Written by 23pete

14 Feb 2005

I had always been a bit sceptical about some of the stories I had read on this site. My apologies to you all.

Last Saturday I had my first dogging experience. I’m a 50 ish Bi male living near a northern mill town. I had been at a lose end most of the day so I had been around some of the local car parks looking to see if any body else was about. I had been to this particular car park twice earlier in the day without meeting anybody. I suspect that the driving bitterly cold rain had something to do with it. Not really the weather for exposing anything to the elements!

On the occasion of my third visit at the latter part of the afternoon, the rain had eventually stopped and a weak sun was going down in the distance. As I approached there was a car parked in the narrow lane that leads to the car park. There appeared to be a couple in the car. Eventually after some debate they moved on to the car park and parked up, there were already a number of other cars ( all with a single male in them) there so I ended parked with another car between my car and the other new arrivals. They just sat there smoking for about 5 minutes. Both were in their twenties, she was quite a looker, slim and dark haired. I was keeping half an eye on them when I noticed the girl, who was in the driving seat turn and appeared to position her self on her knees, her head went down and it was immediately apparent she was giving her partner a bj.

After a minute or two myself, the guy in the next car got out of our cars and walked over, we were joined by another guy who appeared from the woods. The girl opened the door on her side and immediately got back to the job in hand presenting us with a delightful arse clad in a pink thong. She had a very good figure, the other two guys immediately got to work on her with hands and tongues. The girl paused for breath and removed the thong, partner handed one of the guys a condom. By this time I was in on the action, cunt and arse hole were both taking the action. In the course of this a car left the scene, presumably he didn’t approve of the car park being used for this purpose. One other guy was watching from a distance. The guy with the condom had by this time got it on but only seemed to make a half hearted attempt to fuck the wonderful arse. We were back to hands and this continued for some time. Eventually she sat up, put the thong back on and rolled her skirt over her hips. I had to admire her partners staying power. She had given his dick a good seeing to for at least 15 minutes, I would have shot my load in about 2 with her.

They drove off as did another car. The guy from the woods was proving to be a bit of a liability, he continued to prowl around for some time. I got talking to the guy who had remained in his car through out. He was as horny as me and certainly had the best dick on the car park at 6 – 7 inches, I quickly wanked him off.

This being my first time I have to say I was a bit slow in coming forward but on another occasion I would be right in there fucking her like there was no tomorrow. If the young lady sees this perhaps she would like to send me a pm and let me know when she will next be putting in an appearance. I certainly will be first in the queue armed with condoms and lubricant. I want to finish the job I started. Just wait for a slightly warmer day.