Written by Dorothy

30 Jan 2007

The other week my partner and I decided to have another one of our evenings “out” and went to a well known dogging area with the full intention of picking some bloke up to join us in a little fun.

When we drove around the site we spotted a few guys alone in their cars but none of them approached us so we didn’t know if we were exactly what they were looking for. We decided to drive round one more time to see if any new cars had arrived or if the guys we had already seen were actually interested.

A audi had appeared and parked behind us. The driver got out of his car and then walked slowly over to my window. We decided that he would be the bloke to come and have some fun with us so my partner spoke to him and got him to follow us a quieter spot.

At this new site we walked over to the picnic benches and I was dressed in my best dogging gear – my fella said he actually heard the audi guy say “wow” as I stepped out of the car wearing my high heeled black leather boots, lace topped stockings, a tartan mini skirt and a white vest. My partner started to finger me as soon as we got to one of the picnic tables and the audi guy was soon getting an eyeful and quickly asked if he could join in. Hands and fingers were soon all over my body and I moved from lying down on the table to kneeling up on the bench over the table. In this position my partner knew he could make me cum hard and fast and the audi guy was urging him on saying “can you make her cum? Please make her cum” I turned to him and said “Yes he can” and with that I came all over my partners hand. Positions were then swapped again and the audi guy was fingering my sopping wet pussy whilst I got on with sucking my partners cock. This was all getting too much for the audi guy as I heard his breathing become shallow and I knew he was getting so turned on. I decided to lay back on the table again with the two blokes over me. My partner started to lick out my pussy whilst the audi guy started to wank himself and asked if he could cum over my tits. How could I refuse – he didn’t take long.

My partner was still all over me but the audi guy had finished and said thank you and left us to it. So there I am with another guys cum all over my tits wearing those leather boots, a mini skirt and laced topped stockings crouching down by a picnic bench sucking my fellas cock until he cums deep in my throat.

It had turned into one of those wonderfully fun dogging evenings and we hope there are many more to cum! I might even tell you about them.