Written by Paul

15 Mar 2004

We were having some double glazing installed when to my surprise my old best mate from school was the installer.

I could tell immediatly that my wife fancied Terry as she just giggled all the time.

As the week progressed I could see that Terry fancied Sandra (who is a very attractive size 10 40 year old with 36b tits).

Terry and I went out for a pint and he told me that he had split up from his wife and was gagging for a leg over. I asked him if he would like to shag Sandra as Ihad always wanted to watch her being fucked by another man.

Terry agreed to shag her the next day.

I went home and told Sandra that Terry was going to fuck her in the morning and I was going to video it. She was shocked as although we had discussed it she never really thought it would happen.

When Terry arrived the next morning he was very nervous until I explained that Sandra was up for it.

I told him to go into the front room where she was waiting for him in her sexiest undies.

He walked straight up to her and they kissed and he squeezed her tits. Sandra dropped to her knees after a few minutes and got out Terrys cock and put her lips around it. I was so exited I had forgotten to start the Video.

She sucked his cock like I have never seen her suck my cock before and I could she she was so exited.

I told Terry to suck her cunt as this is normally her favourite and he oblidged, she was soaking as he pulled down her panties.

Terry eat her for a few minutes until her back arched and Sandra let out a scream of delight.

She got up and told Terry to fuck her, Terry stood up and pushed his cock into her and began to really give it to her. He started to rub her arse hole with his finger to which my wife flinched, she had never let me near her arse before, Terry pulled out his cock from her cunt and very slowly inserted into her arse. I have never seen my wife so excited.

Terry pumped away for a couple of minutes and then exploded his load up her arse.

I was so horny that I then stuck my cock in Sandra and fucked her for up the cunt, Terry composed himself and within a few minutes was once again up her arse.

This continued for weeks afterwards and my wife has gone from a "same position, in the bedroom" type of woman to a lets fuck anywhere and is very interested in starting swinging.

Terry has now got married so it was great while it lasted