Written by Aj

23 Aug 2003

I am am a male hospital Consultant who has never strayed over the line with my patients but there`s been a couple of times when I nearly cracked. Once I was doing a clinic and my next patient came in - she was a brunette in her early 20`s wearing a nice pair of tight jeans and a casual blouse tucked into the waist showing off her slim, petite figure. Her face was pretty and framed by short slightly curly hair. She sat down opposite me and by my desk and proceeded to tell me that she`d been unhappy recently and had cut herself on her legs. This surprised me as she had never seemed unhappy before - I was concerned as to whether she`d done any harm so asked her how bad the cuts had been. She asked me if I wanted to see for myself I said yes!. She smiled and then stood up in front of me and unbuttoned her jeans pushing them down to her knees. She had lovely smooth legs and small white panties. I leaned closer and became aware of a tightness in my trousers, heart beating I asked her where she`d cut herself - she replied "her thighs". I then put my hand on her soft thighs and ran my hand up and down - I knew there`d be no cuts but I was too horny to care - I told her to push her trousers down and lean over on my desk so her back was to me - she obediently did! I then told her to move her legs apart and started to run my hand up the inside of each thigh as slowly as possible - I leaned close to her bottom and could see her tight panties barely covering her mound from behind - she was angling herself for a good view. At this point I was a heartbeat away from touching her pussy and stroking her cunt and wanting to slip a finger into her pussy hole but I stopped aware of my secretary next door but I wished I hadn`t now!

Any girls wish to re-enact the above further mail me!