Written by Mark

17 Dec 2004

A while back I got a new girlfriend, Rachel. She was about 18 nearly 19 and I was the only the second boyfriend she had. Rachel had had sex before but not much but that wasn’t where she was the most in-experienced. Rachel had never sucked a cock before and was woefully useless at it. This did upset her a bit and I did try to help her but in the end I said to her that she should ask one of her friends about it.

I knew where she worked as I use to work there before going to university so we were both pretty well known. It was there that I was at the bar and I started talking to one of Rachel’s friends, Kate. The talk was mainly about Rachel and how things were going “in the bedroom”. I didn’t know whether Rachel had asked Kate for help so I tried not to give too much away. Kate then mentioned that Rachel had asked her for help with oral sex and she wasn’t much for giving advice but it would be better to show her. It took a while to sink in and I thought I had mis-understood what she was saying. Playing dumb just to make sure I asked Kate what she had in mind. Kate said that if it were all right with Rachel and me she would like to demonstrate how to do oral on me and kind of teach her. My jaw dropped. Kate was fit and she was offering to suck my cock in front of my girlfriend in an effort to “teach” her!

Sorting my head out I said that she could try and mention it to Rachel but I asked her not to mention the little conversation we had just had. If Kate suggested it to Rachel and mentioned that she had already talked to me then Rachel might think that I was ok with the suggestion. I hadn’t been going out with Rachel long and I wasn’t sure how she would react. Kate said she wouldn’t and we went back to our table were our mate’s were.

It was about 2 weeks after and when another disappointing blowjob was given Rachel was really upset once again that she wasn’t doing it right. I asked her about her friends and Rachel said she had asked them but most couldn’t give any practical advice or something like that. She then reluctantly said that Kate had mentioned the only way to show someone how to do oral was to demonstrate it and then teach her. I didn’t say anything, as it was a minefield. Rachel looked at me and asked me what I thought about it. I wanted to jump up and down with joy but I said that if she was honestly ok with it then it might be a good idea. I said that she should think about it and left it at that.

The weekend after Rachel was coming to my house and she mentioned that Kate was coming with her. Cutting a long story short it was crunch time and I was about to get sucked by 2 women at once!

We all stripped off and I was rock hard at the sight of Kate and Rachel both naked, if only I was getting more than a blow job! I sat down on the edge of my bed and both of them got on their knees and moved closer. Kate took my cock in her hand and slowly but firmly licked the tip a few times then moved to licking the underside of my helmet then she licked all the way from my balls to the end. Kate then told Rachel to do the same and she did. She wasn’t as good but it was a marked improvement on what she had been doing. After a while Kate took my cock in her hand Rachel moved a side.

Kate then took my whole cock in her mouth and started to suck bobbing her head up and down. She used her tongue to massage my cock while it was in her mouth and sucked hard making her mouth really tight. One of her hands was wrapped around my cock, which she used to wank me off while sucking. It was a great blow and Kate’s next boyfriend is going to be a lucky bastard! Kate slid off my cock and told Rachel what she was doing while sucking my cock. Kate then told Rachel to have a go.

Rachel took my cock in her mouth but not as deeply as Kate had. Rachel was pretty jerky at first but with mine and Kate’s help she was getting better. I told her that while she smiled, pretty happy with the fact that she was sucking my cock like a pro!

While Rachel was sucking me off Kate joined in and was licking my shaft and balls while Rachel sucked my helmet. It was a new experience on me and I liked it a lot. Rachel and Kate both took it in turns to lick and suck my cock & balls. I was close to cumming and told the pair of them. They were cheek to cheek with their mouths open and wanking me off. They both giggled to themselves then I shot my load. First went straight over Kate’s face and the second went into her mouth. Rachel grabbed my cock and rested the end on her tongue while tightly wanking me off; I unloaded what was left into her mouth. Rachel let go of my cock, which Kate took into her mouth, sucking me dry.

I can only hope for more experiences like that!