Written by don and laura

13 Mar 2004

My wife Laura nad i were at our local dogging spot(the sandhills) she was wearing stockings ,bra and a long over coat, i was fully dressed in wig, makeup, bra and faulsies,skirt, stilletos, false nails, and a tight long sleeve lycra top ,i am very passable in the dark. A guy pulled alongside in his car, peered through the window and asked us if we were up for some fun, and if we were to follow him to Harrison park. We arrived at the park and he got into the passenger seat ,laura having climbed into the back seat. He said that we both looked gorgeous. He pulled his pants down and i immediately went down on his cock, sucking and slurping deepthroat on him, he then wound the seat right down so he could get at Lauras pussy while i was gobbling him. I could hear her moans and the slurp of her pussy as he fingered her.I then suggested that he get in the back with her and give a good fucking, unfortunately neither of us had a condom so he began to tit fuck her. It didnt take him long to shoot over her tits and then the pair of them grabbed my head and made me lick all the come off them.He then left and i gave laura the fucking she wanted