Written by Cockslut

17 Jul 2005

Friday just gone I went for a nice walk down by the riverbank and as it was still hot I stripped down to my boxers and lay by the side of the river and was enjoying the sun of my body and I suddenly noticed the sun was blocked by someone standing over me.He was around 20/21(I am 42)long hair in scruffy shorts and t-shirt and he introduced himself as Zac and asked if I wanted company and he kept looking at my lower regions and placed his hand on the front of my boxers and beagn to rub it slowly at first then faster.I told him we could find a more secluded are further down in the deeper grass and he nodded and followed me and my cock was now rock hard and in need of attention.I lay down and he kissed me on the lips and his tongue fucked my mouth as one of his hands slipped inside my boxers and found my biglging erection and he then removed his tongue and licked me down my tummy and then he got to work on my throbbingcock and his head was bobbing up and down and he was moaning and slurping and spitting on my cock as he took it all in I opened my legs wider to give him easier access and I managed to get his shorts down and was soon yanking his foreskin backwards and forwards and then we slipped into a 69 as his cock rammed into my mouth I played with his sweaty balls and was loving the feel of this young man half my age sucking me hard and I shot my hot sticky spunk down his throat and he swallowed it all squeezing my balls so it all came out.He removed his cock and got me on all fours parted my arse cheeks and beagn to spit in my arse and then slipped two fingers in and I felt my arse spread as his cock rubbed up and down the entrance and I just told him to fuck me like a dirty slut and I soon pushed back and when I felt him all the way in I nearly fainted and he told me he was going to flood my arse with his cum and I told him to fill me and he did just that and it felt like gallons of white goo erupted inside me.When he removed his prick there was a loud plop and I lay there with his spunk running down my legs and I scooped some up and ate it and he tasted so good I had him lick my fingers.He began to get up and we swapped numbers and I am going round his tonight to meet a black friend of his who has an 11incher and knows how to fuck cocksluts like me,I can't wait to have my first blackcock up my arse and in my mouth.