Written by Andy

7 Jun 2006

I had posted an ad on SH for a while as a Black man looking for some fun with creamy white pussy to have fun with. I got a few winks and a few no shows too (probably the girls chickening out). Out of the blue I got this short reply when I was about to log off on the wednesday night, it said “f 27 size 12…brunette..in dover,,hubby wants to watch….cum an show him how to fuck me dd/mm/06…eve….then cum up me and leave….dont do timewasters….if gen interested…send pic asap…and be available to get to us asap tomorrow eve xxx”.

I checked it out, no profile, no pics and thought ‘mmm timewaster’. Even though I replied and said I was interested (ever polite me). Typing away at work the next day though, I got a text saying it was Laura (Not real name) and hope you are still coming tonight… I replied “Yes, if you’re certain” and she told me where to come as I had asked for the address.

I drove to the given address and pressed the door bell to be greeted by a medium built white guy named Mike (not real…) he was quite pleasant. I came in and saw this gorgeous brunette about 12 and 5’6” but unbelievably curvy in a white bath robe I smiled and said hi to which she replied How are you, Andy, as if we were old friends… I immediately relaxed and sensed everything was ok. We made small talk with Laura gently opening her legs allowing me to see her sheer panties which showed her puffed up clit. I got up and held her hand, pulling her up close to me and kissed her while pressing her soft wobbly ass through her robe. I never wear underwear even though this causes problems sometimes.

In pressing her to me and holding her, she later told me she had an orgasm just in that position. This I believed as I saw later the stream of juice down both her inner thighs. She whispered lets go upstairs Andy. We were completely oblivious of Mike at this stage as I let her walk up the stairs ahead of me I could see her micro bikini with just a triangle covering her slit, no wonder it couldn’t hold her juices in. As she mounted the last stair upstairs I reached up and lifted her by her waist and she responded by kissing me and pointing the bedroom out. I put her down on the very large bed with ceiling mirrors and instead of letting her go, I kept hold of her leg and licked all the way to her swollen pussy noting the streamline her juices had made, she was shivering as I licked the triangle of her micro bikini. I teased her with this for a while then teased it away from her hole with my tongue. It was slimy with delicious creamy cum and completely soaked. She came again as I licked along the line from her asshole to her clit, the was actually juicing right then. It was then I noticed Mike had got his digicam and was panting furiously while filming but at a distance away.

By now she was moaning so loud and when I got undressed and shoved my big black cock in her face asking her to suck it, she grabbed it greedily with both hands and lick the head like a strawberry then it slowly entered her warm moist mouth she sucked very well and she wouldn’t let go even when I was close to cumming I attempted to pull out but she shoved my ass in her face and my cock felt the back of her throat as my cock throbbed and pulsed dumping loads of cum in her mouth, some of it dribbled down her chin and she used my cock to lap it up and licked that too.

I then lifted her into a doggy position preparing to enter her, but the sight of that pussy…. Damn, had to have a taste, this sent her into a spasmic session again and then I decided she had had enough punishment and I slowly entered her tight but soaked pussy. She quivered as I fed my thick black cock into her, I fucked her steady for about 25 minutes during which I lost count of her stiffening as she came again and again… We changed position and I put her on top so she could look into her husband’s face as she rode slowly on my cock, really enjoying herself. She rode faster and faster and I just watched her ass as it rose and fell on my shaft… delicious.

She brought out her butt plug and lubbed it up and then inserted in into her asshole then she slipped off my cock and slowly inserted my cock in her ass and rode me till she was loose. The tightness was unbelievable with the heat and moistness of her puckered asshole. She beckoned to her hubby and we double penetrated her, fucking her in turns till she had juices running out of both holes and dripping down her chin… unforgettable night…. I hope there are more ladies like this, if so then search my name and lets take the fun further ….