Written by Jack

19 Nov 2004

Some years ago I had a good friend who worked for the same company, we were both 'on the road' and one Sunday morning there was something we needed to discuss, so I went round to his place. This wasn't far away and I was soon knocking on their door, Dorothy opened it with a smile and invited me in. I saw immediately that she was wearing an open-work top and had no bra on, in fact one nipple was peeking through the woven pattern. She smiled again as she noticed where I was looking but we walked into their living room and her husband, Roger, and I started our discussion while Dorothy went to make coffee. It took about half an hour and after we'd finished our coffee, Dorothy came to the door with me. As soon as we were out of earshot she murmured, "There's a lot more you could see if you wanted to call round when Roger's not here!"

I was startled but said "Okay." and then left.

I was actually Roger's superior and as such knew his itinerary every day. So one morning the following week I phoned Dorothy and asked if she was going to be in. "I'll always be in for you!" she replied.

Now, I also knew that Roger and Dorothy's marriage was in trouble and, in confidence, Roger had told me that he was going to sue for divorce. This being the case I had to be ecxtremely careful, I didn't know the grounds for their divorce but it's a fair bet that the injured party does it because of infidelity. So, when I drove over to their pretty isolated cottage, I took care to scout the area in case she was being watched. As far as I could see she wasn't, so I drove up and knocked the door.

Dorothy was a big woman, she dwarfed Roger, who was quite small, but all the same she had a fantastic figure. I'd just seen her the previous week-end wearing no bra and it was obvious that she had a fine, big, pair of breasts. As soon as she had closed the door she grabbed me and kissed me passionately, I responded. "That's what I want," she panted, "a man who knows what I've got it for!" She led me into their spare bedroom and straightaway began to strip. I was right about the breasts, they were lovely with nipples the size of a kid's dummy. The rest of her, as she finally stood nude in front of me, was everything a man could want, nice legs, a great fat mound with dark curly pubic hair, which did not fully obscure the large, long lipped cunt, 'Christ!' I thought, 'I'm going to have a good time here. I stripped, my cock springing up nearly vertical as it was released. "Nice!" she breathed, "What a lovely cock! I bet Eileen (my wife) has a lot of satisfaction from that!"

I laughed, "So will you, Dorothy, I take it all this is about you getting fucked?"

"Of course it is!" came the reply, she opened her legs and spread the lips of her cunt with her fingers, "There don't you want to fuck that?"

I did, we got on the bed and started kissing, she was good at that and loved it when I went down to her breasts to kiss them and suck those big nipples. She sighed at first then started moaning, "That goes straight to my cunt, love." I went down further and kissed the insides of her thighs, the creases of her groin and the soft pad of her mound. She put her hand on my head and pushed it down so that my face was buried in the soft folds of her cunt. I kissed, licked and sucked at the delicate wet flesh and she thrashed about as she came. So I moved over her and rubbed the knob of my cock against the hard little projection of her clit. This time she screamed, "Ooh! Don't! I can't stand it!"

I didn't stop but gave her clit a good rubbing before taking my cock in hand and presenting it to the slippery hole. It slid up her as if there was nothing there, she was so incredibly wet. But, as she came again, her cunt tightened on me and I began fucking with hard, long, strokes. She bucked and pulled me in with her hands on my bum each time I thrust up her, crying out each time her clit got rubbed. She raked her fingers down my back as she came again, "Don't do that you silly bitch!" I snarled, pushing her arms aside, "What d'you think will happen if Eileen sees scratches down my back?"

"Sorry Jack, just a reaction, I wasn't thinking."

I fucked her hard and fast, the bed shuddering every time our bodies clashed. Then I came, I shot a load of hot spunk right up her cunt, she liked that, "Ooh, do you always fuck like that?" she said as she wrapped her legs round me to stop me slipping out, "What a lot of spunk too!"

I flopped on her, gasping for breath, "You like a good fucking then." It was statement, not a question.

"You bet, that's the trouble between Roger and me, he can't fuck to save his life, he's bloody useless!" she paused, "Are you going to be able to fuck again?"

"If that's what you want, I allowed myself plenty of time."

"Good, I love being fucked when I have a cunt full of spunk!"

I lay on her while I recovered, she didn't seem to mind. "I would guess that you've played away before then, Dorothy?" I said.

"Course I have, I'm sure Roger guesses, even if he doesn't know. Last time I was out with some friends, all married, all looking for cock. About a month ago it was, got propositioned by this bloke, in his forties I would think. Wasn't all that good at it, but he had a massive cock, the biggest I've ever seen. When he'd managed to get it in me, My cunt was just a ring round it! Rubbed my clit all the time, he may not have been much of a fuck but I loved the way my clit got rubbed!"

"You seem to come easily."

"I do, as soon as that old feeling starts, I'm gone! All I can think of is what my cunt looks like with a lovely cock sliding in and out of it, it's been the same ever since the first time when I was fourteen. Schoolmaster fucked me, loved it so I didn't tell, bet he was relieved!"

I laughed and eased out of her, "I'll give you a real treat," I told her, "I bet no-one's ever done this to you!"

I spread her legs wide,went down on her and started slurping her cunt, she was full of spunk and love-juice. She started by yelling out and trying to push my head away but then changed and pulled it in to the sloppy mess as she shuddered with a huge orgasm. I filled my mouth, lifted up to kiss her and empty my mouth into hers. She had hardly stopped coming the whole time and then I entered her again ...... I simply sank into her and was engulfed as she wrapped me in her arms and legs, her great breasts almost stifling me.

She loved me just lying soaking in her with a rock hard cock, I could feel the little ripples of feeling in the walls of her vagina. In the end of course I had to start fucking again. This time it really lasted a very long time because she was so sloppy wet that I didn't get the same feeling. She evidently loved it because she couldn't stop coming, in the end it was her movement that brought me off for the second time, she thrashed around moaning again.

This time she didn't try to keep me in and after a while she lay quiet, "Had enough?" I enquired.

"God, yes, never been fucked like that in my life, or the other.... making me drink your spunk I mean."

"Why? Didn't you like it? Most women do, even Eileen."

"She doesn't!" Dorothy said incredulously.

"Oh yes she does, she's very sexy, Eileen. But this is my problem, I get all the sex I need with Eileen, but I crave different cunts."

"Oh! What did you think of mine?"

"Well fucked, but a good fuck, gorgeous sexy woman you are, Dorothy!" I certainly said the right thing for she hugged me, then told me that I was the best she'd had and would be pleased to be fucked by me any time I felt like it.

I must admit I made the most of it for a while until Roger got his divorce and she promptly disappeared. Great fuck though!