Written by Spain man

12 Oct 2006

We had gone to a friends Villa in Spain for a quick 10 Day break and one Night ended up in the Local Bar, getting drunk and Silly. J always becomes very, very sexy when she's had a drink, and this case was no different.

We'd often talked dirty during sex,as i imagine all couples had done at some point, and one of my fantasies was to watch J getting Fucked by another man. But, like most fantasies, it stayed like that.

But, as we tried to make our way back to the Villa across the Beach, J stuffed something into my pocket. an hurried forward a few yards, Seaward, towards the Sunloungers.

I looked into my Hand, and saw J's knickers.

"Come on you Dirty Pervert" she shouted "Catch me if you can" and trotted off.

"Shhhh" i said "Someone will hear us"

"There's no one here this late at night"..It was 3.00a.m..

We reached the Sunloungers but only one broken and sorry looking one wasn't chained up. J laid down on it.

"Room for 2" she said

"It'll break" i said "You lie there"

J laid back, the warm wind blowing her skirt up. I tried to have a quick sneaky look up her skirt but she sat up and looked at me.

"Dirty Perv" she said "trying to look up my Skirt like that"

I was confused.

"What about these" i said, handing her back her knickers.

"Cock tease" she said, and laid back down.

I reached over and kissed her hard on the Lips, she gasped slightly, i squeezed her Tit through her top, trying to twist her hard nipple. I sat next to her, all the time awaiting the Lounger to break, pulling her top down along with her Bra. She still laid back, now with her top down and Tit's looking fantastic in the moonlight. She reach up to them, stroking her Nipples, tugging both of them.

"You call me a Perv" i said. "Some show this is"

"We can't fuck here" she said, eyes closed "Someone may come along"..Nipples tugged again..

"I'll give you a quick blowjob, get your cock out"

It was out in seconds and hard enough almost to be painfull.

"Stand against the Sun beds" she said, sitting up still semi-topless.

I did and J stood aswell. We kissed, and she pushed me up against the Sunloungers. Her mouth went straight onto my hard cock and she licked and sucked like a pro.

"Don't cum" she said, wanking my cock hard, then dropping her mouth back over it.

"I'll try" i lied

Then, i saw them..Two people walking along the shoreline. One Male and One Female. I tried not to notice them as they walked past, but i cought the Male's eye. He looked and Smiled, we where that close.

"All right Son" he said. I felt J mouth tighten around my Cock, she had heard the Talking.

"Fine" i said back as if nothing was happening.

Then...They walked towards us, J silent, i guess trying to remain hidden but my Cock still in her Mouth.

The couple where now only about 5 feet away, and now i could see they where a much older couple, maybe in there late 50's. He Suntanned and She dolled up to the Nines.

"Don't stop on our account dear" the women said "I fact could we watch"

I looked down at J..Cock in mouth still..She slowly started to suck me off again.

Then, the old man got his cock out, his wife rolling back the foreskin. They kissed and she started to slowly wank him. I was abit shocked at first, the sight of another man being wanked off while i watched, but coundn't stop watching. J started to slurp on my juices.

"Your fucking terrible" she wispered "Your getting off on this arn't you2

I pushed her head back onto my cock, she carried on sucking.

I looked at the other couple again, his eyes where closed, his hands holding the womens tit, her hand still wanking his now, hugh cock.

"Want a bit of this love" he said. I thought he was talking to his women, but he was talking to J.

J looked around and said "Yes"

I went to say something but the Old man had taken 2 paces forward, and with J still bent over, slipped his Cock into J.

She gaspped out..

"Ohhhh Fuck" she gasped. The Old chap started to Fuck J from behind, reaching around, squeezing her Tits.

"Ohhhh Fuck it's massive" J gasped again.

"Go on Charlie" the women said "Fuck her good and Hard"

He speeded up, pushing J's head back onto my cock.

"Dirty little Whore" he said out loud "Dirty little Cock whore..Take it all"

"Yes i want it" J said

With that, the Old man grunted and cursed..Filling J's pussy with Cum..J came too.

"OhhhhhhShit" she screemed...

The old chap stood back, cock still pulsing, thick Cum dripping off the end. His women reached forward and cleaned the end with a tissue.

"Dirty Bitch" the women said "Letting my Husband Fill your dirty little hole with Cum"..she walked forward.."Let me look"

She pulled J's arse apart, running a finger over her But hole, pushing 2 fingers into her sloopy Pussy.

"Dirty Whore" she said coldly, slapping J's arse hard.

"Now suck you boyfriend off, i want to see it in your mouth"

J sucked and wanked me, the older women stooping down to see J's face..

"Look at this Dirty Whore Charlie, Cock in her mouth..Drink his Cum you dirty Bitch"

This was more than i could stand, my fantasies couldn't have been any better....

I felt my Balls rise up and the Cum rush down my Cock..Straight into J's mouth..The women pushed J's head so she couldn't get away.My knees buckled and j's gagged on my Cum..

"Show me your mouth Whore" the women said "Open it so i can see your mans cum "

J stood, opening her mouth as the women, squeezing one of J's tits, looked in.

"Dirty Cow swallowed it" she said, looking back towards her man Charlie..

"Bitch" he said...

"Be here tomorrow at 12.00" the women said to J.."I want you for myself"

They walked away, throwing the Cum filled tissue at J..

We looked at each other

"What was that all about" i said.."I'm shocked"

"I don't know, but i liked it" J said, wiping her face with the Tissue. "tommorrow at 12 then" ...