Written by Tina

1 Sep 2004

..I walked into the house after being greeted at the door by the maid. I was led into the large sitting room, striding purposefully in my pvc thigh boots. The husband was blindfold, sitting in a chair, stark naked with a gag in his mouth. The woman was dressed as a gorgeous tart, short leather skirt, stockings and very pointed high heel boots, sitting on the sofa - masturbating. I knelt down and place dmy mouth on her pussy. It was already sweet tasting and there was a hint of semen - perhaps they had already fucked? No, she said, he isn't allowed to.. it was my neighbour. Two fingers slid nito her pussy, two into her arse and she orgasmed. My bright red lips kept tightly enclosing her clit as she shortly afterwards came again. I pulled her lips apart, held them stretched apart, teasing with my tongue. She pulled my blond hair to her pussy and forced her lips into my mouth and came hard. The husband was shaking with excitement as he did not know what kind of woman was having sex with his wife.

The wife stood up and we carressed eachother. She held my arse, tight in rubber, felt my stockings through them, and I stroked her taught breasts. She moaned some more and the pre-cum jumped from her husbands cock.

I turned her round and she put her hands on her husbands knees and bent over. I took my cock from its shiny enclosure, pullling my silk knickers out of the way and slid into her. We fucked.

Her husband could only hear her moans and had no idea what was happening.. was she being sucked off AGAIN? I was ready to come so I pulled out, and slipped into her arse. She gasped but it slid in easily. After a few gorgeous long strokes, I came, and hard.

I could hear her moans and those of her husband. I strutted like a tart towards him, took the gag from his mouth and slipped my cock into his mouth. A real surprise...he could taste pussy, arse and spunk on this woman's cock. He was forced to clean me up whilst his wife lowered her mouth onto him. He came almost immediately.

I pulled my skirt back down. She whispered "I want you to myself, on my own, my beautiful lover". I walked out, led by the maid.