Written by john

30 Jan 2004

i never knew what dooging was till one night we went out (the wife and i ).we went to southport its a few miles away from were we live ,so i took the car and never had a drink .she had a few drnks of vodka and started feeling horny .so on the drive back we were passing ainsdale so i said lets drive on the beach for some fun , she was well up 4 it .we drove onto the beach and parked up , it was about 1 in the morning and there were quite a few cars driving up and down . she had my cock out and sucking it a car drove near to us but i was enjoying it to much to bother about it . i told her a car was a few yards away she said so wot and carried on sucking .about 10 minuets later i saw a guy come up in the rear view mirror and told her we were being watched ,as i was fingering her at the time she got wetter . i asked if she would like to move to another spot she said no it was turning her on and boy was it i have never known her sp wet .i pulled her skirt up to her waist and her knickers down to her feet . the guy was getting braver he was near the passenger door now playing with him self i told her and she just sat up and looked then climbed into the back and asked me to fuck her .she did not need to ask twice ! as the guy new we did not mind he came real close to the window and to my surprise she opend the door , and got the guys cock in her hand as i was fucking her then told him to get in the back with us he could not wait his trackies we around his ankles and a right good hard on .she was sucking him good about 2 inches from my face . now my wife as been fucked by other guys when she goes out and comes home with her fanny full of cum and i lick her clean but i have never had it from the tap so to speak .she then said have a suck so i did it was fantastic . she was licking his balls and i sucking his cock he came lots in my mouth then i kissed her deep and she tasted his cum i shot right up her .the guy said thanks and left but when we looked there were another 2 guys watching 1 had about an 8 inche cock she said i ll have to try that so i got in the front she sat in the middle in the back the 2 guys either side were playing with her she was luving it .she was sucking the guy with the 8 incher and the other was licking her out she was luvving it .then they swoped the guy with the bigg cock started fucking her she was moaning and groaning her came right up her then the other guy fucker her he came right up her the to my surprise they both gave me ther cocks to lick clean i was very hard again . was raced home and i licked all there cum from her and we fucked all night we were both sore the next day . she told me about dogging she had seen it on the net and wanted to try it out now we go at least twice a month and i get cock and pussy best of both worlds .thank lynn ur the best . just found her story of the first time she got fucked by another guy and i eat her out that was one of the hornyest night we have had .