Written by sarah123

1 Feb 2007

This is true it happened yesterday,I have a bedsit in town that hubby does"nt know about and i entertain guys for sex there,well as in my last story i have taken to wearing micro skirts and tops boots and hold ups and i love flashing as i walk around town,I had been flashing to some guys on a building site when one lad asked me to go in the site hut with him,he looked quite hunky so i thought why not!As soon as i was in there i went down on my knees and got his cock out and was sucking like fuck when i felt another pair of hands on me,i looked over my shoulder and three more builders had come in i carried on sucking cock while he stood me up bent over and slid my thong to one side he pushed his cock straight in me bareback i was in heaven he did not last long and shot a load into me soon to be replaced by another hard cock,the lad i was sucking fired his load into my mouth and i swollowed it down by now ther were nine builders in the hut,and one said look at the slut she is a spunk loving whore! i said yes thats right i am a whore,with that a mug was passed around and they all put a fiver in,that was my tip!I was laid out over the table and stripped i was fucked one after the other with even the foreman having a go,I was full of cum and stayed with the builders for three hours being totally fucked by them all,none used a condom which made me feel even more of a slag.Walking back to my rented room to clean up it felt great to feel cum filling my thong and dribbling down my thigh,I was hyper for sex and wanted another go,so i smiled at this old guy doing his shopping and walked around to the back of this shop behind the rubbish bins he was behing me so i bent down got his cok out without saying a word got him hard then bent over pulled ny thong to the side and he went up me,he said fuck your wet i told him i had gangbanged a building site and he shot his load there and then,pulled his trousers up and walked off.I got back to the bedsit and cleaned myself up before going home to hubby,I had another shower and hubby asked me how i had got on at the office!!!!!! Then last night he wanted to fuck me so he did and made a comment on how slack my cunt felt!I said i just felt the need for his cock and got wet,If only he knew i had been whoring in town.