Written by Fred

11 Sep 2006

My Belgian beauty and I were talking about our sexual adventures and I thought I had the top story UNTIL she told me she had been to a great live sex show in Amsterday several years ago with 5 of her co workers (all males)

When the show got really hot one of the guys asked B if she wanted to step outside and live some of what they had seen. Without missing a beat she said let's go!! Once outside her friend hugged her from behind and put both hands around her 38B breasts. All the while B reached back and took his hard dick in her hands and found him already hard and ready for some action.

He turned B around and asked her to bend over the hood of her car while he slid his hand between her legs he found a very wet and hot cunt that was really turned on by the life show inside.

B told me that her friend entered her and after only about 5 minutes he unloaded a hot load of cum deep inside her wet cunt. B said she was able to shoot only 2 times and wanted more.

Her friend headed back inside and told B to wait at the car for a few minutes to give him time to get back in the show. Much to B's surprise a second mate came out and asked B if she were ok. OF course she was and put her hand on her friends dick and it too was really hard and for sure wanted to share what his friend had told him he got outside.

Well B was really into a good night's fuck as she took his dick out and knelt down and took his 7 inch dick in her mouth. Without missing a beat he asked B if she didn't want a good hard fuck. With that invitation she bent over the hood of the car and asked him to give her a hard fuck and unload his cum deep inside her. After another 4 or 5 minutes her cunt was once again full of hot cum which by now was running down her legs. B did manage to get off 3 great shots of cum herself before her friend pulled out.

B got in the car to put her panties on and wipe some of the cum off her legs only to hear another of her friends outside the window asking if he could get in the back seat with her. B was really hot now and it was only a few minutes before she had her 3 dick deep inside her wet cunt fucking like a couple of teen agers. Now B told me this guy was a really great fuck and was inside for over 30 minutes with an 9 inch dick bringing B to match him shot for shot until they both were worn out.

By this time B had to get her handy wipes out and wipe the cum off both her cunt and seat.

YEP you guessed it, B told me before she could get things together the next guy had arrived at the car and asked not to be left out. Well for sure B was ready to take on all comers in her party and while his dick was short it was indeed much thicker than all the others.

After a 10 minute fuck he shot his load deep inside B;'s cunt and was quick to ask her not to move as Ron was waiting inside and wanted his turn. B just told him to send Ron out for his turn.

AND yes Ron got his fuck outside the car and was a really hard fuck bouncing his balls against B;s ass in a hot rush to shoot his cum deep inside her wet cunt.

SO long story short, don't ask about other lovers unless you want the hard truth. BUT then that is a great turn on for both of you!!!