Written by Greedy Fun

23 Jan 2017

So there i am bent over licking i lovely wet pussy and a cold wet finger in my hole, in seventh heaven and a cool evening air on my tingling body what more could i want? At this point i feel his finger being removed and his hard cock gently pushing on my hole, i take a breath and turn to say "no rubber no lover" he stops i hear him reaching down in to his jeans which at this point are round his ankles and hear that russeling of the packet and in no time that cock was back pushing on my now o so willing hole.

A nice gassip as it pushed in and a nice smooth rithem began, at this point the hot woman lifedmy head and pushed me up slowly as not to break his rithem, i put my hands on the car roof to hold on and felt my condom being removed and replaced my her mouth. How long i was going to last wasn't going to be long enough.

His hands on my hips and his cock pumping at my hole was fantastic but he pulled out no warning and let go, what was going on then his hands where back and his rock hard cock was being pushed back into my hole my eyes at this point where closed. Then she stopped sucking on my cock, i looked to see he had released me in her mouth so who was banging into me? But to be honest at this point it was way to good to stop and who ever this was knew what he was doing, i stared to come but not like when you a shooting a massive load just nice juicy drops, he keeped pumping my hole until i felt the jerking of him coming up my now very open hole he just walked away not a word said just pulled his rubber off and gone, then bang the driver was back in me this time he was not waiting about and just got going like he was possessed again and i wasn't stopping him. Fuck am coming and that jerking was a sign it was all over.

He pulled his jeans up looked at me and said "you need to fill her now" i didnt need to be asked twice i bent her over the front wing and started to pump her like my life depend on it, it only took a few minutes and i came but keeped going for a few more seconds till she came. With that i pulled my rubber off my joggers up smiled and walked away.