Written by dosyduck

10 Feb 2006

This is a very true story that took place in Egypt at Sharm El-Sheik in September of 2005. I have obviously changed the names to protect the people involved but never the less, it’s all true.

My wife and I had been in Sharm El-Sheik for 9 days staying at the fantastic Dreams Beach Hotel. The temperature was in the high 90s and during the 9 days and we had done most of the excursions we wanted to go on with long days travelling to the Pyramids & Luxor and decided it was time for a few relaxing days at the beach. I am jumping a little ahead of my story here but wanted you to know the location and the circumstances of being on the beach and especially as it was Egypt with lots of sights to see every single day.

Anyway, back to the story.

I am over 60 and my wife (Helen) is in her late 50s, we have been married for over 40 years and to be honest with you I love her more now than the day we were married and she feels the same way as I do, we sincerely love one another and are a devoted couple in every way possible.

The sexual side of our marriage is superb, even considering our ages and we have no real ideas to ever change this. We often talk about our fantasies in bed at night either before or after lovemaking and my wife usually fantasised about being raped during our sex. Sessions. The locations of the rapes could be either on a beautiful Caribbean beach, in the gym, on a boat or sometimes as she returned from work in the evening and all by 3 or more guys each with a large Penis. A week or so before we went to Egypt she told me she was not only fantasising about a well endowed black youth fucking her but she was also dreaming about it as well and the conclusion was she desired to have a penis inside of her that filled her up both in length and width. I have a paltry 8 inch penis and it’s not all that thick either so we bought a very large dildo to supplement her wanting and although she loved having it inside of her, it wasn’t the real thing and she said it felt artificial even though it was made out of Cyberskin material.

Now this wanting for a larger cock inside of her was quite unusual for my wife as she brought the subject up sometimes during the day (she never talked sex during the day time) and we had never discussed a subject for so long and so in depth as this before.

I borrowed a Porn CD from a friend of mine staring Mr 18” (who is a black man with an 18” penis) and some white girls who supposedly never had a very large penis inside them before, my wife was not only amazed at the size of his cock but also the amount of it he managed to get inside of these women. We discussed the size of the cock and it was obvious that it would never ever go all the way into any woman on this earth…..she said it was the thickness of the cock that counted and the thought that it was all there for the taking if required and the size of it had not put her off wanting something bigger, just to try once in her life. This CD had made her want a black cock even more and she talked incessantly about it for days and nights on end. During this period we used the large Cyberskin dildo a lot every night of the week and she admitted to me (after some persuading that she sometimes used it on a morning as well after I got out of bed and went to work. The dildo is about 10” long and 2” thick with a set of realistic balls on it and with plenty of lubricant she can take all of it inside of her and with the aid of a vibrator she cam masturbate into a frenzy of orgasms in one session.

Now to prove this was not a lie from her I pretended to leave the house the next morning as usual (I purposely left our bedroom door ajar) and had informed my staff at work the day before that I would be a couple of hours late as there was no pressing business to worry about. I set the house alarm as usual and then cancelled it so I could creep back into the house silently. I closed and locked the rear door more loudly than usual, started my car and backed it off the drive and turned it facing up the hill from the house and drove off. At the top of the bank I turned the car around, switched off the engine and cruised it silently back down the hill to my house and then entered the house a silent as possible. I had also left all the downstairs doors open to alleviate any possibility of door creaks, removed my shoes and coat in the kitchen and silently crept up the stairs. I could hear the deep breathing and slight moaning of my wife when I was only half way up and it made me more cautious in my amateur spying. On the top landing I dropped onto my knees and crept towards the slightly open door and peered in, I could see her knees were wide apart on the bed but couldn’t see her body. I raised myself cautiously from my knees to the standing position and slowly peeked through the gap in the door. Helen was totally naked on the bed, all the bed clothes had been flung onto the floor and she was shoving the biggest black dildo I have ever seen in and out of her pussy with gusto. I had never seen this dildo before in our house so she must have purchased it secretly and hidden it securely away from me. I could see that it was very flexible and jet black with a very large pink head on it. She stopped and seemed to listen for a short while, the took a bottle of baby oil from her bedside cabinet, removed the large black dildo from her pussy, poured oil onto it and her pussy and then reinserted it once again. I knew she had cum as there was a muffled scream, she lay silently with the dildo inside of her for at least a couple of minutes and I thought that was it for this morning. She removed the dildo and eased herself shakily out of bed, took a pillow and placed it on the floor in front of one of the large mirrors attached to the wardrobe door, licked the base of the dildo and stuck it onto the mirror. To me, from where I was standing, it just looked like a black cock sticking through a hole in the wardrobe door. She knelt on the pillow, positioned herself so her ass was facing the dildo, took the dildo in her hand and guided it into her pussy and then started a slow rock back and forth so that the dildo disappeared inside of her and the cheeks of her ass were banging on the mirror. She must have fucked this way for at least ten minutes it seemed before she produced a 240 volt electric vibrator from beneath the bed, switched it on and placed in between her kneeling legs onto her clitoris and went into a bucking twitching orgasm that was unbelievable and so erotic to watch. I could see the cum spilling out of her and running down the mirror as she had plunged herself backwards onto the dildo when she had cum. She fell forward onto her arms and was panting loudly….What a wonderful fuck you black beauty she gasped. I could see the dildo was covered in white cum and it glistened in the morning light as it dripped onto the floor behind her. I slipped out of the house as silently as possible, I closed all the downstairs doors and made sure the alarm was in the silent mode and jumped into my car and headed for work. The sight of her was on my mind all day long and I couldn’t wait to get home at the end of my working day.

I searched everywhere for that black dildo and vibrator and eventually found it hidden beneath the bottom drawer of her dressing table. She nearly caught me in act but I managed to divert her attention elsewhere. On closer inspection I found that this black dildo came with a harness and a V-lock device and it could be strapped around the waist with an adjustable strap and two other straps the went between the legs to keep it in place, I assembled it and strapped it on me above my cock, adjusted the straps to suit my body and looked at myself in the mirror. Now my hand width is 4” and I could step by step get almost three hand widths onto the shaft so it was almost 12” long. I could not manage to get my fingertips to meet when I grabbed it with my hand so it was at least 2” thick. A plan was gathering in my mind, something to both shock her and let her know I had found this secret dildo of hers.

Friday evening and we went out for a meal with friends, we all had a few drinks and then returned to my house for a few more. Our friends left at about midnight and we were all quite tipsy by then. Helen and I had another couple of drinks before going to bed but unknown to her she was to get a rather large surprise. With the light off our bedroom is quite dark, after a bit of pre-sexual play with me licking her clit and using my fingers on her I slipped the Cyberskin dildo inside of her and got her almost to a an orgasm. Sorry sweetheart…..I have to go and pee but you carry on by yourself and I will be back in a jiffy. She carried on with the dildo and I slipped into my bathroom where I had hidden the black monster dildo, I strapped the harness firmly around my waist, covered it thickly with a lubricant, pulled the chain and then slipped quickly onto the bed. By now she was really wet and just about ready to cum…..I’m going to fuck you now my sweetheart and removed the Cyberskin from her pussy and entered the black dildo inside of her. She gasped with surprise and alarm and I pushed it into her even further as I knew she could take all of it. What’s that you are shoving into me she cried, ….don’t worry yourself my sweetheart, you fucked yourself with this monster this morning and I was watching you through the door so I know you can take all of it and I am going to fuck you to death with this tonight. She laughed. .You were watching me all the time, …..I even watched you when you stuck it on the mirror and used that new vibrator on yourself and saw you cum like I have never seen you cum before. I fucked her hard fast and deep, she came a multitude of times until she was exhausted. After I fucked her with my own real cock we both fell into an exhausted sleep.

Now, back to Egypt. We were lying on the beach in about 98 degrees of sunshine and coated thickly in sun oil, I was drinking Gin & Tonic and she was drinking Vodka & Orange. We had already had several of these before going for a late lunch at the beach restaurant so we were quite full with good food and drink when this youthful looking black guy walked in front of us, he looked around him to select his beach spot and then walked directly in front of us for about 6 metres and threw down his towel on the hot sand. I was reading Wilbur Smiths latest book and intrigued by it when I felt my wife shake me. Look at the penis on that black guy she said to me nodding towards him with her head. Now a lot of people were totally naked on this beach both men and women, young and old but he certainly stood out on this white sandy beach. The sun was reflecting off the perspiration on his black body and he was stood directly facing my wife and I, totally nude, with a magnificent penis that must have been at least 11” long in the relaxed state and almost as thick as my wrist. I looked at my wife and could see she was enthralled at the size of the dangling phallic of this man. I leaned over to her and whispered, Bet you wouldn’t mind that piece of meat deep inside of you right now my sweetheart. She just lay there staring at it and I could see she was getting a little bit excited just looking at it. The black guy lay down on his towel on his stomach and started reading a magazine. Bet you wouldn’t mind having that delving into your wet pussy right now, I said to her. It certainly crossed my mind she replied, it’s so big and just about the size I was dreaming about, nice and long and really thick it would certainly fill me up to the maximum, and it’s the real thing and it wouldn’t feel rubbery or false inside of me. I watched her for a while out of the corner of my eye and she had thrown a towel over her midriff and I could she had her hand down inside of her bathing costume and obviously playing with herself. I knew she had cum by the state of her breathing and I asked her if she had enjoyed her fantasy masturbation, she replied, yes, it was magnificent.

Ten minutes later I walked into the sea, had a short swim and then walked back to my wife, stopping on the way to talk to the black guy, we chatted for a few minutes and then we shook hands and I walked back to my wife who had ordered me another Gin and Tonic from the bar. What were you talking about to the black man she asked, well now, there’s a thing of interest to you especially. I have offered him $100 to come our room this afternoon and fuck you with his big black cock and he has agreed to meet me at reception at 5.30pm this afternoon. He looks very youthful but actually he is 42 years old and goes to the Gym every single day to keep his body looking like it does. So, he has agreed to fuck you my sweetheart and doesn’t mind at all if I watch, take photos or even join in as this has happened to him a couple of times before.

You haven’t asked him to come really have you, I swear on my honour that I have asked him to do this for you and he said he would be delighted as he really like older women, thinks they are more sexy than young ones.

Back in our room with the king size bed, my wife had donned a black Basque and a pair of black open crotch panties, she had smothered herself with lubricant both inside and out and had me use the Cyberskin dildo on her for 10 minutes to get her ready for the big black cock that was on it’s way to satisfy her in a few minutes time. I met Raymond in reception and took him up to our room, on the way I mentioned to him that we had never done anything like this before and my wife had never been with any other man but me in her life. Inside our room Raymond introduced himself to my wife and told her she looked beautiful in he sexy clothing and to just relax and enjoy it and he would be as gentle or as rough as she wanted him to be.

He lay down on the bed beside her and started caressing her breasts and rubbing his hands along the full length of her body while she took his now enlarged cock in her hand and stroked it over his full length. He was soon between her legs with his tongue tracing across her clitoris and as the Cyberskin dildo was handy he pushed it inside of her to it’s full depth. She squirmed like I have never seen her squirm before, her breathing was deep and she was panting with anticipation on what was going to happen next. Raymond removed the dildo from he now soaking wet pussy and kneeling between her legs he took his magnificent cock head and stroked it gently inside of her Labia lips and across her clitoris until she was jerking with desire. You get on top me, he told her, you guide it inside of you, you are in control for now. My wife straddled him and using one hand tried to force the big cock inside of her, It won’t go in she cried in vain. Raymond grabbed his cock in his hand and placed it directly on her wet opening and then pushed hard upwards and into her waiting hole. Ohhhhh!!, she almost screamed with the sudden pain of it entering into her but it only lasted for a few seconds as he told her to relax and take it easy. Slowly she eased the black cock inside of her wetness, inch by inch she forced it deeper and deeper until she was sitting on his balls. She eased herself up and down an inch or so and then slowly increased the length going in and out and she suddenly came with an almighty groan of pleasure. She fell forward onto his body and I took a photo of her bulging cock filled pussy from the rear and hoped the video camera that had been running since I left the room to collect Raymond had captured the whole scene including the white cum of my wife running down the length of this black cock. She started to rock herself back and forth on the rigid pole buried deep inside of her, she was well opened up now and her large quantity of cum had made her even wetter so the cock would slide in and out a lot easier now. Raymond let her ride him back and forth for a few minutes and then he suddenly turned her over onto her back without taking his cock out of her wet pussy. He raised her legs a little and started the slow motion withdrawal and then insertion deep inside of her. His balls were now slapping her buttocks on every thrust inward and he picked up the speed of thrusting into her. She came again with a mighty shudder and clasped both her legs and arms around him tightly and the cum pumped out of her in bucketfuls. By this time I was naked also and pulling on my what seemed small cock and trying not to cum as I was going to fuck her when Raymond was finished with her. He lifted her legs even higher and used his shoulders to force them toward her head. He started thrusting in and out of her at breakneck speed giving an extra hard thrust when he was at his full depth inside of her and she was crying, Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, fill me up with your hot spunk, let me feel it gush inside of me, fuck me, fuck me. I could tell when Raymond came inside her as she cried out, Oh my God, Oh my God it’s so hot, I can feel it filling me up deep inside. There was cum everywhere, running down the length of the black cock, spilling out onto the sheets of the bed and when he pulled out of her you would think a dam had just burst. He lay beside her as she panted deeply trying to get her breath back and then she kneeled beside and stared sucking and licking the juices from his dick. Soon he was ready again and he turned her over onto he stomach, forced her legs apart, straddled her and shoved his cock into her once again, in this position he wasn’t going as deep and Helen was trying to get onto her knees. So, you want it even deeper said Raymond, then you shall have it deeper my lovely one. He allowed her to get onto her knees and then entering his massive thick cock into he pussy from the rear he fucked her hard and deep. I was hurting her at first but she kept on pushing herself onto him as he thrust forward into her. Helen was in the throes of a magnificent orgasm and as it was ending Raymond withdrew, slid his body beneath her, placed his cock in her mouth and filled it with his hot fluid.

This was the right time for me and I knelt behind her, inserted my 8” into her from the rear and fucked her until I came with a quantity I have never known come from me before. Raymond left after a drink and a chat. My wife never dressed herself but played with the wetness between her legs for a long time while he was there. She told him she had never been fucked like that before and now she knew what it was like to be really fucked by a fantastic black cock.

Raymond said he would be here in the Sharm for a couple of more days and if she wanted him to come back tomorrow at the same time he would. It was agreed then, he would return tomorrow and repeat the same thing all over again. I told her later that evening as we lay watching the video playback on the TV that I really enjoyed watching her being fucked by a big black man and couldn’t believe how she had taken that big cock all the way inside of her and loved the video and the photos I had taken.

We had sex and I made her cum three or four times as I fucked her while watching the video once again and she told me just before we went to sleep that she wanted me to fuck her in the ass tomorrow afternoon when she was astride the big black.

Goodnight all.