Written by Chris the inseminator.

13 Aug 2009

My wife Ann, 28, 36d, smooth shaven pussy, good figure and I, Chris have been married for 10 years. We have two young kids of 5 and 3. Sue has always gone on about my super fertile sperm, as we were not trying for our first kid but had a drunken night together one Christmas when caution went out of the window. Last year we met up with a couple of Sue's old school girlfriend's, Sharon and Pat. They were both the same age as Sue and were very attractive. Sue and I were left the bar while they both went to power their noses. It was then Sue told me that they were gay and were an item and now living in Australia. They both had good jobs in the IT business there. We all eventually ended up at our place, all quite merry. Fortunately we had got Sue's mum to have the kids overnight. We carried on drinking and Sharon remarked that he rand Pat wanted a child, but good not find the right man to provide the necessary bit. Sue then told them that I had plenty of good sperm in me and had not yet had the snip. She told them she would wank me and give them the sperm in a jar to use to impregnate who ever wanted to try for a baby.

Sue told me to strip, as she took her clothes off. I took my clothes off and had a semi hard on. Sharon and Pat then stripped and Sharon said, "Sue, rather than us try to put his sperm in with a syringe, Chris can put his sperm in us straight away. I looked over and saw three gorgeous naked females, two who had no real interest in men, but looked hot. Sue told me to lay on the floor and proceeded to give me a blow job. Sharon sat over me and lower her pussy down on my mouth. I could not resist and licked away at smooth pussy, finding her clit. Pat got down with Sue and licked my balls. I told them I was near to coming, Sharon then straddled me and I pumped away up and down in her pussy. I came up her. She sat on me for a couple of minutes. She then got off me. The three then went into the kitchen. After a couple of minutes Sue came out and told me that Sharon and Pat wanted to stay the night.

We all went up to bed, Sue and I in our bedroom, Sharon and Pat in the guest bedroom. In the morning Sue woke me, I had an early morning erection. She took me into the guest bedroom. She woke the two girls up. Sharon got on all fours and Sue told me to fuck her again to make sure she had plenty of spunk in her. I entered her tight pussy and fucked away. I was fucking her for a good ten minutes and did not feel if I was going to come. I told Sue. Sue then went over to Pat and proceeded to snog her. Their hands were exploring each others bodies. Pat then produced a strap on dildo and put it on. Sue got on all fours next to Sharon. Pat then eased the dildo into Sue's pussy and fucked her. Sue was moaning away. I came that instant up Sharon's pussy.

Over the next week, Sharon and Pat came round and I duly did my duty of fucking Sharon on seven more occasions. One time Pat put the strap on dildo on and fucked my arse, making me have a real intense orgasm.They returned to Australia and 4 weeks later they rang to say that Sharon was pregnant. I asked Sue about the incident with Pat and the dildo. She told me at school she swung both ways and had not only been taken by both Sharon and Pat in a threesome, but by two male friends the next day. She then decided that cock was for her and before she met me had about 5 men fuck her.

We are planning to visit Sharon and Pat soon. I'm hoping they want to they for another.