Written by Angie

24 Feb 2004

I sometimes think back to when I was 18. I had just left school, and was on a gap year. I had gone to stay with Uncle Ralph and Aunt Trixie on their farm, in order to earn some cash for university next year. They were both large, round, red-faced typical farming stock. Uncle Ralph looked me up and down when I arrived. "By Gummy, you've turned into a fine filly" he letched.

After a good supper that night Ralph asked Trixie what was for pudding. "I thought we'd have some of your favourite pie", sher winked. "But what about Angie", he asked. "Well she can watch" Trixie said slighly, "And maybe join in too". At which they both laughed.

I wondered what Ralph's pie would be like, and I didn't have long to wait. Aunt Trixie cleared the table, and proceeded to sit up on it. As she lifted her dress I could see that she had no panties on, and her black hairy pussy had a dark red slash down the middle. Uncle Ralph got a jar of homemade raspberry jam, and with a knife, liberally sleared a large helping all over Trixie's twat. He then took a bowl of fresh cream, and applied the contents on top of the jam. and stood back to admire his handywork.

"I didn't wash today dear", she said. "So it's just how you like it.

Ralph bent down and proceeded to eat the cream and jam from Trixie's minge, licking every last bit, some of which seemed to have found it's way deep inside her. All the while Trixie was moaning like a lovesick cow, and eventually she arched her back, and screamed out in the throes of a massive orgasm. Ralph's face was covered in cream, jam and Trixie's juices, and something inside me force me over to him. I licked his chin, up to his ear lobe, tasting the wonderful mixture. "Could I have some pie now", I whispered.

Uncle Ralph smiled, dropped his trousers and underpants.

I gasped, as he was hung like a horse, 10 inches at least, and thick too. His balls hung around his thigh's, encased in a leathery sac. I smeared the jam over his massive cock, and then his balls, followed by the cream. He was already erect from his exertions with Trixie, and he moaned as first I licked and sucked his gigantic balls, and then slowly licked the cream & jam off the length of his cock. From the amount of precum around the tip of his manhood, I realised that he was close to cumming. With some difficulty I got my lips around him, and pushed his cock inside my mouth. As I rocked to and fro, I was wanking him with my lips, and sucking hard whenever the full length was deep in my throat. Suddenly he moaned, and the contents of his massive balls exploded into the back of my mouth, and the warm liquid trickled down my throat. He seemed to be cumming for ever, even more than his prize bull could have produced.

"Well now", said Ralph sometime later. "I think we've got some work for you

But thats another story:-

Angie x.