Written by Shirl

26 Aug 2003

Time past quickly as we soon moved from our local area up North for Ted's work and we had all the upheaval from the house we had lived in for over 10years and it seemed to take ages to pack up everything in boxes and just prior to moving we kept needing things we had packed.

But the day soon arrived and we moved without too many hitches and spent our first night in our new house in the double sleeping bag which Ted then managed to spill a Chinese Takeaway on. Somehow we managed to complete decorating, have carpets laid and unpack everything and get settled in a surprisingly short time; about 3 weeks I think .

I had no job at this time and soon became bored with shopping, cleaning, organising the garden and moving all the ornaments and furniture around so I resurrected my trusty old vibrator which began to have more frequent daily use in the afternoons.

This time it was me who brought up the suggestion of dogging or something similar but Ted didn't need any encouragement as he was all for it and said that he was about to raise the idea himself.

So Ted planned his schedule from this week so that he would be in the office on Fridays and be home quite sharp so we could go out either Friday or Saturday evenings and so two weeks later we had our first excursion out in the North on a Saturday night.

I arranged a visit to a Beauty parlour on the Friday afternoon and suffered with an all over body waxing, finished off with a pedicure then on Saturday dressed in a tight blouse and skirt, stockings, fairly high heels and wore minimal make-up.

We decided to go to the easiest place to find and although it took nearly an hour to get there we found it easy enough and there was a nice friendly pub handy to have a couple of drinks in to get in the mood.

We stayed in the pub for an hour until 10.30pm and then made our way to the car park in the country we had earlier spotted only to find there was a large gate closed across the entrance with a notice fixed to it saying it closed everyday at 6.30pm. As usual it was my fault for not looking at the open gate when we drove in the car park in the daytime last weekend and Ted was concentrating on his driving. LOL

So we decided to drive back a different way to get to know the area. We had only gone about half a mile down this lane that ran alongside the car park and adjoining a wood when we saw a long lay-by on the opposite side of the road which was full of cars, about 10 in total, and as we approached it a car drove away so Ted immediately took his place in the lay-by.

Ted got out of the car and discreetly wandered along the line of cars and soon came back saying they were all empty, so he said he would wander into the woods to have a look round and have a pee if nothing else as he was bursting.

I locked myself in the car and waited, keeping low down.

After about 15mins Ted returned and joined me in the car. He said there was some action going on further into the woods with a woman who had about 6 or 7 blokes around her.

I asked what she was like and he said she looked in her 30’s, partly dressed, quite nice looking with blond hair, nice rounded tits and had a light blue summer dress on with the front undone wide open and looked to have no underwear on.

I asked what was happening and he said he didn’t go too close up but she appeared to be on her knees wanking and sucking and had a bloke kneeling right up behind her but she seemed to be enjoying it so I thought well; perhaps the night will not be wasted for me then .

I was really feeling very horny, what with all the bother of the Sale and Purchase of a house then moving etc and it had been a while now since we had been out at night so we discussed it for a couple of minutes then agreed we would go ahead into the wood and see what transpires.

I decided to keep my blouse and skirt on but did remove my bra and panties while in the car and leave them there. As it was a warm night I didn't bother to put my coat on as we walked together to where Ted had been before.

Ted suggested we make our way past the woman and find a nice place to stop about 20-30metres from her and he had me undo a couple of buttons at the front of my blouse to show some breast. Ted's new torch was very good it gave a wide view but a subdued light, not glaring, he did tell me what it was but I forget now.

We were there in minutes and walked nearby the other woman and the men as Ted smiled at them and slipped his hand inside my blouse for them to see him squeezing my breast. I could see the torchlight and the guys around the woman but no sign of anyone else there. The ground was dry and grassy so we sat down in a small clearing; leaving the torch on by the side of us and Ted now undid another four buttons of my blouse to show most of my large breasts as he kissed me and fondled them and we both were soon quite hot and excited. Within a minute or two a guy appeared and chatted to us and soon was touching and feeling my breasts through my blouse as I released his cock from his trousers and was enjoying wanking him and Ted together slowly with each hand as they squeezed my breasts.

Another guy appeared straight away and after chatting for a minute and touching my breasts, eased his hand slowly up my leg, stroking the inside of my thigh which excited me and then up between my legs which I opened wide so he was quickly holding my pussy with one hand and playing with his cock with the other. He asked if I would mind if he removed my skirt so he could see what he was holding, I agreed so all action stopped while I quickly slipped my skirt off myself and decided to take the opportunity to remove my blouse as well. He liked me in just my stockings, suspenders and heels etc and asked if he could take pictures but I said No Pictures so he said ok and concentrated on carrying on as before as I sucked Ted and the other man in turn while they played with my breasts and nipples.

The last guy soon was getting very horny and kept stopping himself cumming as he fingered me and I was too, already having an orgasm from his attention so far. I could see he had a nice sized cock as he wanked himself so I invited him to fuck me if he had protection handy, which he did, so I lay back and continued playing with Ted and the other guys cocks as he entered my now wet pussy and was soon thrusting hard and fast which I enjoyed very much. I was really in the mood as a couple more guys arrived and with permission touched me and took it in turn fucking me after the other guy had cum as I wanked others.

Before long I had around 6 or 7 guys around me, including Ted, either watching, wanking or just touching and a couple of them fucking me.

It was a good time for a first experience in the North of England and we were having fun non stop for a couple of hours.

At the end I had cum on my tits, tummy and some on my face but I didn’t mind at all as I had had a few good orgasms and cum a lot myself.

I suppose, apart from Ted, 3 other guys had fucked me, 2 of them twice in the couple of hours we were there. There was no anal sex but that didn’t matter as it was good fun.

We all then chatted and a couple of the guys smoked as they told us about other sites in the area, good ones and the ones to avoid. We had just exchanged mobile phone numbers when one of the guys shouted he could see his car was being stolen so he rushed off to the lay-by with a couple of others, including Ted, to make sure the others were ok.

There were now about 4 or maybe 5 guys left with me as we chatted in the dark now as the others had taken the only torches in their haste.

It was so dark and quiet now they soon all gradually moved in and up very close up to me as I laid on my side with them chatting, now they were now much more confident, cuddling, squeezing and sucking my breasts and nipples, touching me all over at will and telling me how much they preferred buxom mature women with large full rounded tits and how lovely I was and they could see I enjoyed the attention as well. I said I was quite excited with them all so close and enjoyed a nice cuddle, being touched and appreciated, which encouraged them as they all agreed we should now have more action as we had all rested and one of them said to me that I will receive a lot more attention now.

I did still feel horny, after the abstinence due to moving home and one of them immediately moved in close up to me on his side facing me, pulling me close up against him as he opened my legs and entered my pussy, pulling me in to him by the buttocks and then turning over on to his back with me on top of him and pulling me down on to his chest as another was then behind me and slipping his cock slowly but easily into my anus as another at my head guided my mouth on to his cock in the dark.

There was no chatting now as I was now being carried away with the mood of the moment as they were all so horny again but also now so close up together in the dark and as I was fucking the man under me, moving backwards and forwards on his cock, being fucked from behind as well, they took it in turns in touching, sucking and fucking me as I sucked others and sometimes swallowed.

I think a couple of others joined us as partners changed over as time progressed but I was so busy having fun and enjoying it being so close up to the men that I couldn't really be sure. There was just lots of bodily contact and I must confess I did enjoy it although I knew cum had filled me so certainly a rubber was not used every time, if at all, but it was the surprise that added to the sexual tension and not knowing or seeing who or what would happen next as they acted as a group as well as individually that excited me.

They had me move around the clearing and change position a few times and playfully spanked my bum lightly a few times as well, which I did not mind at all. As their confidence grew so did their ardour and I certainly was well attended to in the dark.

Another hour soon had passed when I became concerned about Ted but one of the guys said all the cars that were left were ok and some other guys have arrived; it was just a married bloke having to get home at a reasonable hour. Ted had gone over to the other woman with a couple of the others and was enjoying himself with her.

When we had finished and were all lying close together we agreed to make our way over to the other woman, my blouse and skirt had disappeared, I suppose they were taken as Trophies by someone but I didn’t mind at the time and the guys certainly didn’t!!

She was naked now, quite attractive I thought, long blond hair tied back, with a nice well rounded body, slimmer than mine though, and still enjoying having fun with a small group of 3 or 4 guys around her as well, including Ted, and as I watched them for a few minutes I could see Ted was enjoying fucking her so I spontaneously joined in with a couple of guys from her admirers and left her with Ted fucking her and maybe another man while the others watched.

Before we knew it was gone 2.30am so we had been there 4hrs, much longer than any time I had spent in the woods before but strangely I wasn't tired. The other woman introduced herself as Marie to me and she said she comes there about once or twice a month and stays most of the night as she is a Nurse and used to being up all night. We chatted as if we had known each other for years but not surprisingly as we had a lot in common and both enjoyed the group sex here.

The guys asked us both if we would have sex together for them but I said I wasn't bi or interested in that but Marie said she was and wouldn't mind at all as she loved mature buxom women with large breasts. Well the guys, including Ted, and Marie kept on at me and before I knew it I was on my back with legs wide open as Marie's tongue was lapping my clit as I sucked a cock and she was very good as I soon had another orgasm but she continued sucking for a while. The few guys that were left at this time of night were overjoyed at us working together and as soon as Marie stopped sucking we both were side by side on our backs with cocks inside us as we sucked others.

After much encouragement I later sucked and used my tongue on Marie, I thought what the hell! Why not!! and she soon helped me use it to best effect for her pleasure and Ted was the first to take me from behind at the same time as I was bent down, head between her legs, sucking her.

We finally finished about 3.15am and Marie invited Ted and I back to her house as she lived only a few minutes away and I could shower before the journey home.

Everyone departed and we took advantage of Marie's kind offer and went to her bungalow where we both douched ourselves well and then she and I bathed together discussing the night’s events while Ted slumped in the chair, asleep.

Marie surprisingly was so alike to me with regard to this type of sex outside at night and I did not hesitate in agreeing with us going out together to different locations she knew. She said she usually used three or four good safe sites within a 40 mile radius of here and visited each of them around every three months which sounded good to me.

I liked the idea of a variety of men which was also her rational in doing it that way.

We ended up sleeping in her bed with her cuddling me tight all night and we both were up, showered and having some toast before Ted stirred in the chair. Thankfully she found some larger size clothes in her wardrobes for me to wear, not very stylish but better than returning home in just stockings, suspender belt and high heels!!

When Ted had cleaned himself up we thanked Marie for her hospitality and invited her over to our house for some fun and games with just the three of us the following weekend, which she was pleased to accept, which pleased Ted no end

Well, it certainly wasn't a wasted night in the end and one which we will repeat soon.