight into

the submissive nature of the female of the species and what

he saw as an inate need for order in their lives.

He was certainly no sadist either, in fact if he thought

that his actions caused distress he would certainly not pursue

them, however he knew by experience through the friendships

he had struck up with a handful of young bored housewives

in the last couple of years that many secretly yearned for

a strong male authority figure to take them to task via

a bottom warming, he knew the naughty thrill they recieved

knowing he had access to their plump behinds and how he

enjoyed belabouring them.

However tonight he mused on the prospect of a contrite Julia

in only her pj's that he'd been lucky enough to see before

one evening when he'd gone to repair a light fitting.

'Hmmm yes the creamy couloured pj's with the little floral

print, the ones that showed that lovely big bum off so enticingly

and her lovely big bosoms too' he thought to himself as

he stroked his big penis. 'Think i'd have her over my knee

first for a bit of a bottom warming i'd start slow and build

up till i got a few yelps and 'stoppits' out of her'

his line of thought continued.

'Of course i'd have to get a look at those big bosoms too

maybe a good old feel up if Julia let me , bet she wears

some nice Knickers too, litts tight ones i've seen 'em

through her tight trousers, goodness gracious it's a wonder

they didn't split wide apart when she bent down in Tescos


Mr Higgins continued his masturbating as a small tear of

precome appeared on his fearsome looking glans.

'Of course i'd need to take my time to prepare her for my

strap or my cane i imagine the poor girl would be a bit nervous

about it at first but i'd soon have her touching toes maybe i'll

have to give it to her a few times on the seat of her trousers

or knickers before i start with baring her bum the same as i

had to with Mrs Rodgers in Mulberry close.'

'Ah Mrs Rodgers'. This buxom 37 y/o blonde seemed to have

a bit of a problem with managing her finances, well it seemed

that way when her card was refused at the till, luckily

'old Henry' was there to spare any blushes as he kindly offered

to pay the £30 shopping bill, he had given Mrs Rodgers his

address and told her to return it when she was able.

The slightly air headed dizzy housewife had indeed returned it

and became a good freind of 'old Henry' as he helped her with

practical advice as to rectifying her finances, of course

our hero helped reinforce his lessons with hand spankings

on Mrs Rodgers glorious rump progressing to eventual very

hard canings on her trousered/knickered/bare buttocks that

she took with good grace always a little fretful hubby would


'I reckon i'd need to put a bit of cooling cream on Julia's

bum too' mused Mr Higgins 'I got some lovely views of that

Mrs Rodgers cunt and arsehole when i did hers she didn't

seem to mind when i accidently on purpose let my finger go

up her bum i wonder if Julia would?'

With that Henry Higgins big old chopper began spurting

great globs of hot spunk into the air and on to his white

haired chest and belly.

Next day as Julia and Mr Higgins shared tea on the patio

he thought of his fantasies of the previous night and

wondered how he could make them come true without ruining

his friendship with her and causing her to distrust him.

But he need not have feared because Julia had those needs

he knew she had, the need for a strong man in her life.

Indeed it was not long before Julia was welcoming his

stern attention to her bottom.

Or indeed his fondling of her 'big bosoms'.

Old Perv