Written by Maggie

10 Sep 2004

My first experience of 'dogging' occured after more than 10 years of very happy marriage to my husband, who has been a wonderful lover throughout, although recently our sex life has become a little dull. As far as sex goes we've tried everything, every position, every location, everything that is, except swinging or anything that involved other partners. In fact during our marriage I've been completely


Anyway, after reading an article in a magazine about dogging, and becoming very aroused I might add, I began researching the subject on the net, gathering information about sites near us, found a suitable one, a secluded picnic area off a busy 'A' road in the middle of nowhere.

The following Friday night, by chance really and totally unplanned, I found we were approaching the spot, after he had picked me up from a friends house, I'd had a little wine was feeling a little frisky, my heart was pounding, and I decided this was as good a time as any, however

I had neglected to tell my husband about any of this and was unsure how he would react. So I quickly grabbed his crotch, ran my fingers along his cock and told him to turn in here I needed some cock, he needed no more encouragement and turned into the picnic area.

We arrived at the spot to my dismay it looked empty, he drove down to the bottom of the area and round into a quiet little corner, but then started to reverse out when he saw another car there, until I told him to park next to it, when he told me there was someone in it, I just said

so lets give them something to watch, as we parked alongside I looked in, saw a young guy about 20, he smiled I smiled back and lifted my flimsy top and pulled my bra down flashing my perky 36 D's at him. The young lad looked pleased but hubby was a bit shocked, I quickly turned my attention to my gobsmacked husband, he pushed his seat back, I unzipped him pulled out his semi hard cock and wrapped my mouth around it sucking and licking it to a raging erection, hubby reached across my back, lifted my short skirt, pulled my thong to one side and played with

my pussy. Moments later hubby said hes at your window wanking his cock, I told him to drop the window, are you sure he said, very I replied, I felt another hand stroke my bum, pull at my thong and then trace the length of my slit finding my clit and rubbing. I looked up for hubbys

reaction but he was too busy watching this stranger explore my rear, he looked down at me and said looks like you've got 2 now if you want? expecting me to say NO WAY, I smiled at hubby, turned around with the intention of sucking the young guys cock but as his cock approached my face, he was wanking it toward my open mouth and sprayed a string of

cum across my cheek and in my hair, I took his cum covered cock in my mouth and sucked it back to a full erection, got on the back seat lifted my skirt round my waist and guided his cock to my pussy, hubby opened the other side knelt by my head and fed his cock into my mouth whilst playing with my boobs, the young guy got into position between my legs

and began fucking me, a few minutes of this and I was groaning and bucking like a complete slut, hubby muttered something about a van and 3 more guys, I gasped dont stop carry on......

I looked down saw the young guy being removed by a taller broader guy who grabbed my legs dragged me toward him and went down on me lapping and sucking my pussy like an animal, hubby was replaced by a fatter guy with a mop of straggly hair, he unzipped pulled out a fat hairy semi erect

cock, I tilted my head back and let him fuck my throat with his swelling cock. The taller guy stopped licking my pussy, heard him unzip, felt his huge rough hands grab my legs lift them and spread them wide open, then the heavy head of his cock rubbing up and down my slit, then he slammed his huge hard cock deep inside me his heavy ballsack slapping against my bum as he fucked me I reached down played with his balls while he was deep inside me. I was in an intense sexual high, almost oblivious to the fatter guys quicker more urgent strokes, until with one deep final thrust he was cumming right down the back of my throat which I was forced to swallow or else choke on the stuff, he wiped his flacid cock round my face as he withdrew. Another cock replaced his this time my husbands, then the younger guy took his turn, moments later another cock, which I didnt

recognise was thrust in my mouth, which must have been the third guy in the van, he pulled out and came across my face, neck and over my boobs. All this time the taller guy was still pounding away at my pussy, with each thrust bringing me closer to a major orgasm.

I was on the verge of cumming, the taller guy pulled out of me, grabbed me by the waist and turned me over, pushing my head into the seat and lifted my bum a little, he ran his tongue up and down my exposed slit, rubbed my clit with his fingers, he put his tongue in my ass followed by two fingers

covered in my juice. Then his cock was slid around my gaping slit, then eased against my ass hole, I tensed and pulled away, this guy was huge and my ass was no place for this thing, he tried again this time I relaxed, he grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto his cock which slipped into my stretched ass, within two deep strokes I was gasping to cum, by the third a massive orgasm ripped through my body, my eyes rolled back I bucked and shuddered but grit my teeth to stifle any noise, I didnt want to upset my husband by making it too obvious that another man had just made me cum. It was a wonderful rush I felt as though I were floating all my muscles relaxed as the anal barrage continued for a few more strokes until he grabbed my

shoulders pulled me back as he slammed into me one more time and let out a growl as his cock exploded inside me.

I thought that was it, I was about to flop in the seat when my hips were grabbed again and another cock was slid into my pussy, the familier strokes of my hubby lasted only a few seconds before he blasted his cum in my pussy. He pulled out and was quickly replaced by the fatter guy who

grabbed my hips reached under me and pawed at my boobs pulling and squeezing them as he rubbed his soft cock up and down my wet slit, he finally managed to get hard enough to enter me, his belly crashing into my bum as he fucked me. My head was lifted and the taller guys semi rigid cock

was pressed into my face, I hungrily wrapped my lips round its bulbous head and swallowed its length, as I was being fucked I could feel both their cocks hardening by the second, the fatter guy was soon squirting his second load inside my already cum filled pussy. I could feel the cum running down the back of my legs as he pulled out, another pair of hands grabbed my hips and the younger guy was soon back inside me and fucking my soaking pussy really hard, I knew I was going to cum again I could feel it building up I

reached down between my legs felt his cock slipping inside me, gently carresed his balls and then rubbed the cum oozing from me, into my swollen clit, he sensed my impending orgasm and his strokes became more urgent and

deliberate, I pushed myself back onto his every thrust, his fingers took over from mine and he rubbed my clit whilst he fucked me. I turned my attention to the cock being thrust down my throat almost making me gag, I pulled away a little and concentrated on the head of it with my tongue. It was like being on a non stop express train to orgasm central, I could feel it building up faster and I knew there was no stopping it, I held it off as long as I could until it finally ripped through me making my whole body buckle, the younger guy did well to keep fucking me till Id finished

cumming, he buried his dick one last time before he unloaded his sack in me. As he pulled out I was treated to another mouthful of hot sticky cum which I gulped down as fast as the taller guy squirted, and finally I flopped into a heap on the back seat.

As I lay on the back seat my eyes closed I heard their low whispers, car doors, engines starting and finally we set off home the motion of the car helping me drift off. We got home, both a little embarressed I think, there was a long silence we both looked at each other not knowing what to say. Finally we hugged and kissed and finished off the evening with the best sex we'd had in a long time.

Well the next day my hubby asked me if Id enjoyed it, I think my smile gave me away, great when can we do it again? was his response. As soon as I can walk again, I laughed. The only downside to the evening I found that my top had been ripped, my bra broken and god knows where my thong went, oh and my hair was matted in dried cum, the joys of dogging, it was worth it though.